BJ & Jamie: Bj is excited today, his son got a job. 1/12

Friday, January 12th

Bj is beaming this morning because his youngest son who lives in L.A. and lives off of BJ’s debit card has gotten a good job! He has been working in restaurants but now he got a job at an editing house in L.A. that edit commercials for the Super Bowl and more. What really is exciting BJ is that he may get his debit card back!        


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Vijay and Jamie all right I've been happy mood today was telling teaming off there what the big news looks like not. My youngest son little honesty of course he's what he took but my young little stunned finally got a job. It about a five job I feel like nobody's letting up he was working for restaurant he was you know cooking following years old man you know I was ahead shelf once had a Waffle House and it was edged up out there there's multiple diner it wasn't he as soon as chefs like listening Atlantis yeah the astronaut Susan a lot of preparation. And it really care for and he likes to cook the and not a career OK but is it in the the video editing industry which is huge in Los Angeles if you finally got it he got a call yesterday. Had a contact couple interviews he thought he was written off they get hurt that hurt from this company and three always believe he even called me to say what should I do next and Portman Denny got the call yesterday from the company it's called the mill. Them now and Los Angeles in Culver City. And and they do editing involved movies and stuff they do mostly commercial okay they did this place which is located in Los Angeles London. Tokyo in that the New York a date of 60% of the year's Super Bowl. Commercial I like business card and says to Okie you know the business cards as Tokyo London yeah I looked down York ala. Why must so exciting yet that kid's gonna have a career looks like. But my debit card may cease. And oilsands as it does me Muppets to save you money so and so what is I. Renner. And rough you gotta start somewhere team in rotor blades and is in the union. I don't elk. What we're taking it one step but it got Janet joined the union the reggae runner. So it is a study good title isn't it it's like star he's VP of routers. So would they give the runner boss I think he has to join. Union doesn't mean he pitched that last night and prettiest looking into it but yeah he's got to get like a sag. Carter. And I think it's addictive and I think it's like grip version Borough those views and yeah right and water and start legal opinion it. Excited for exciting. What it is idle so if he had a business card it would say runner with the. I mean I don't know I looked it up last night okay. He's an editing RNC would say editor. Look guys I did say it was the most glamorous job and Ali okay he's not always. Not following the round Tom Hanks is a bright okay in the gosh. He's runner OK Eleanor it's like so let's get up last night so I heard great records or go online to the middle which you can look up online. And they have a big posting of the salaries well for the different departments and stuff I mean yeah. They wouldn't put it out the area campuses. Well hang out. If you couple and one of the executive video editors and there you're making anywhere from a 15260000. Dollars he accidentally stand right then and like if you're just up. It is like a copy person. That that works there you're making probably 85 to ninety holes doll is. A year bright and all that god got insurance. It can't wait to get down the runner in cape well again. Rotors. Make ten dollars an hour always careful and their hourly but you get full time. You you forty hours a week. Okay but did are we can be full time but is I mean is it fulltime and does he get benefit well bill calling her to death. I'm not really sure I mean that but I didn't say the debit cards coming home equity and I just said in the future okay at some point Ashley then Dylan. Oh lead vehicle that that's our company taking care Iraq. The toll to 26. Not exactly top she'll be shocked if you don't. Adore it don't matter and it's really hard to get the door in Hollywood. So he's in adorned with ten dollars an hour that is good. Thank you and should do you mean death. I don't know what you did OK Ed I know ten dollars an hour's not a lot in in Los Angeles nanny makes twenty dollars an hour a little bit. Lot of spin and then I think Wal-Mart just increased their in their Adam. There's things at fifteen dollars an urgent Ballmer just did that was a moment. You know yanking Wal-Mart to get to fifteen he does so we want a career Wal-Mart. How bad to say how do you survive a ten dollars an hour in Los Angeles. Did debit card because of where there is we did judges are ridiculous images they rent. 34 huh. A lot it 3400 dollars a month for ten dollars an hour by the it didn't work out. Coming hours is you have to put into Israel but god better than enough out of that day at each inch important.