BJ & Jamie: BJ makes his lists of stuff he needs to do. 11/20

Monday, November 20th

BJ’s list of things he needs to do today so he can get ready for his trip to his mom’s over Thanksgiving. Jamie is giving him a hard time for making such a silly list of things he is already going to do anyway.  


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Vijay and Jamie it is a lot of cereal lunatic it's up honest thinks giving some guys. Really easily I transferred days and I looked and you get off my hand I'm Mario are running. Nine U but I feel like this is some tennis like cut psychotic. Behavior psychosis some kind of mental. I'll I'll not. Aren't I feel like it's a mental and or is it Pam asked the right ahead but Olympic icon let me distress to people and have a mental illness. I'd say it's called and we're gonna play the game super nation called I know speed day. It's not Ellis began at five what do five and now here I think they're okay we have a guy here. He knows he's going to go to the grocery store because he goes a grocery store every day. That's prince psychosis so he might stay out. Can I make I try and make my list so I take a gander at his links you guys. First thing is Liz well any break up the word go to he doesn't sit grocery store it's a number what go to grocery store. Number two. He says look a rental car not just the car look a rental car. You guys he voted out and it which could be Jamie. And look at what you. There's a reason our right to write down what you rental car what if I were returning a rental car I'd write down return a rental car. Right yeah adjustment that car I don't know if I'm looking upon returning. You might you and how. You know. That ball and who doesn't mind to keep it yeah you have to you're leaving why didn't I get. If you what I remember like. Well don't forget mom's did you go back see your mom I don't forget mom's home arsenal like that that you put she gays I get that Clinton. But reading and that you need to pay. I've got to get with my son about taking care of the logs I know you have to do that I know that it's not a most of my nine year old it. I'm a physical issues because that's what you write down what you're. Aaron czar if you've accomplished Demi get DiMarco mafia list. When I see and listen to marked off a lot and I realize that doesn't quite a pin I had accomplished something of guys so for example right now. But somebody said it's your slight senile. Or predominantly or play any games with a nation that's called dying of speech that was wrong. Pretty up mood this isn't a diagnosis this is just an assumption. All it's OK he's just get. I'm a gay man I'm make less that's what game ended a albeit it. Do. Not just gay men who don't China only review. It was just this of the weird part is that you. You've looked at me and you go well and giggle like kayak in and book a rental car I go oh yeah okay we don't do thrift because they're usually up site. I think you put on your list. Both of rental car while you're you're open to open a window booking it I don't I don't get that the. Well up. But then I'm gonna market often taken part. But what if I could've found a deal because it's too in the show them and so therefore it would only be in my list and then I would do it later on today. But now that it's been done book eight rental car. I'm good good market at all somebody says that you can put on your list. Remind Jane it's reminder on business yeah I think Iowa. Here's my list of 100123456789. Timlin came up earn fifteen thing some analyst at kept drifting outing thinks McCain are in just to show you that there is accomplishment here and it's not dumb. Here's some good thing I'm I've already marked off 12345. Things is more you wanna hear what they are yes. I think I've got to tell you clock the more it's only 8 o'clock tomorrow okay Perry blocked the front door well what what what. We all prefer indoors. Security. At least it's on each connected as volatile case in a marked off. Drive pickup instead of BMW. You. And why why I drive the truck and then the car and not really sure the police warned him several do it unless you get. Eat a banana and drug loosely I'm not. I. Don't. Start show on top. I had that one illness you never hear that I look what I want to make sure we start to. But that on the list and never get marked not mature until the normally I'm here to do what I love him idea cared so yeah okay and then. Book rental car. Don't see I am progressing today what have you done but it is I know I have to pack but I don't need to put it down on the list like I got. Yes I've not done yet so it's not marked off seat I know I have to. So ended when I booked my AM airline kicking it you know you can get it cheaper deal of people in the whole package. So we had the plane airline to get NASA put my rental cars and that you fancy Internet. Itself less time that aren't in the world traveler instead of BJ okay tell what I did. Now own body know it. Just it's so crazy that you have to put down past. I don't get open don't kid down and keep you wrote Kenya won the British is don't you go every day. What's his suitcase or forget to go to day Sunday. And now I do make lists and they're very similar to of the heat tape and I think most guys I hate most either. Well maybe I eat a banana but I will put on their effort going to pack but in key us. It down yet because there's certain islands and sub categories under them exceeding keying. And remember that especially with when you have a kid. You remember stuff like that like oh my gosh and make sure you get is iPad you know stuff like I get that stuff but I can't just. My king but not good people on their because you want to have some scratch that's the main title the sub title was injured wanted to pack. That's what I always carted. And resolutely. Look you have to Judy Dean practicing and we join your listen as it. How I cellular is and I did a dvd breakfast I need to same kind of down lists lots that until sometime. Sometimes. Now that's a very easy to forget when you're going out yeah. A if it is let me. I guess he got that forget I shut the door behind me in a forget to log that. That's crazy Ali that's crazy talk to you guys so level alarm systems now all I'm home I. Just didn't set up a little bit. Hello this is. I never arms. Always oh my god I got dogs attached to it with my or just pick on her arm. You know confident on my list can alarm system I. Mean I'd do that when. Like it in. More on Alex I.