BJ & Jamie: Bj offers moldy strawberries to Jamie. 11/21

Tuesday, November 21st

BJ has a box of strawberry’s and they are covered in Mold and he offered some to Jamie and she almost barfed. She looked it up and he will be a fart fest later.


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Vijay and yeah. Would say let it. Imus saying you criticize like everything I do understand pilot did up in your fared best way to happen. Put the speaker. Can we do it's and I did his best when he 78 could be secret coup last night. I threw a little container of strawberries in my bag to bring to work dried meat okay. And through labor name in there so I am a banana this morning open that strawberries and couples trucker now. And any sense to me this really happen hey Jane he sends US job very attending good I get offered so I went over. There to this little box of strawberries realizing he had read any a mosque which is number one like he data prints off your fruit. The here's Arnold and trying to create it read any of them. Not so I went to grab Lincoln I was gonna go to get to the kitchen to it took. So Derosa to slow growth in the light I should take the picture in the lightning that's right. So I goods you guys this job is are all molded. They are right. Yeah like growing Natalie you know that the percent of like whiteness that you get. You know this further to full grown green. And black mold hit the black mold this job jawed look at face off criminal deluxe is a lot. When you're back so I can't get out and usually a little bit of molten will be fun OK you're fine. But your all and you're kind of all you know is like that is it is vomiting. Diarrhea and stomach cramping and part fast. Food. And am on a flight today so we are on the airline number of blood blood blood blood exactly in your city X today. All my door. I don't know why you would even bring the clothes so I didn't know because you didn't know they. Have the molded him into open note this morning and went out open that package I decided that there was one side this mold side. To the left so I went to the strawberries on the right in 98 the ones out of the corner we hear. But it already one that was touched in the mold and that concludes today. That's why I looked and it just to make sure that homage something juniors that sure enough there was one on bottom. Like I said usually it's as and I read all about it because she's I. Mean it's not okay. Usually a little bit ambled you'll be fine right you won't even notice. But because shares now has turned black and now the and green and it's not the white puppy mold it like. And is a bad idea to close aide and no I think deride it there it says that you're gonna disappear paints. I don't feels good basically just waits until people stuff. B a a tournament be a fly you're going to be and delta Dubya to the end it's going to be listening you've right. Oh well I got to got tired Thanksgiving. Dinner at your food situation I know I don't get do you are was food is really I. I'd order when it comes to a III can't throw away food I don't know what my problem is as just easy to pull your food food food I have to keep that I eat leftovers. I can't tell you honestly and I am not lying about this in mind fridge right now is that a baggy. About I don't know maybe 810. Hooters wings from a week and a half. Oh god it was like a month ago and I had a couple of yesterday. You do but I had a couple good and. And that all I remember we made that ruling he can't claim blaming your childhood because now you're an adult media make adult decisions I know and I know you name it just commuted because you were on with a brigade didn't have any food you didn't but we also made that agreement no more blaming childhoods I didn't do it I didn't blame it. I just said that I'm a food order I have a tough time throwing away food I. I did you know that's the first drive like that that orders buried alive and they'll have flute. It is and it's I mean there's no reason I should be sitting here eating bullets robbers it's actually its own garage yeah I mean you're not untrue statements. You know sting in an airplane you know it's going to be sooners who keep things aren't honest I gotta get their sanction. Groves. In weekday mornings on Ellis nice nice.