BJ & Jamie: Bead Me Song Drama. 3/13

Tuesday, March 13th

Bj & Jamie Bead me song drama.


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Vijay and yeah. Hey. Jim you will be back. Soul mates don't GE Nissan and now we're talking it's. Sunsets and meet people like us and that's extra yeah. We'll see how we use. Need to do yeah. Yeah BJ and in the. Yeah. And meet. I could listen to a ten. Should that I could not. And any of the man oh man I've got some explaining to do to Richard Murphy. And can idea he would be happy and normal and all doped at all. And it's IKEA yeah I like do you. Under reminded him and you and your production knew it was like that I have Richard. That beat me design that is in the I did that guy. The media as we didn't lose my friends what about me I didn't ask you to do that yes and anyway I thought I. If you didn't hear us last hour we've got a whole controversy when it comes to the beat me song you wouldn't think it would be that big of a deal but it has for some reason up but this Saturday as the Saint Patrick's Day parade Jamie and I have probably Al 40000. Beads there's a that it is so much fun so you make your sinuses beating Jamie beat me you know I awards have been doing this for years. You show Saint Patrick's Day parade you've got assigned. The says PG and Jamie people who don't just go baby it's got to think BJ Jaime beat me we're gonna shell or you would be. And that says Saturday mornings at 930 is when the parade kicks up. Oh my gosh it's so much trying to help guys come down and join us because it is so great. The problem is that Richard Murphy made an amazing anthem. Yes I'm an amazing. I. It is you want something that's really hold kiwi Colin ear worm that he just sticks with you need to school round so even old you know that's what you want. And I'd just I think they. What incident last hour. Eat the ice bits like drug conditioning for a for a record contract. It is like guys keeping its M call it's not only play apportion it sinks ten minutes the here we go this is the card numbers this is the one and been catching heat for today but. That means we can. You ever. Hard enough severely doubt it. Six more minutes of the. Martin. Yeah this is C. And you will be. So don't be Nissan and now Iowa does have hula. Have to address this later Richard how they work so I'm. Oh love Richard I love a little wacky sometimes with the what is conspiracies that I do like. Now they just her right now. There is this those people can't they just outlets. And let's put them both up on the based okay that play. The face that's nice though that people aren't I'm back. Doesn't mean we're gonna listen to your vote what you can vote if you want to add that if there was put on the fights. The people elected to keep hearted people. It's all about you and your vote right as it is gonna be the end. Or is going to be just the simple. I know which when it's gonna be improved after this apple saw it it it if you. Does that put some buttons around here. Why that's not. I'd vote in the Brady a state of yours there's. Not your vote to vote and radius was not community service it is that's what broadcasting radio started in the first place really is to serve the people. Yeah yeah not to serve DJ it doesn't say that in outlets CC. Yet but it's to serve the people well that's bull a I'm here to make you know we had in the importance on Alex.