BJ & Jamie: BJ an Jamies Bear Saftey (Audio) 5/25

Friday, May 25th

BJ & Jamie run through a safety crash course just for you! Be safe out in the woods this summer, watch BJ and Jamie's Bear Safety Video, Featuring a live bear! ... or Bj's best attempt. And, Jamie uses those talents that got her into the screen actors' guild.

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Vijay and yeah. True there. Bear season. I know OJ BU this is a little bit do people like I tell you right now this will save lives this summer. Because the bears are out there oh by the way our fair lesson will be on FaceBook lied. Sean rolling right now here in studio. So. It is the appropriate. This isn't about looks not about how you look at camera just I mean how. This is bear safety. They air safety. That the traditional you know why isn't anything in the green. Thank you know why well. Because it's bears' season. And guess what Bill Ayers never give up. And sang do I can't even get. That's a hard like missing to you know to me OK so I have to bears in my neighborhood in my called that literally. Right there. And and we were talking about this yesterday all of a sudden the everyday gotten a bear problem did you see I think of Fort Collins the one in the trash can you they're everywhere. They are everywhere and again they're they're out they're hungry they're looking at and we've invaded their stay is so therefore we run into them and we encountered them often. So it's very important you know what to do PC a bear suit yesterday. Which at least thirty showing me this picture of these two bears I suggest me what if you come out 1 morning what are you gonna do if there's not players stealing there. You really didn't have an answer I don't Lebanese are so. I feel like I would just walk beckon to my house so I had to want to go online and because I've got to figure you know on the Internet there's got to be fair safety out there shall we found a lady who gives tips on bears safety. Now before we get to that well I thought what we do is I'll be the bad air. And let's pretend you're coming back act coming out of your house and let's just see what you're react I just role playing. I'm curious. Witness if you wanna call at bat and I hit it hit. A pop up. Our Qaeda and he'll be in the back are you put the hair may edit templates seemed like react hello hello let's see what your key Judy. Game world is certainly a gay guy a bear. An analyst asked Sean shot I. I get there is really. Have very when I get hairy guy I. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah you know I've heard good enough. I'm all right so here we go out and having the bear and let's just see what would you react all right you're coming out with 4:30 in the morning. Birds are chirping here you come out you're getting ready go to work but oh my gosh you've got to put that the canyons. You do every Thursday and everything is crashed components that you know when I put him McCain can you mention enough. Our self so here you come eat coming out of your house and all of a sudden. That's a trashed him. Good yeah. You're supposed to read that. I did it. Did so. And JD. You're the guy and that I would've beaten you. Or I would of all do you get to her. It did or didn't know. Exactly. This is my point though Jack goes and I'd throw hot dog. No you don't draw huh. How are you gonna have a hot dog eating during the end they are 30 in the morning what I can do every morning as have a Weiner in my hand ready for some day Bayer action. And that way I just talked to like you do doggedly to it and then a run out there. Keep the winner here here if you want to right now we're talking mayor dear I cannot hold a pretty sure it was too easy. Two days I didn't hear we can't immediately going to I'm gonna play use the bears safety tip okay this is not. Suited for like I really did well I was laughing. A strike I'm great I'm ready yeah. I do agree there. And you did not participate. Didn't take it seriously is okay. Obama errors remember Screen Actors Guild actor yes you are I remembered the young rock star. The movie that won only that he would Jennifer Aniston I got somebody else it Bloomberg. Did you would to New York he did the what was it days of our lives. Young and the Restless and that goes by the on this FaceBook live feed right now to anyone pulls it off it is the actor or actress here it should be used kitchen once you've got all the experience may none but actually a bear okay. Amanda are you ready port 30 in the morning cup you're coming out. Yeah. That was close to him and that is too close to what you're supposed to do well again that was clutch like making a loud noise it's one of the okay what you just did. Although he seemed quite terrified may be the bear Pincher prey but I think make it aloud noise who's one of the things you can't do. Our data due out yellow they're so it's kind of all right great I feel good about yeah now he didn't do everything you're supposed to pay. You're supposed to make yourself big. He just on sat. Feel like you've discovered no denying that no way bigger hole but don't know the mayor. You got to like take intercepting. What bear big dance poorly and you get better big advantage that intimidates a pair it does not. Like that does not intimidate and there. Oh my god your belly is when you know the models are okay. A hard look at. I've gotten us listen to the actual act in a tank and I'm serious or Arizona are guys hit the woods this weekend. The major things to remember is to get that animal space. If you happened across a bear can make yourself look think. Make yourself authoritative when you talk to top that that authoritative voice. They're trying to assess our youth predator or pray and you want them to think that your the predator. Never ever turn your back on they are in state called again never want to do is turn and run and although that is a natural instinct. And it usually means you're now the clay. Which should there will proceed in nature some. I don't think I wouldn't run. You rule it did right but getting loud that you did wrong by seeming terrified yeah. I stay cool I really think about this if you see a bear don't you think you would I would run. I'm really not supposed to know she just am dead meat but I don't know how you stand there and after being hit and you know and see early block of. Or if you gotta be authoritative yell like where this is the worst place it's my. Something of that nature maybe I was all a bit but you soon say it really does he feel you feel you can understand that this lack my dirt. But so hope you enjoyed your barely lessen. Have you ever again by big animal anything like elk or anything scary loose. Run likeable girl my age I do immediately because it's instant it just yeah. Natural instinct because well even snakes changing a sudden he's closed to move slowly from that. I don't know alligators yeah I mean yeah when I lived in Florida yet the alligators so. Yeah I am natural instinct to run but you just heard it from the experts I tell you know now all in an alligator. Alligators are quick they're very down there got it there not long distance runners yeah but their quick easy to beat an alligator had. I don't know that really go. Makes it usually is or rent and zigzag pattern you know from alligator we're talking about Ayers Wright somehow valid leader of hope out all my god. I hope you enjoyed this bear lesson here on the beach in Jamie morning show. Yeah in weekday mornings. I night.