BJ & Jamie: Big day for our company today. 11/17

Friday, November 17th

Our Company is doing a really cool thing today the big big boss of the whole company is ringing the bell for the NY Stock exchange and BJ is excited for him. We as a company are merging with CBS radio and we will become a huge media company.     


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PGA endgame and this is a very exciting day for us in radio history here really is and all of the radio broadcast. And I know this is inside stuff and maybe even hard to explain but I'll try. Today. Marks the day that our company. Hey it's crazy isn't it I mean it really is taxes as our company Entercom. Which owns four radio stations here in Denver. Has been working on emerge would CBS radio which is huge. For the past I don't know fifteen months yourself for a two day. He's fun to do you went final about. Minutes ago. Our company now is this same as intercom CBS radio is why inquired eldest CBS stations so we now have over 200 no I don't know fifty radio stations. Our family just got a little bigger beat every ball on Google. And it was told to us that our boss of the president of the company. Big people us. He is going to be ringing the bell today. At the New York Stock Exchange. Which is really cool I don't know why you're so into. It's the because I've never known person to actually ring the bell when you think about the bell ringing at the New York Stock Exchange you think about Bill Gates. You think about the president. He likes it you'll like even let me to change the channel to see hammering the de Bellevue. I did so we don't know why you're so into this I mean. My companies merged with other companies and they don't even think about where I guess we merged. Not alone yeah I. Sing. And poll pain got worse. They are. It was just minutes away the countdown is set five minutes and 51 seconds. And it just didn't feel even know your name yes he knows my name are you sure I know he does find that how do you know he knows your name. I was telling Jamie because he told a good lot going off to rehab. So I no doubt. I. He cares about me. The cook. Just yet. You that you can make you feel like that the god doesn't know me he loves to hit you kidding me the best you wish you the best every habeas. I'm going to call up he was there any of Jolo is that. H good but we did rehab. And it really worked up quite a shock. However no home to any so we wanted it actually wrong. That rings the bell at the New York's changeup find this very. Cool I think you are really really into this I mean you're super into that is hit. I love you you eat. Buddy your name gets he wished she doesn't believe that. Abbott and radio well agree that begins there's a lot of us a outlook I'll give you more examples he's hit me a video of this of Jim's talking about the whole company and how of the day is a day. That will never forget it in our business written this video obviously he didn't write it heat but he also send it to me and it by and look great now I mean I can't count it looks like he's an. About 600 people at 634 things that fact. But I'm one knows via so my friend dated that. But until you guys are friends of opulence I I think that you do that I think that my sister does yeah which is to. If something's in the news or whatever you make it about you. New and you know we know if this were selling Yahoo! David Field saw you out at Starbucks via our big big box right. Great he would say hey BJ Harris. He would he would know you well. As I don't think he would I think I well I don't think he will I. I have to walk up to introduce yourself first right so I don't admire common friend and I don't know why you think you know somebody rings the bell Anthony. Which beat the best from my concern with the ethnic. Groups so well in which is it's he's bringing. But honestly it is a huge debt it's a huge stadium broadcasting because coast to coast all the sudden Entercom becomes you know. A huge huge. Media yet we're being their big entity now the big media companies adding those CBS radio no longer exists you know is that weird it's crazy I don't know if you always thought ABC NBC CBS all that would always be around. CBS radio. TV state has now become an account but it's now in her calmer forget. Is pretty amazing but it was funny as you like. You know and you said sometimes too with your words. What do you mean when you said you know James will never be on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange will never in the area like. Well. And liberty is sad to say you and I never have achieved in our lifetime of bring in the that we will never ring that's stupid they'll never be on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange bring in about. You gotta be BAA at the end he had to pull that off. They don't invite people like you line. But many said. And I thought this is interest in so I'm. They look at. So he says that's. Do you think Jamie and ask yourself this do we have a better chance chants ring in the bell with a New York Stock Exchange. Are owning a private island. In our lifetime yeah and I looked it up yeah. Island. Island now. We can on an island off the Canada army and many it's beautiful to an island. All I 89000 dollars we we have a much better chance to do a net Arenas who didn't smell right so the island is ten deep identity. That's it. You. You'll I have to hear plenty about ten feet it's true guest rooms thirty about thirty in and we have a hard time player whether the ten I didn't threaten narrower hit it to work. They go. That's just a circle but when that taught those debt now when the tide goes down like fifty by fifty. When water right in the latter rises that stand by ten but when the tide goes out it we have fifty by fifty. In Europe it's as we can build stuff on stilts that's dug it yeah. We condemn things on I'd still that you need to look for bigger I don't I'm. There's regular. Inch or more on Alex I.