BJ & Jamie: biggest woman ever to finish a marathon and 600 LB Life. 2/23

Friday, February 23rd

A 288 pound lady ran and completed a full marathon and the report is she is the heaviest lady to ever complete a marathon and Bj wants to know How do they know she is the heaviest?   Jamie watches my 600 Pound life to feel better about her.


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Vijay and Jamie what do you mean nothing what. I'm just trying to prove a point to. Units dubbed the most bizarre man on the planet no unknown when you fixated on a story innings. Agreement I'm just sitting here and he's you guys he's battling to me how even know she is about a sworn in America how does she know the baddest player in the world I understand how and. I think that's legit question. I really didn't in the series here's the sort. According to the story. A woman has become the heaviest fattest person to ever run a marathon incomplete. And that's amazing she's 288. Counts and the bizarre picture you really sweaty. She did it until she was I. I don't mean that you knew woody six miles you're gonna be sweating. I didn't need them as well. And just say no okay congratulations sir. But my point to Jamie was all areas how do they know. That this is the heaviest woman to ever. Finish a marathon. Italian mafia. Mean well I up a home denied. I don't know I don't know how they know OK don't have the massacre. No I cannot I don't listen visitors to this just all happened I said you know we have 3000 stories in front of us. And you fixate on this woman jogger. The fat daughter like. The I guess I'm not feeling well today took its guard up with you. Yes yeah so he's got there in the world here like. And John here but why the way you can imagine so when I was married a long long long long time ago. Back in the day to orthopedic surgeon right he said it would drive him nuts when people would come in and they were obese and they say. I have ankle pain when I get up in the morning it hurts so bad to stand up anyway he's screens inside of it said. But he doesn't take pride in these charities like those little bitty bones are holding up that entire masks and of course. It's painful but he has every right to say that he's a doctor. They see the screen because I've gone to the doctor before it and say look dude dare or you're rugged moral boy you look awful right he need to clean it up but to him it's common sense it doesn't understand why you're there with your ankle problem when you're. He wait you know 400 pounds it's pretty obvious. Yeah it's probably if it did a man. He probably would have bin you know more and more urgent to say I hate that so yeah we need to lose some white and that's why you legs Ernie if it's a woman you can't save and. You'd just say you know what moment in time anyway so my point is it's it's he got a these patients are obese and they always had how did she brought on those suckers. Don't know that I mean crazy isn't PTA. But slowly eighty pal lady and again I saw the picture. And it's a load this it's. That is unload. To run 26 miles. Frankfurt pig isn't how it was wrong that they like beauty that nabbed ski at the. I think that's amazing as she pulled it off I just don't know how they know confused ideas that yeah that a we should get blow it BA get disk they are seeing Jesus heaviest ever she forgot she did didn't even in her magical Guinness book of world records. And then when they did contact him and said hey look this lady compete rightly the sanctity and we have to prove that blah blah blah and they said it's not retroactive. You get a Guinness has to be there right yet to be beaten up. Is the main is going and grounder up she's 300 pounds and end at marathon and we six models. Yeah it's an amazing feat is and I could never do I wouldn't take your body could support that actually yeah. You know you talk about the legs whenever I just don't think your body good under pressure yeah I mean she hit the walker if you have a lot. Yeah but the should finish that there's no. There is dose I guess appear marathoner. The it's not a set thing that you have to run at all. So you know I'm Janette dieting now yeah I'm not a big guy big guy. Tammy huge so what I do it to motivate myself in the evening when I'm hungry as I watch my six and about life. I. As to where it got it dat. Isn't doozy last night president went eye to this woman she'll mostly seven about rights haven't earned it and she says. Now have gained in weight she she didn't know to doctor now she's like I don't know I'm gain weight but I do something that's taken over here he lifted upper fat. Doritos bag. Yeah that's true story in between your folds her plants. Really to Reno tonight a little snack size bag that's that's why she's gaining weight because she's walking around as a human pantry. No she had to empty bag and it would solidify our what it would go abusing. Using him between her skin in the Doritos while. And you ask me not to mention this is what he wanted running a marathon really. Because it was too gross in the U go back would that. Really. I guess I cross the line is as deadly it was a real give and doctor now's like race. Yes and you're navigating a wetlands and Speedo on the and he does not megs yeah. I. You mentioned. I'll watch that because you know you wanna that you English reach celery right yes it's an amazing. That put the did you watch on television and how it affects you put example. If I watch the Food Network like bizarre foods are or any of those Andrew Zimmer and shows. He is still aren't hungry I agree with that I am stormy and watching that stuff right. He looked like fabulous foods throughout America he'll go down to do crab boil down in Louisiana or whatever. And then I'm craving you know it's sad and I wanna do crab boil. Sociedad two hours from me when he pulled that Doritos bag outer skin and it laid areas. I was trying to get away from that. There was drug if you don't kind of flat shift the sales reynolds' shot it. In. Mornings on Alex.