BJ & Jamie - Ben Affleck Slurring & Cussing, TX Mom British Accent 6/23

Thursday, June 23rd

The Ben Affleck interview is discussed where he goes on a rant about deflategate.  A Texas mom woke up one day with a British accent after having jaw surgery.

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Vijay and Jamie Ben Affleck is doing an interview and eight comes up about the Tom Brady suspension over the plate gate. Why comes up I don't want to go west. A year Lamar a year before her dad's a revision to this Jamie it's the most ridiculously. Articulate received in my life cobra flat football I always taught him in the energy you know blades dull. Just forget about it enough money's been spent on this think well yes Ben Affleck is a big boss and got right. Yeah he is from yet so he loves all the sports team that Whitney on left arm jet with. But I am. Although Brady would that hooker yeah. The mistress or the the name any year. I and that was then yeah that was our and that's why they went to Vegas when all the Super Bowl rings brought her finger at night. Gisele got all upset with Tom Brady he's got some hole where your range and that's what we found out that that he was Ben Affleck was having an affair to write it in yet reached at yeah who had been any ray. So he's on this interview TV show. Something simmons' show I've never heard of the show shared. No. Now late Jimmy. I do the dimensions exhibit suited to show if Clemens yeah oh. Show. I didn't they had. Part personable he's got this cocked he'll class in it could be a water glass. But it's got to clear liquid water but. East worrying in the way he looks at when he looks at the camera light woo. He hammered let's hear it that I can just that are excited I don't hear the hemorrhaging and the hammer and Jamie now ha I got here at 2 AM this morning to you to edit all the airports out of it there's so many silly. As. I am bowel mounted. Out of selling for two years ago and still gets in the trial yet yet he gets this upsets. Get your I don't reflect football for two years ago Scott okay are illicit. Which leads me to deflate it dipped Blake is this the ultimate Boston sports star that ever could it happen us against them. This week it is the old moral. Outrage of the sport's ever it's so. Stupid that I can't believe you're really. They gave him a suspension. For a quarter of the regular season with an equivalent of suspending a baseball player for forty. And gays for you wording is exact which are what they do so when you get busted taking stare. So that's thirty seconds this rant goes on for like fifty minutes. Just F word BS blah blah blah he goes all of that I have that's all used not fresh and talking to their soul. Much. F words you can't even edit all of this I don't get sold out. For. Shocking I thought it was going to be a crazy and staff. He actually had a points. He won he actually had point three action with trying to have a point. The heat can't tell he's hammered. Am. Listen to the slurry okay most of the way he slurs his words yeah I'm not. Video in the war I and he might be a little tipsy but I thought maybe I have to see his in my head I thought I was goodies like so shocking and I did it. Exactly and then let let let me. Actually at a point eight. You gotta what's in it I think he watched a video you'll understand it. He goes off for ever he won't shut up about it are in itself flat foot pull a guy. Yeah I. It's a moot point right handers so many things that are so I wanted to be the world I understand that you have to understand he's an interview and they brought it up to him. So agents reacting here's Vince what's these candidates while he's reacting with alcohol in his system ask that he ran. Just leads you to deflate OK to play Q is this are welcome to Boston sports they're never gonna happen us against them. Stupid that I can't believe you are really they gave you. Suspension for a quarter of the regular season with an equivalent of suspending a baseball player for forty. And gays for him Warner days yeah exact which is what they do so when you get busted taking steroids. It. Yeah should ask you about that hooker on an airplane. You know it's funny I do an alcohol and it absolutely has poignant and I hadn't had an air currents some envelopes from two years ago I don't think there's any point anymore I know but he's got Bryant don't and that's what he's saying is the dumbest thing ever bet that the thing is like. I really like me. I'm sorry suspension even retirement and I played a mile. Sure and an entertaining and gardens. Like when celebrities are gonna hook I know Linda plus an audience is going to be like really. You know enemies he he would at least you know what kind of made. Telling him Paul vulnerable what you that he was taking him to take it wasn't his fault. But tuning in again when he doesn't mean it doesn't wanna hear it together and do you think. I hope. High hopes of like just by. And you know it's. Something. Some form what is. Check out the that it should I don't think we can put a video. I don't think it's easy because is so disgusting. Oh yeah you know I don't like nobody's ever and it made it. Our thoughts will be announced not yeah it's hard to put up every eight millions everything we've seen is is got the afford flying like breezy. Here's what deadline is a DMZ. Ben Affleck slurring ranting Alexa H via HBO talk show that's why can talk like him. Slurring ranting keep on the roll up and that says Ben Affleck appeared on the series premiere Owens seniors and Yahoo! turned out attendants. I does nobody heard about him and Pat Buchanan do you look at this series premiered this is great. It's called any given Wednesday and it was extremely bizarre. To say the least a red face Affleck rent check granted. About to play gain on the HBO show an even though we can't say for sure what was up with him social media was quick to call out Affleck. You know I'm on is Duncan snoop. You weren't impressed well I think I have to see the I really see you again because audio as I was playing and. Maybe you'll be impressed this okay Texas mom wakes up a I am speaking a hold of her wearing which does this what I have seen and I. It I don't get this Bud's it's got to be real they've had over a 150 cases around the world of this foreign accent syndrome where somebody wakes up of different accent. I don't know how that happens but it's got to be real guys all says it's actually called syndrome right now in that foreign accent syndrome. And people literally had to go into a coma. They take you are they get like surgery or something he had oral surgery and she and nerve damage and she woke up. From Texas rat we're all Nash she's Britain's. That's a big change happiness from that Texas southern drawl. Two you know getting that British accent down at stuff party here's a news report on this this woman wakes up on the British accent it's cold foreign. Accent syndrome over 150 cases worldwide. Don't let the queen's Tom pool weekly solidly. From England is 100%. Tax six months ago jolt surgery to fix and over bite. Changed Lisa speech Houston about the Sugar Land hospital says he the last 100 years less than 100 people worldwide keep this rare disorder known as foreign accent syndrome. Papal Lou does not mean that heading weighty for all the ice and Lacey that went back my team right. Even he I'm told pat that said I think the whole story comes up. I know and I. I have to get a limited and study your dialect but I feel like it's pretty. Don't you. When I am a hard time would British and Australian. Yes you know and say yeah I I have hard time would that. I think she's pretty close to the British accent right sides of this I know unleashed dogs like Deborah Charles didn't it. When I hear you talk that Lee. It's likely lets the reporting yet don't let the queen's tong for Lisa all of me from England Ernie is 100%. Tax six months ago jolts surgery to fix and over bite changed Lisa speech Houston after the Sugar Land hospital says in the last 100 years less than 100 people worldwide get this rare disorder known as foreign accent syndrome. People who don't know me and ready for all eyes on race the rays back my team right. If and he had to talk like that said I think the whole story comes up. And he and IT NF I imagine. Yeah it it's really as a dead in a wake up let's bring it to wake up like Spanish. Packet pick one. I'd hate to wake up like ration. Yeah I mean. Lieutenant I don't know if that would be cool and and of its sexy. The Spanish team would work I couldn't handle that French mania and I don't after it just doesn't sexy and mean me and we we really didn't see. It and the French is listening. They did it well if you took me knowing me the way I am hip I woke up French tomorrow the like to me chiseled rock solid that day at the John I think you'd be good for G I don't think so I think that my eight pounds to league. I think and lights at. They went in very crazy legs so I think I got my tongue as to how you eat poorly like a little hall all of what are your accident I can't calm the press I can't do different Jackson. What would be your accident I think Spanish is bad and Spanish accent yet RI do expand. Why because she saw that little mouse once and a guard do you get messages Saturday. I could speedy Gonzales as much at this you're more of a speedy Gonzales and not a bit below pew and any exactly. I not a me this question in the gardens of all I heard there was speedy Gonzales got hot and it. I had this. Good for you know we really easy you don't really impresses me though is okay she she wakes up this British accent. David cases. Where someone from Iowa won't wake up within I accent like Chinese. From a completely different language. Yes and that's a thing she sticks to that she's not taken against that you know she can't seem like. Malice is really rude but she doesn't seem that a flu it if you let it you know it means they can in Canada and haven't gone missing to the idea. It's got a lot of stuff I'm not let her whole body India confront her she does step back and ballots haven't had a. Jackson it just doesn't just as a those are that we receiver but the video please show you the chance of FaceBook because when you see area because it's like she her lips are moving in somebody off camera stalking. I think after that includes dot if it did that then they're all don't let the queen's tong who we leave solidly only from England Ernie is 100% tax. Each inch. And more on Alex.