BJ & Jamie: BJ is Mad at Jamies HOA. 3/13

Tuesday, March 13th

BJ is mad at Jamie’s HOA.. She got a letter from them and they are coming down on dogs, fire places and parking on the streets. He is so mad and hates her HOA for her.


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Vijay and yeah I was gonna play a song here at the UN docked him but I have got to get this off my chest. This I'm glad you are either but I'm. Really just eat you know what you tell me when you talk about your Rachel way of it just drives me nuts. It's like it's like your neighborhood is just a bunch of teenagers. Including you wouldn't put two teenagers need got these parents that are watching over you champion here do you can have certain gas grill I create. I really tough for you can't have rocks in your yard you can't just like I don't lest they get their house. So I was telling BJ and I don't know I got some ruffled because I'm not even involved and said oh my god we just got an update from HO and I'm finally not included in the of the like. Traveled neighbors and in India and I said okay what was on the list one of the complaining about caiso dogs obsolete Eleanor streets again have a dog I'm the least you don't have a thought I'd. We're all right doctor of the other people are OK okay dogs barking and then it says islands street parking. It. All mar. But you live in the middle of nowhere and each apart and you can't park on the street. And you know I have a problem this old dog barking thing. Dogs bark. What am I part of what they are a pig but it's it's annoying to the neighbors feared that either. I realized higher higher higher ISI. Iron I get to look. I get it if a dog is outside 24/7. Barking 24/7 I get it but the dog goes outside to do his business in your backyard season squirrel you know about the middle of the woods here at the bogey and he sees black squirrel or something to start barking at you know what the neighbors have to deal with the darn it. Pressure. Illegal or unapproved outdoor fire teachers. This includes natural gas and propane fire pits and fire featured yeah. And he tied it again yet yet you know when I got sick about this if they don't think you're old enough to play with the fire. They out. DH delay you're not old enough king you don't know where pirates out of control. You cannot or even gas what are pro England he think people. I think that's a little ridiculous like I have that table fire pit saying yeah. Completely safe to eat right and I've had of ram I don't know why I can't just light up my middle you know did they think you're gonna start a forest fire are you guilty better. I can't get. Barbeque man. Error what we don't go to woods. There is. Am smoking smoking the security yoga is a picnic basket and he would start a fire yeah I usually and as a regular picnic but yeah. Let's get back to the. Did have a grill outside my dad you know a grill of any kind but I have a fire pit seems weird. To me. Because you're not old enough you don't understand you're still a child but this is the part I loved them then most. So some of the people I guess are installing. Outdoor cameras an effort to stop. Dog feces in other people's yards if you're in violation will be reported a final incur. So people are set up the opinions and their yards. Yeah well to catch and other people OK I get that I had to put it all comes India guard I'm not saying the dog can't go do your yard but you got to you got it got to ten after the dog no problem that okay I guess I'll see what action the days but I would hate to neighbors could handle that situation yes and it doesn't take DH a way to get involved. In order to visit to you know today to make this a rule that that everybody follows you know. If your dog barks it will be investigated a bond verification signs will be incurred. They do what you needed animal control will be called Oman police jeered whenever a year out fear trap name. Got a least put at least your leash on the dog you gotta do that it took two bites about. Not bad debts debts you know liability of zero in. Suits that are how much do you pay eerie to weigh every month. For them to dictate your life it's. If I'm good I'm not a thought. What are you didn't I didn't tell you what to do you Dini team it clue yet who what are you pay them about four enigma oh yeah. But he will spin that the so I to wallow fire pit issuer. Bid to be a savior but you hate. Up. Yeah and they would be paying you a couple hundred bucks a month just to follow the rules of the and that's usually. But though to. But in the morning on Alex.