BJ & Jamie: BJ got 23 and Me DNA test. 1/2

Tuesday, January 2nd

BJ got the 23 and Me DNA test for Christmas and he was told as a kid that he was Native American and now he is going to find out if that is true.


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Vijay and Jamie Jamie I finally got the kid now I know you're gonna bite is forming for Christmas. But you it decided not to because we'd done a report about to help 23 and me and Ancestry.Com. That's I think reports out. Yeah and that bad reviews so you can't have some good for you did you get yourself what amateur it's gotten that they got you to try to me. Did you even when you did this for amber and I have I have an that I posted. Over the weekend and you actually yesterday in ice it and got to Kitt got to spit hit a menace that into the 2 November radiated. We'll find out a little scared bottom radiated up now always told Jamie. My dad told part native American. We're about find out I like you got your Asian. Really yeah which means I should play this one more time. Yeah. I feel like that. And Kazaa a switch in me is that has to be sent your way and then you find out what your ancestry. Yeah and and you well he's told me forever that you're native American backed Eurasian. About it but we're gonna find out here we are so little. It's a joke. I don't have to start a New York. Is a joke it's stereotyping all it's done it's it's it's drugs removed it is wrong but it's the rock hall of the people should be complaining to management. They get is that are well that's what actually believe how how should we do agree that Egypt is the what do. Shoots the Holland but OK anyway. I really get. Right back pie chart. You went punch out you know behind the guy yeah I chart a competitive in the percentage of what ethnicity that I am of this a bit of a thing and that we're gonna see if native American is one of those now I had a guy after a posted this on FaceBook safe. I don't know your card carrying native American hits that's what he said I am not a card carrying eight or a Caucasian right okay all right I do have a driver's license that says I'm white I guess not other net but he's she's cart carrying. And hers came back absolutely no native America. Realized so he called bull bull. Almost said it BS on everything he said it's absolutely. Worthless. Her up for that. So so big tent on the air the TV show the one guy thinks she's like Irish. They're Scottish she's wearing a duck breasts and that is exactly where it's now because I'm not really Scottish you know. And it's gonna be like if I think it's been into it because thanks things c.'s Scott right. Yet either in the water yeah so he knows where's that dress and stuff we have him do it you know one of his team that he's Romania. All of a sudden they generally complex you know you don't know what you're gonna win it certainly is something that you're native American camino your dad said. And why it might get a did just a moment it wasn't until I was so I don't know probably fifteen years or so 120 and a guy shouldn't moccasins. Now late distract yes but you distract out there but he it's like everything I'm saying is is politically incorrect. She mentioned to me because I wanted to build the you know the the health. History for the children and he mentioned it he was native Americans that his his way his mother or father. So around that day was your mom like don't. Dumb moments and there because they've never been in they were Merriam. Any point like for you momma she's been really no more loose the Los in the day the loose and I don't mind setting them loose and people can relate to that. Well listen. Back to 23 F eight monogram terrified but here's something that I opted out and I wanna know what you would have had. Because of very exodus 23 meat you've got different options. You get to pie chart a viewer ethnicity. Hum when it comes back your woman. They don't determine sex. They don't tell you're transgender you're ga here I. OK I don't know what they do I know I. Tried to tell you look at. I did finance Khalid tribal enrollment card allegiance we. Don't exist I gotta get why so I kissed Kelly. I think it'd tribal enrollment card they sent a way to spin it for wade Jamie and came back that there are not native America I. I and he cold bowl yeah but lists and Malarkey is what are the things they ask you when you go to the 23 and me website okay we should be getting this for free is beneath tons of ads that have said yeah yeah yeah I don't think yeah. You go to the website. They can also tell you. Your health condition oak. In the things that are looming in your ancestry. That you possibly could develop down the road. Like the match yet more like Parkinson's disease and like immense move all the state and I said there. So yeah I wouldn't really. Let go let it go let mark know on this box that's what I would don't let me that this is it my history. And you know. Some people because like my mom died of breast cancer yet some supposed to be checked for the Brockton Brockton teen or some like that and I'm not gonna do. You would one and I villain and a because I obviously mean that we have a history of breast cancer among them to hide from that I feel like I know I have that Sheen battle I know and and I can't tell you. Though it was cut that we are its current collectible when you go in for surgery yet it's on those forms to say if I die on the operating table here given the power of attorney to. It's kind of like if you're looking to screen in it saying okay here's a list of diseases. Ailments that could come your way in life would you like to know. And I'm sitting there going through but I don't think so I don't you know what just simply the pie chart will go from the opium you know I think that's getting your head. But that's how deep they can go. With your condition. Your ancestry. They can go so deep into your DNA it's moved them. He has done and just go to doctor yeah yeah because it columnist Ron and I say in it. Some guy that has tribal enrollment card is native American combat fatigue could be bad acre up and and you're not accurately. Result of this. Helen's it take. Two to four weeks when it. 24 weeks should look here. To the floor yet what it does come back why beverages to our averages four. It looked thoughtful. In importance on Alex.