BJ & Jamie: BJ Did Yard Work 4/16

Monday, April 16th

Jamie owes BJ $5 this morning. She made a  bet with him that he would never work in his yard, and yesterday he spent the day outside working on the yard.   He even raked up all the pine needles, 10 bags worth. BJ thinks he even made his neighbor feel bad.  Jamie is worried because she agreed to go to Japan with her son.   Now she wants to get out of it.          


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Alice 059 hits the beach in Jimmy morning show at 6:20. Euro this Monday morning. Can be beautiful again today. Yesterday it's out there that some weather supposed to move in tomorrow as tennis now over the weekend and then again. This coming weekend yeah cheat sheet so I did did it work. It worked I can't dancing really windy. Bark no not at all no disgrace on Saturday turned out to be a wonderful day. And yesterday. She gave me a light now owes me five. Dollars. That I Bucs don't act. Because about the Diet Coke. Well our dollar a minute that so yeah Friday we were leaving and I kept posting here here on the air and I kept saying and even in studio. I kept telling Jamie I'm gonna do is we artwork guy get a pine needles I got to work work work work on Sunday she. Never got on it Anna yeah I ever got to get out and yeah. I don't ever island. Tuesday you can do stuff and you never do it didn't. I'm so proud he tackled. Did I I I do I do people literally walking their dog stopped by to congratulate me. It was bought your house added that. Looking at the neighborhood that I know how. It didn't ever asked me some oil and study mean. He was having problems with grass who wouldn't want to know if it was too clunky way he came do you garden guy yeah of the did. And if you garden guy he saw me working my butt off to meet people I guess started to feel that it's about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon it's nice to get a slot or it could this is grasses die in battle I gave him guilty game line guilt yeah I think I. Yeah and he got his the equipment announced that he got ready to start and he's got electric mower is battery was dead examine all kinds of football by. Well I know that guy that I've already done. It's 4 o'clock in the after that he just starting and I been going since 9 o'clock in the morning right. And since full marks are you and I am a Fuller. Pretty much. Of. What I was a break I had to run a sense that it was a crap line and beautiful area that's just a hit you back here. I didn't get back here. I have never save it or can I am deplore without plant flowers it was bad but the. It was really met a pictures on FaceBook without written outsider and flowers million that was crap that was crap. Ten bags. I could grab laughs yeah but I senior Al and I got to remain and in good job. Do you bombed. A cute thing. Speaking east new guest stars. Jamie kept telling me you're not gonna do it's on the way out on Friday were in the elevator and she said I'll bet you five dies she never did you work. I did just that to us all this. And you and I did so you. Wish it. Do you think that is actually good to hear that I didn't I don't feel like I've gotten the law and pride. I do and I feel like him got to keep it up now that the government that this is the year that I turned a corner okay the hours and everything that that really care yeah. Lottery. Well yeah water district that is sprinkler system was busted it is but I get out there with a hose and robbed bought BN news actually got to go by the sprinkler today. You don't. Have one of those I'll go over these hard work. By the way I love these I didn't mean do they give me the nasty look when I go for that second bag of popcorn and did they call dog yesterday that guy is. You know look at me in the looked up top court to look back we drop what. You're in another land I've asked people about fertilizer. The yard right in the easily. Let off going good. Because I. Should she not guard all growth that you're eating at the end and I was dropping yeah I didn't think that a bottomless yes Cynthia. So it back for seconds. They don't just aired it my kids eat popcorn like nobody about a six. And it literally guys hangs up his bottom Libby won't even know what slice it it's he just flies out of my mouth as a talk. And that's the great his kind out and tell you a new thing for your microphone again spit guard NIC you're not using it lowers U heat to put that on there every guy. It's for everybody's safety but the effort regardless lately. IE you know what you is your five dollars from me do and why he. I don't argue with I don't know I got to find duplicate of it somewhere here. Because you cannot have been tagged say a Millen slacker but with the animals more than. Are you a little sore again not used to get sunburned neck and whack and I meant literally redneck. And you are redneck a bigger red yeah. The arms. And a lot of doubt and you got three hits each inch immortal on Alice I.