BJ & Jamie: BJ had a long expensive day yesterday. 10/18

Wednesday, October 18th

It is Hump day and the Hump day camel bothers Jamie so BJ keeps playing it. Bj is tired his son is in town and he had to do some running of him around last night. He even left his chair because his son wanted to go down town to a nice restaurant.. Bj was not invited to dinner. BJ did look and see the charge on his CC bill.                     


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VGA and Jean says Vijay and look Jamie morning show. Notes that you could. I just LBJ. Is BI is with the I just LBJ did don't go whom he I could just a bad mood every time we do that. Today. Paula I. I love it here who think it's so quick and so over the Nobel. It's like it's never all of our down days when things are never over digit number. Ruled that. Looked up everywhere I just like a married couple I tell you not it doesn't put it and yeah that's that's that's like herald. Yeah. Yeah the way. You. Having I was just telling Sean yesterday Lawrence the kids in town. That's right my son's intent on getting yesterday went to the airport and picked him up lost eat the baby and that run I run. It right yeah I keep thinking he's way too but he and for me yesterday's report via so he's in town. And yesterday because my other car's in the shop ranked he's I'm out there and left to tell if this guy around. My kid and he related that yesterday so you have to drive them around well yeah I was just telling show and so for. You quite so you've got adding years Littleton recliner. Dance and I'm not happy you got Adam Adam your little whatever four blocks are barely mining unions barely touched the recliner yeah. It's yes I'm not had any of the foursquare blacks. Oh yeah who are not apartment we got out of town a while out of not out of the city limits but out of the just that was her. 40. Me if aunt and ran up to the airport and a and that's a hole for my Apple's at all from everybody's house so I go out there and get home delight to a knee after those that he wants to go downtown and eat. Really would not know like I did Nina can lead a friend I was invited out I was home. Upset about that hit a was upset because it just me and him right Brad Childress and even invite you and he and a friend are gonna go to this nice restaurant downtown. And it and I you didn't say a word was somewhat rarely where you guys get inactive dropping hint soon I'm like release fashion and who wouldn't. Saying Jindal and a great glove that didn't say in your hunger no I I didn't. You know go to that far is you don't do his dad you're labs and I'm hungry and go with is united we flip the bill. I wasn't invited to the so I went back home. And it serial. Wasn't on your credit card I don't know I haven't checked yet but check. Afraid political. Anyway it I'll check on what I'll check open that we are just tell him I was running old well yesterday there's just so out of the norm for me he would see airport. Well Dahlan and had to go back down. And take him to a light rail and this kid. That he was meeting was. He wasn't in the extent but he got caught up in an accident trying to meet as and he was over an hour and twenty minutes late. To win this a parking lot of light rail for over an hour and I have a conversation yeah well we've pretty congress yeah I was talking about. A jobs yeah he really needs cash. Yeah yeah they agree. But it it well no now don't you MCI what the job is right yet because he's here because you spot is plane ticket. France so what in this part of redeeming what was the name of that ensure actors ever. DREAM Act dream. Yeah I am a kids become an actor is so. Any easier to I near ticket and your meal ticket sale what's he doing he's networking he's not narrowing gap and he's working the convention for three days but I was under the impression he's making twenty dollars an hour. It definitely score he tell that it's a volunteer position for networking and he said the CEO of the company has told him it's a great way to meet people wouldn't get involved in the of the. For picking up well that is our CEO Donald told that's as it turns that and they don't Wear to grant it isn't taken. Our Internet system is not paid right they quit a huge hit but he hooked we've never we've never had my anti hate would be the only one we have one injured wide in turn well haven't the guys in here. Now he's he's been real soon. He's so it can't county's plan. Yeah it would it would return to log on to thank you come out this game should you dispute the stick as he didn't let it. I don't do it definitely don't. I delighted today lingers of Denver that's the restaurant early years we had this conversation lingered and you are lingers. And. 130. Times. Padraig team owner. Did you have you funds to his buddies dinner to it sounds like for not sure sounds like four linger genders finest eater Augusta. We're really went off and he caught. It's not follow its finest either got a lot of angry if you should update you really. Does this say Denver's finest to eatery. Yeah totally the basketball the way he would menu race. It's the island dire I had and I look. On scared and I saw out of it but I didn't love because of little terrified well as Italy sixteen dollars a crew of Atlantis. And that is the sixty vote sixteen dollars right out tacos or fifteen dollars up looking got a little bitty dived lower. Slowly cooling at least of few drinks. And let's have a dessert room new album it's. And the price fixing yet three things for forty dollars. So that's dead well according to my deal they ordered that three times he. And that during did they go during happy hour I have no idea Italy cell Belichick knows dating him down under to like seven clone of his final fourteen and and so idea for pricey. Yeah I got in price. I don't play it up well I was told to. Well yeah. It is what it appears that bad to you know tribe. They will linger probably don't know then it's that it's Denver's finest this is the kind of stuff. I relayed ultimately replaced really pay a lot of money to eat you can totally smoked dates are eleven dollars. Smoked desperate some tapes have been smoked hit what. No it. Yeah six board dazed and she is when he six dollars. Oh draw these Bob that it be. She's up they too. Aren't actually drought and quick break tributes BJ at cheering me up. Go to real long. Route. In the importance on Alex I.