BJ & Jamie: big foot rapist Pigs on the road and Road rage penis. 9/13

Wednesday, September 13th

The man who claimed he was sexually assaulted by Big foot is a fake story and we are sad. Also a trucked wrecked with 100s of Pigs on board.  Road rage is a real thing one man spray paints a big penis on another man’s car

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Vijay and Jami oh my god I have the worst news for you ever watched. Let me read the headline to remember him a long time ago we talked about that Colorado hunter that said he was sexually assaulted. Yes I SaaS flaxman do remember exactly a big Clinton. Trigger or not do remember yet. Bigfoot. Just jumped out from behind a tree in food all over of the. He knew what to do that temple or he just didn't. Cleveland oh great. But I know stuff. Descended from the release says watch out of control. Reports that a Colorado hunter claimed have been sexually assaulted by big flat while walking in the woods are. False. Really. They're completely. False news according to snow that's the bizarre claim is all of this and they just made up. Big foot did not jump up on the tree don't do it grabbed the guy and do as Ralph thank you. The rough him up the and they didn't know didn't do know the never happy never have the fifty it at seven year old man laughing is is cabin. Annie severed and then all of in this guerrilla things right handed opening. Up pie. And or as you put it and I'm always looking attributed. But I can't do it did not only. Yeah because. When you read a story like this SaaS watch again. Actually having his way handsome dude I love that story. How did not only that well we'll right well let me tell you a hard hitting knew exactly. I was at west. I'll write I would then I was I like that toll putted. Note while. At this point and now and I Roger's couple things it did happen congress vote your big story from yesterday. I was cents a it was a sad stories superhero and this is C dot this happened over it would springs it's it closed out high seventy. I guess a semi tractor trailer are wrecked. With the over 100 pigs on board Summer Olympics died Knapp C dot on location. Tried to try to figure out what's going on the actual live video. Yeah I actually. Here here's the audio C dot actually on location. I.s from mice and and he went on well. Fire out here and there and you can. AT and you're right now what we're doing is you're waiting on a White Sox taller than. New guy here for the week insert. Then my out of the way. That's craziest of well there's not I don't understand about. Eggs and that is and so that apparently I guess have their nose out trying to keep them cool new album really cared about how hot they weren't the semi truck. All you do pointer with I get a federal income came out this accident was well over or over a hundred cakes yeah. They're saying some guy I'm watching are looking at picture watch some of the video it appears about probably at least 20/20 five weeks died. People sent. People are posting their sad. Or he said that this truck was on its way to slaughter house. Win because every day I was gonna die everybody loves making. When you don't have to CM those weird people like I don't know I pick a lobster out of an aquarium an edict. It bugs me. I act like he and I had a lobster and I had like a little connection lobster love just eye contact. Just those two weird eyes that panic amount anti. Boom. And don't IC would that would be a contact he had just you know emotionally packed so I had no adult like. I'm gonna kill. That's a different to people like to see the pigs you'll I've thought about where the food comes from but you're sitting at stable. In a restaurant yeah. Some out waiter comes up. With a little a lot of strain over the side. We're worn on Bayern got some women on there and got two boaters you know I don't I don't feel that pro etc. you yes I do I don't have I don't like to eat food as. Animal form. Like for example I you know that's I don't like have I am a food with a bone and because it reminds me that it's actually if things it was a thing at once known as the big slab of flopping me it's fine Khalid in all day long. But as a bone and it. Got a problem. You know it. It's kind of the way to. And but it. Yeah so I don't you know how a lot of you people eat fish in it looks like to fish I really don't look like okay. All of this is going on now isn't sounding. Like any answers out I got all I had I had to diet in Dubai and one more story can have more storage means you see the road rage story out of New York City where the one person painted a Wiener on the other person's car. It was a very least they didn't. The F. They pay a millionaire we have all date pulled up to a stoplight. I guess one card cut all the other car something has happened to president Ford Probe. They don't say it's. That's an iconic American car has a right to anything but if you wanna go with probe all through the story was this an ache she did and. As was sitting on the energy I away. You know. Barry Diller and they work. I did Sunderland. What I say shut eye goes up and don't make as it's not deny yes she did I did not this crazy was made I don't know I remember I have what's app I have bipolar them. On high today among two. I'm an upswing two guys pulled up to a stoplight. Argument broke out looking the other guy one guy got thousands with a spray PT and again and she. Should ride there and drew a bit ago winner on the tour. Obama what I did have testicles do urges the Wiener part of the ship and like say can you guys always like addled but you always. You are friends I. Am like great and if it continued apparent now at the so I need to go home and I think I need to go home let me take a listen I'm. Story over in the importance on now I.