BJ & Jamie: BJ busted for Littering. 2/22

Thursday, February 22nd

BJ was yelled at for littering.. he tossed down a banana peel and a woman called him out and asked if he was going to pick it up? He says no its just a peel. We looked it up and it can take 2 years for a banana peel to decompose.          


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Vijay and Jamie spears are litter story since we're the dirty city in America I guess I've contributed to that right. What happened well where aids dirty just so yesterday and it where team soup for rent an apartment. Anywhere. That you need to get the Cutler could your stories happening and super into that at that yet so. It's pretty crowded yesterday a lot of people had the same idea idea to get some meat on the some in the parking lot but I have to park near the back because it's a full and I like to park in an area I don't get ordained you know. So I get out of a truck. And I throw banana peeling out. A brilliant piece of the canopy that's what I through death that's why I'm saying I'm in the right here okay okay. A person this lady she goes are you gonna pick that up. This is in iTunes and now she's in cartoons. What shall slip and fallen no no no no she was saying your your you know it's what he's throwing your trash yeah. Yet it's on dad you can just block went into the trash cans are you look at it as I'm feeding of arm. Well where you. It's like far to come through that parking lot belly that. Does that get an overseer actually killing environment that they already come through the the parking lots and stuff we get outside the city even in some parts of the city yes. An appealing yes littering and took ours. Is good looks and soggy. Angry and staying close. I have this thing in my head that I would never litter I cannot speak and so easy. Hey wait I swear to my. Grandmother the then I I in my. Had I am recycling. By feeding apartment just out there depart yeah. Oh my god I know what it's ended their paper cup I would never have done something like that. You felt like you feed animals speed low scorer Joseph on that ill behavior like this idea. I throw my banana peels out car window or my Howard. Guys feels an exit through divine figure if it's organic it's gonna decompose. I ordered V alone. I wouldn't throw you know paper products or stuff like that out but I I do throw the peels. What about down. I don't chew gum and I would never thrown out because I hate and I gum on the hate you golly I have a thing about got a bit. AD but other but no I thought I spent twenty years cleaning floors in shelters and parks that were covered in Ghana. I don't know I have not eight bring. And. Yeah the I read that somewhere the only thing that's legal litter because of semi trucks when they haul hay or straw are whenever that serve as. They can't keep it all contained so that's the only thing that's legal to be littered that's what I rat. Because the idea. That makes sense that can't keep him in England to define work but but I am with Sean Hannity did if you feed you know and the animal so yeah. Beating the credit yeah. Yeah I laughter I think that's what I think get ahead if I've got up eating a scene in which lets it get to the last part I don't like that last part of the bread you know that last. I'll toss it. I'll throw it out on the ground because I know something's gonna come longing dead puppy Islam calls me let's say you know its body hits I don't throw any food out into the road because that's like environment is gonna come out there and they get killed. Trying to get it so who never thought of that. Back. I never thought it peaked and he just killed and partly that's like it's your rapist that. In right that would lay about a trapper. That is. The and you just know. ST. Asking him that coyote would love. And Hilton Dana I just look up to last two years. For some time you'll still there and they. And if it's on the concrete it's probably longer represented there might be better yet ask for business in the U yeah. Not that that myself the am remembering Garrett that he can he laughs at us dvds and he's right. Being it differently from Missouri that don't happen what. She said are you gonna think that evidence and those who critters can lead to sink and as she goes really you're gonna lead that there and I said yeah. Yeah right there if you are gonna get up but blaming it for something that some animal that come. She walks off what she did it just to get her know that. Kind feeding and I. Repeating what to banana peel active and not even a month yeah and it's. I thought about that until you. I don't agree that I do it I am guilty of doing it but what. And then it lies like not even about Atlanta. Who doesn't help I'd. And the importance on Alex I.