BJ & Jamie - Bad Promo Night 10/13

Thursday, October 13th

A Mexican restaurant had a "Grab Her By The Taco" Night.


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Vijay and Jamie as we just get started today and Sean. Really wanna start on a bad note here. Okay Eric but I. I got a little hat and complain EU though it inning guys is it's very very minor compared to the world's problems. It compared to Donald Trump's groping problems. Arms like a not to close the I could but but but I I you know he didn't you could almost certain things can happen when you first start your day. We do know that the day is not going to be just instinct you know what I'm saying and just a little house seat today things are going to be out of sync today while. Not because I came out this really makes me mad and again I know people are gonna cite BJ top I had it. Anything else like a quiet about locked this really bothers me if it bothers me gotta talk about it. You know these earbuds are ha. And I come in often with the earbuds and because of listening to blah blah blah blah blah blah blah whatever you know we're just trying to catch up on news or whatever right and down and so walk out this morning I am in my driveway and take your butt out because of and putting something out of the car into the trash short of it came when I do that little rubber piece pops off. 20 I hate. Why can't they make these things where the rubber piece days on does that bother anyone else does it bothers me too because. I'll tell you luck. Because when you lose one you can't. I am just by the piece itself. Now hardly anyone Kerry said I'm. RadioShack used to but nobody cares until now walk around with the ear buds with one little rubber piece in the other wouldn't. You know still and then it you're like me when I get when you had but it comes with that little set of yeah I don't know sized rubber pieces and I monolithic all say this but it's gone and no words that fine if I had to don't have a color and so here I am this morning show on it's it's like a quarter before 4 o'clock right he's an outside in my driveway Condit on the edge the law into. With a flashlight. Olives are you searching for Lou deserved recover a rubber piece. I'm searching everywhere up and down I don't wanna leave because of afraid that once I leave I'll never remember exactly it was that she's over just. I am fought each you know it's just is. You got a biting headphones. Well that's I feel like that I just have to throw the fairway trees Sony yeah Pollyanna pretty much our go online and then tried although although let me just quickly do this story here because my bad day. Probably not as bad as this bad day. A Mexican restaurant in Toronto's sketching out a lot of heat this sport because of a commotion they rained yesterday I don't is Larry as I'm incredibly careful record high. When I saw this. I laughed out loud to myself let me take a look at this well Shaw that we you're being very insensitive if you are I don't know whose eyes well that's not like you. I can't it was just funny me on the other hand that took it very seriously and I I wholeheartedly I could not you agree when these people are complaining. Hot Mexican. Food chain is called Lar block certainly does. Not currently does. It's in Toronto. There issued an apology this morning afternoons to impose. It's marred by Donald trop set off a firestorm. Of tweets yesterday and people are so now saying that the restaurant. Should be boycotted at the least or even close. It is they decided to jump on the media bandwagon. By offering it in Amarillo leave her out I'll get out of the race because it think it sounds worse OK okay so I'm just gonna leave. Her. That blurred. You can place it wherever you want to or can't HER heavily her out of the phrase which it's obviously in the race for the complaints. Grab it but at taco night can cook up a pop. Up. Inspired. Could. This of luck or needs as restaurants. Says we're gonna run a grab of buying by the heat taco night. It yeah well I guess the backlash Jesus how to control pot could see that this. Two. Thought that those who thought that was gonna be OK come on stumbling into it off drinking and two leading acne does doesn't does sound like something I do. I need to make that not not exactly this but that sounds like because all the time around here. I will say things and not act like this clown thing we're gonna do for example people look at me weird. Yeah they do so because I'll say things like all got an idea for a time if he's basically JB's national look at he had say really you're good. Head of a most of my ideas nine out of ten they don't get on the air because your shot yeah. Would guess what the grab a blatant. Grab Blake but a taco probably should have been shot down by somebody Asian did exactly didn't have to Haiti is those things approved an 81 extra person is politically that deletes. Good they say though they say though that the grandmother taco dike was a huge success. It. And we re back. In the importance on Alex I.