BJ & Jamie: Best candy to give out for Halloween. 10/30

Monday, October 30th

BJ has the list of the top candy to giveaway for Halloween. The top candy is the full size Reece’s peanut butter cup.


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Vijay and Jamie are so Jamie you wanna be that oh lady in the neighborhoods. Well given out the grey yeah I forgot about that excitement. Yes I tell or Kendall ladies do you think I thought and I never know you're going to be I never know I never know you wanna be that lady in the neighborhood that kids are like. Street. Address now I'm just say that there was really root. Sar with a. So to give out the best candy here is the ultimate Halloween TD power ranking. I'll start at number five OK I don't go through all 4800 OK okay. Number of five stickers cold mark that deckers number five is Snickers. You don't have to repeat Zach is it just speakers it sound like a good but yeah it is. The number four. I love stickers by the way I Levenson a number of sport kit Kat. Out. King sized kick can't spread it out our yard number three. I should do this is Casey case so that's okay working their way to number what bot number three at. Wicks I hate it well you know what I do with two X until Daryn you play tee to right on the edge. And you screw it down immediate caramel chocolate goodness right there aren't here in her out by air and he's throwing a bar. Not just give that one way. It does he strait yeah yeah each and move but it did that he's given way to scrape through it that's really Smart you. Give kudos to the kids get an idea number two rhesus managers not sure what that is -- so little about how the perfect when it well you're not going to be that lately without. That would blow the perfect blow by giving everybody a bag. And number wine. The full size Reese's. Peanut butter cut that's number one number one by far so Canada's number one member a long time ago that piece of chocolate rain into that girl as holed that peanut butter. I was born. True story here thanks. Yeah yeah it's sad and helping him I had good lesson on these Celia comeback against the red. Yes you know it's not a true I don't and they didn't collide on the street one day her chocolate when it was peanut butter and like all our guard. Now they had butter cup baby. Yeah it didn't happen to them. In important.