BJ & Jamie: BJ just Uped the Incline challenge for Sean. 4/12

Wednesday, April 12th

Sean is climbing the Manitau Incline on Friday morning and Bj’s Fiance Lisa is doing it on Saturday morning Sean says he can climb the stairs in 1 hour… So Bj to defend his womans honor says that he will bet a Big Steak at a fancy steak house that Lisa’s time is faster and Sean will never finish it in one hour.. Now the challenge is on!


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Vijay and Jeanne we're very excited around here because it's the inclined challenged down and managed to lose Sean swallows are producers got a climate Friday morning we live feed from that area. We did make it okay Shaw joined check this out what what Jamie and I down for you get around this okay yeah imagine yourself. Friday morning 630 is recorded 07 you're ready to hit the implied rights. You need motivation a lot of people Wear headphones that play their favorite music here is the motivation for use this will be playing in the background are. Yeah. Good thing it's the. Get out. John have you been reading any of the comments from the man into inclined. I've seen if you like you're gonna do a great job in Arizona and Aaron Nat that no America there's others. Yeah this is the hardest thing I've ever done. I had I after I did it I didn't walk right for a month up up up up I couldn't even make it all the way out. Yes yeah I think some words crying and some of the words that you said a couple of days ago or yesterday it was they I think they're gonna bite you know but pal because just talking about because us at least has to go down and do this and Saturday morning UC. Oh good want to let you do about your little light into what our doctor Gupta would stop and say did you you wanted to get challenged. You got shark and know what I got right like every day I could go to you know. So now you've got the jealous. It way out west. Happened was it was it was listen almonds and rampant on Fresno we're very proud of you and that you're getting in shape what they're riding the bike and on that. I think what happened is you took away. From a man's fiancee. Taken this challenge in doing this thing and you download a copy of the he did at so you took away from a maintenance woman I. And so he added and his mom I had a call yet and say own re a really big big boy yeah being back in new speaker yeah are her life honor row right into the defender on it like it is difficult entry details away. Her amazing moment for me. Soon so again in each he's tackling this thing like this show and she said oh my gosh I hope we can do it. I know it's going to be a challenge cabinet will take a lot of water and a black in you on the other hand you might stacking you know that these are okay Tyrod 46 miles of ever art art art. You're gonna jock and I'm like OK big boy you wanna take the challenge you've got one hour to get to the top now from what Jamie and are reading a text they know you're not gonna get to stop and an hour. It ain't gonna happen. You say you can go so let's see what it. It's so bright and worry about the way out of the sun and you make it like an appearance. Yucca. People wanna join me and they've got nothing to do on Friday morning prominent my goal is to be starting out at 7 AM and finishing by. No yeah he's got. One hour one hour to get to Tata I don't care what how you get down you need to take a helicopter. Get big semi truck tire yeah I get tired yeah on the stairs yeah the challenge is all about getting up there you got from 7 AM to 8 AM to get to top. I feel confident even though right now I'm feeling a little shaky. But to I still and to my guns I feel confident I can do and I eggs at a real. It's OK and I got a closet right now yeah he did you sit there and what's it called you guys have male ego thing that puppy up thing when it was like home. Not only on that Millie show will wreak yeah like that may soon be out on the ice not shining armor ally I don't know I don't. That isn't what this began as you know I mean. We are all the remaining lease and you disease and he just like stepped on because to steal the moment man and I got caught in Italy when he started when he got the thin man and I haven't I didn't mean to man he know what we have big but we're about this power. The gods are saying you've got one hour to get to the top of that one mile stretch so your training from yesterday yeah. Are with your cheeseburger. Again yeah that's it that's even more cocky if you think about you know here's a guy. It's already dismount one right here on the air. Right. Yeah really upset. Okay you disk are basically by save all that Arctic that I could get credit hour she didn't even say and how worried could take an hour and she doesn't know she's ever done it's just like you you don't know just what your mouth overload your current again that okay. But here you are you getting all cocky not only does that add insult to injury here but now you're training but just. I'm coconut double cheeseburger video run it Joseph gonna double cheeseburger is a part of your training meal yeah. Not because he's so cocky and. Well you know that's part of my process. That now I train fatty foods and alcohol that. I think and it didn't you know makes mr. into the Olympic sitar yeah. First dog Andre. Give history. Idiot double cheeseburger buds. Yeah I don't know meant I hate personally I don't did you get to make the hour I. If you I don't think you're gonna do an hour. Can every actually pleased I do not drive nine as a Texan and I. Imus cyclists I ride my bike every day I have done in time four times it's so tough and it will take you over an hour big deal. I have written a thousand miles in 2017 training for a ride for the Rockies. And I can't do the incline. Sean says he can do it in an hour DOJ we needed he bragged hey that's NAFTA next year and in an hour. Our Kazan and she ate how rat backed by 46000. If you what did you make an hour at your first time you can not stop this is simply the hardest thing you'll ever do in your life. Yeah it's good good good I can't wait. Let this is exciting analysis I saw it says it's Amy and called shocking yeah it'll be completely. We and you say it like let's say BJ's they I just not a carton and sounds like how. My guys. Walking around his heel all spread out you know again you're talking update yet they got got a speak. Well you are let's see how much you peacock is your climbing the stairs on Friday morning would you one hour time limit the. When I said it is written out in miles yeah for trains or ride the Rockies and they can't even make it all the way. We are sure to join us here here's what I think many miles did you do last year. Last year idea about 16100. Music and he's on he's done that are written on the PP class in four months to zero but he's Pete Garcia is looking. And he's still out yeah. Helio wider I'm going to be the good thing I don't know about 600 miles of pharmacy. Always. Your commute to Dallas and not look up against ever getting the equipment. It always. Just click here I've got to take the challenge yourself further and and then we're gonna put out. A big fat juicy steak on this right your chin hands or wherever I don't have big fat steak okay. I'll bet you her Saturday morning time is better than Norton. A home news. Oh million debt. No. Yeah see I was against it. Well let her time beach you're tie in you're gonna sit in the recliner from both times. You pretty. Tired talking about it it's funny you're challenging these two about Broderick line exact. I've got a state got its. So much for your out Mikey did Allison back. The Indy weekday mornings on Alex. I.