BJ & Jamie: Bj is discovering so many things. 6/21

Thursday, June 21st

Not only did BJ discover the Ice Cream cake but this week he discovered that at the high end Steak restaurant it is a meat market. Jamie says that is totally public knowledge.        

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Vijay and Jamie Alice. DJ chilly morning show you see here's what I think you were trying to do you're trying to paint a picture. That I'm just the bloodiest that I don't know what's going on I guess that's not true at all. It is so true. I that we did a show off the show because. When you coming and telling me that you have found this amazing secret about the DG ice cream games. And it's authentic he's saying that's off the air you guys and he means it and I did it's been around for ever but he's so excited about it. And I can't captured that and put on the air because it's so real that the so. And then you know nobody heard how you came in your busting him like oh my god no Jane you guys try to. This is how oblivious it is the headache doesn't. I got myself I would always believed this place on the market. It's always been that way for her ears. Is personable is here to all the people that are thanking me for the DQ tip. He's talking about you're more than welcome these Annika I think there are several people that are saying hey BJ thank you for the yeah. Had no idea they sell the ice cream kick our you know what you're arrested they say but doomed. Knows that it is a personal. Well I don't like the high in state houses very often okay. Myself did I we win it and I'm telling now walking and not tell G mean she makes it sound like that everybody I don't think most people are aware of this I doubt. Maybe she is but she just feels like everybody is but I'm telling you right now. These high instate places but they're they're picked up job to know they. Are. Know there are different way you mean she anti al-Qaeda hands dealt with brisk well I admit I always. That's what I'm understanding aliens that are there are like pick up to it are you see. I went there a few nights ago and I'm telling you right now walked to the bar area and I. Felt like that there were three your board ladies hitting on me. Actually at their lives they didn't say that but with their eyes I knew what you were doing when you pick up people ask you let the rim you're glad. I don't want Chirac today though. But I had to you know control myself into the restaurant a girl next term ram ever glass yes no she did not she did. It was a Margarita that was salted yes OK but duke but I'd know what she was doing she cut her eyes my way crazy and he did it. And I'm telling you these are little hotspots Rebecca it's. I'm pretty sure does this is what else he did you guys he ward is a war is lags tech Elway is yes you know those. The ones that show your toes yeah if he were those Dallas I'm pretty sure that it was a woman in the Ireland those notes no like you know what I see I don't see it that way I I think the. The state. I think that they don't judge you on that I don't I don't think itself. What. You don't think that woman judge is that man that has slides on it help James ware slides gee I heard. Billions of dollars of rotten day and I don't think so I think is sometimes your guy. Let me I gagged but there. Are a lot of people out there that are worth a lot of money and address that. Well OK okay what you are alike in so I think they got fallen. I think you're not don't have any money right that they think you're millionaire because your windows glide slope on the wearing spikes in them and away and run you just don't walk into the plate tonight then Alicia and four to thirty dollars at stake. To steal or I'd. I feel fine that's as hysterically had no idea that it's and meet mark I have no idea yet until I had no idea I thought it was yes I thought it was like going to Golden Corral I thought it was just like a family plays. That was just kind of laid back I'm going to be good steak dim atmosphere. I had no idea their swarming in like crazy in the U. Remember when we shall I just can't I can't. Yes but I wasn't a bar area yeah straight to a table however we ran the Mike chanting and yelling did I know but we didn't go to the bar area so. You do it's only the only restaurant and they all those hookers there elect Cracker Barrel. The average of the bar I did not all I got they Wear dress and they shore and am still goes on they knew we can look at our football player. There was a day when acted stiff that a good hooker. We even let Smith had a good hooker and they were if they were doing so you that's. The term for you know that couldn't term no that's not very important that I would note Sean was. Term for hookers. An announcement if I'm not about not that's not a served for anybody. But yeah. Please I. It doesn't work under any at all OK maybe I didn't quite. Here's the thing up a couple of nights ago when I was an Elway ya. Think there were any. Ladies of the evening her. I think it was I think it was ladies are. Are kidding about com helpers I call hookers because they're really looking to get their their songs into until rich. Tongs is the right birdies for the that it is not known I'm digesting network to. I think is what guarantees. So you'd think when that leading Lichter glass and me and outlaws the plot here. Hollywood her applause yeah and so those super rich got that she's looking for a rich guy. Yeah and and so you like a lot of business men hang out there are so Michael. Let's get all dog empire is usually work both ways isn't isn't some guys over there looking for a rich woman. Matt and I don't think that's possible to their I don't know I didn't have to add that we have an American exactly. I'd never thought of it the way you're not aware that I thought the girl what did that blast was a billionaire. Picked up the I don't out. And that's a bit my our that this is an exciting week for me because I've discovered that no. So Andy Q is I repeat my AM mice Randy. And she was part of the service you know that hooks up. That really really wealthy men with really hot chicks. And she was in the service that does this you know and so they would go to Vegas likes that she'd meet her clients in Vegas doesn't sound really that it does doesn't it. Yeah she's she was a playmate biggest doesn't help put it right and should they go to that web sexy cast so expensive there. She meet all of her clients I compliance. They aired at their first date longhorn. Tie it up at Texas Roadhouse. Isn't ever met an exclusive. Now I would now I just tell you steak houses are thing was about I hit my god it was a great plays at their wasn't Texas thrown out there and cranked up. Our but it did kill your store I outside. We see more on Alex I.