BJ & Jamie: BIg Blue Horse at DIA not going anywhere Online taxes. 6/22

Friday, June 22nd

There was an article on Facebook yesterday and it was fake news from a fake news organization The Denver Tribune that reported the Big Blue Horse at DIA will be removed because it has caused so much death. It is Fake News the horse is not going anywhere. SCOTUS rules we will now have to pay taxes on everything we buy on the internet now. This may be an incentive to go back to brick and mortar stores.

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Vijay and Jamie a story circulating yesterday on face. All in a lot of people fell for it. Not. Not yeah. I'd ever so that they didn't already think you I would be that stupid not to read the entire article concluded that the all right here we go it's got to do with the big blue horse is out of PR airport. Is a horse gonna stay or is it gonna go this the kind of thing you click and think no one is going to fall for a seat comes a FaceBook page called Denver Tribune its first post. And it claims that the quote. Current governor of Denver JW Hickenlooper is meeting with other city leaders to discuss removing. The blue stallion from DIA they're out there are a lot of flags on this story. When you think just things you have to. Question. Governor of Denver yeah yeah these are her Conrad Dodd. And stuff. It's fake story has been shared more than 8000 times with hundreds of comments from people who believe it's true. Which it is it is yours Michael Chavez the city's public art director I skimmed it and around. Once I started to realize it was a fake article like this kind of drop it just the statue is actually called mustang not loose downlink. And shot it says reaction a mustang is generally mixed about 5050 but he says the statue isn't going anywhere there's this. Misconception out there are some times that. After a five year period that we are considering moving to it which is in fact. False. So he does well. I'm eating the article yesterday from the Denver tribute because somebody wrote that they were average some excerpts different and I write look at days of I got I'm outraged at dinner and moved it Dorsey. And so I I started reading it. It read it didn't there's a thing about the people that worked on this campaign have either and been murdered or worse and I was like murdered or worse like what's worse than murder. Demi put words to that murder yeah I remember I don't know I don't know we could move. Any way so I first shared it to our page our fan page and I wrote murder are worse I. I haven't heard anything about this well then I went back and I start reading some economists like are you kidding me mayor our governor of Denver at. This piece is so fake and I was like all. So are ready to quit after a fan page and I delete saying that the thing about I've never heard of it and then. DA. Like you and I are very alike and you liked. This is taking up every like you'd already fallen for a gas and posted it yeah and they need to make if that's a terrible feeling to only sell my share something and then it turns out it's faking you look like a real moron actually go to war on yeah bush cited do fall or yesterday. I'll hook line and sinker that's all right we'll see I didn't even read the whole article so I got aircraft the end and I read it. Hickenlooper wants to take you down it's got to come down it was only supposed to be upper I'm here here death. And it got one out like all of my god did it ever got got Eric I'll vote for somebody else I can't Bolivia's guys try to get read our hearts. And then. And I was just ran left and I was just the said even this morning I thought about that or did he share it I did it Sarah you didn't. I did not easier to select me yeah I thought about sharing it. But then I didn't. But you were upset even this wasn't that even this morning then I get in the hole I know I'm very happy while I was a horse such. I guess controversial thing is creepy it's crazy looking in now. Thousand and it's the more I love the lord to kill this designer. Nearing its installed I mean right it's got a lot of weird things about it and it's. It's our ports in I'm not I don't I don't think it's like beauty Fuller his thing in tennis. Name week goes up different but it's really really shiny blue and red IC and that. It's it's very statement it yes what is the statement out all our next thing I thought I. It does say that the screw up that idea isn't that the isn't the bloom because of the Broncos. I always assumed the blues bridle and yeah I mean it would make sense of maid and a B and a red the red. Orange whatever it had to I don't know I don't know. On the symbolism I never saw the search. Waiting yesterday probably would fell four to I've fallen for a few of the my dad's it's easy to do because all you do see. I think this is part of the problem though because of the social media that if that we live with a every day. We don't read everything. All we do is read a headline and it would just make an opinion based on a headline. And not only that but we also base it on our friend who shared that was outrage so because I trust her as a you know Smart human being I was outraged there. Yes that so we don't have and lower fuel figured out of the they have the horses so I don't I don't have to and it. I don't wanna get down. I'm I don't like the worst of all at Atlanta again and an invitation now reader put it and now exactly stick it next big blue bear hair yeah ad doesn't seem like to thank god does doesn't he goes to get it right they gathered off aren't here are some bad news for everybody. This Supreme Court yesterday ruled that you're gonna now pay taxes. On everything you perches on the Internet yeah some act that sock does suck me okay. If we weren't getting them but would that wouldn't for free beaten up that's what it's that's what all these stores have been complaining about. Because you know because in boats just not fair to them to the supreme courts try to make it bears so that we possibly go back and shopped stores. I don't look this is waited till it to tax me more. Yeah. I was not a fan of that ruling anti allies we've had Jesse it's binges no ice are being just. Easy to order no taxes. Three shipping nuclear prime member. Biggest company by stepping especially but Harrison isn't it more expensive is look at the taxi like. Taxes. In about your urge you know but but I kind of felt like over the past. Several months at least don't order a lot online OK but I feel like it more and more people come on board and started charging taxes. You know Satan but yet don't you feel like the you've been paying it to for the past several months anyway. And because those individual companies that goes through they they definitely tax yet. So I I I feel like maybe that the only person that this really is directed at is the Amazon people. But. I loved the. You don't like you were written him all that away PGA head but you know it was I didn't she tell you why they do. The dams because court bastards yeah and I think I give a fair playing field although you and I we're the ones are penalized by. But put of a fair playing field back out there for the stores. Check and a change I'm still going for convenience not gonna tuna it's not gonna change its not gonna say the JC Penney because I'm getting taxed on Amazon has. All it means these noses go to make more money. Why is because and a tax it and he'll he'll just rolled prices and inject them just a little bit more just gonna pay more. Just a Butler and happy news. That's that affects you know what does this is gonna affect everybody just because everybody buys a lot. Theo you know what happened yesterday. So I took I took led to listen to skate park and then out in aid it really want as momma skit for pres not cool. So I went over did ten TJ Maxx yes as for the first time ever I drove up to TJ Maxx and I don't need and need more crap. And really turned around didn't go in did David go and the alike teaching that I did yeah I'm saying that's the first seven Aaron I like good news. Hey me to not play what they are you here and I turned my car and went and hid in skate park east hit that the. I released just in just a field going in the storage and just another it is that Russia is so much crap. I don't need more crap do you need more crap not not really an engaged couple extra T shirts I don't like any of the need anymore. You know life is typical when I had a studio apartment. Yes I think it got enough stuff that I could survive for a while I think back about that cabinet studio apartment where he could have scrapped. It was a good time. Rising to lose him you were hand I'm Euribor happy with crap that you want the room full of stuff with tags are actually I don't think well. Bathrooms and Ali bedrooms is crap I think just seven studio apartment was like that happy days and alive you're starting to sound like Italian house person may be a tiny innocent to me in the like you don't like. Beginners zealot but you know that FaceBook marketplace but I'm Sarah. Shelled crab because in your iPad 200 dollars and I regularly every day and see exactly there you did you feel ripped off existed just a never ending cycle. But I haven't really got to me a turnaround yeah that's the XX that's very good. You think you can pull it off again though. She argued in each inch and more on Alex I.