BJ & Jamie: Bj really wants some Snapchat glasses. 10/20

Friday, October 20th

Bj really wants a pair of the snapchat glasses. Jamie got her son a pair because he got some good grades and they are cool! He wore them on a skateboard ride and took some video and it was super cool and he is so happy that he has them, but there are some places in the house he is not allowed to film.. like the laundry room.

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BJ and Jamie what different cultures too I'm looking up the blue snapped yet glasses. That your son hands again and I'm thinking I really have I've been wanting a pair since they first came out. I just have them pulled the trigger on it but now that your kid has more on. Really want one now. Yeah other critical I have to say the snap tag last my son just got in yesterday and they'll weirdest part is the case that they come in is the chargers. It is yes magnetic and you put the glass and on the case and they and it and then it charges your glass is automatically. I gotta tell you though they're not exactly designer aren't well and they don't that kind of big and round and weird they look cartoonish figure okay. Cartoons on a level of taste but look it up or do you would have thought they could have made a mourns the rent. Our our you know locally are now we've had around yeah they're they're got god Aleutian. And had a little Latin face is like these dark you don't vamp like. Andre. Our Vietnam in this got the camera. Which is quite obviously it's a camera because a light on Kanye up in the quarter I was expected in just a little bit different beyond now that's. That's their that's now TU upload street is they have kids straight from the. You're asked a little. Anderson I have nine down just the mom I don't know how he doesn't. He used he was under is on a skateboard any. He was skate and then the apple did it somehow I don't know but I intelligent like the coolest part is that you turn your phone when you're watching is video and that. And goes with the the camera how to explain that that picture stays this way. Forward and then even if you rotator phoned it stays right in the middle. That makes sense. I can't explain the kindest and doesn't hit it then the picture doesn't have that with a vote spread his stays stationary just like you had to GAAP. And so then you can turn your phone like does that. You still watch the video crazy it is that is crazy. I'm looking at the glasses here there 150 dollars a pair. Now where these apartment. Because I heard that they sold out and they were like that was when it first came out Bali every so yeah you know so now they're easily easy to I gotta get apparently. And they are dues they come from China. They do yet to come from time. On a boat that they made from China. Chinese make him. Chinese people that's why they oaks groupies who cut the product. I don't know a penalty if a I don't know what that means because of an example there they don't know what you know what we've meal they're not Alley she AM they do it in and there should you know. There's super cool and I'll tell you what that was I mean it was worse than I know that you're like to have my Aggies when I did back every five minutes a game probably like you thought I love me had me give me and that. I just feel overdue and not dishes that they'd be like. Did read it to me and the like like I love now much like down. Do you have certain rules ahead. That he's not allowed to edit at certain rooms possibly in the house that you gotta keep the centrist or golf yes. They tell us about them today to get we did it could have some problems are due to watch via wearied. Leary did that because you know them real love of laundry where I expect the laundry ferry to come yeah. And M a sub still wait and decide to spare bedroom where clean laundry land is it just lives and there and so I'll take a basket out of clean laundry and then. Bring it over in front of television and told that whenever. Because I live the glamorous life and and so the liked the the spare bedroom of laundry the rugby felt. Exactly seat that was my point I was thinking. You know you've got to eleven year old kid you know they don't really care one way or the other of what they pose you know they got that across a lot of Nazi you do anything dirty or anything like that. I've just saying that you know what they're just put us into either just happened the timing and. Alas is the laundry and it's not a laundry room and you tell laundry bedroom. He knows the laundry spare bedroom right right and what I'm saying is like OK let's say that your statement in the kitchen the kitchen is not off limits right. Let's say you're standing there and all the said he comes right up behind these cats can't check grass is on it. You would read but the cocktail. Kirk or something of that nature that all of a sudden goes on stepped it. Now like you he's very am cognizant of its surroundings an and he doesn't do what you did which sadly it was about Clinton and take pictures. Millions of people do it all the and to same with the snow object glasses I'd really have to be careful let's say he's not my decision in my world I know I'd have to be their. He's really can crazy bad conflicting even those. Mom look at Julie's carpets are staying. A night. I already know that he knows to be aware of he's pretty he's a pretty good eye for photography but infineon notices other people's stuff. Like little Jolie's picture of the same debit card visionaries who opposed Joey sustained carpet. No joy at posted his pink carpet and myself like only got a little Jolie and Brad methods like dude it. I can't stay empty garbage out that they have that happen but for. Spirit yeah it didn't like preparation agent if I need to is pro. I'll picture in front of the open cupboards in the bathroom right behind him with. All kinds of products and there you had visions seeing what people would think if you view your house where you live what am talking about B I'm that about anybody else. A thing about it if you were required to Wear glasses with a camera what he is not the truth that your life that you would view we use so much differently than what do you currently though. You have to yeah I'll accept it and realized that I have a son that I sarcastic whistled AM they face time all time. So you have to be on point a couple of yeah you have to be yeah. Erica I don't like them based on it does add him facetime and I don't you know I really feel like dad's being nosy deputies Ayman. I'm like dole over there has right needs he ran perhaps it would face. Odd I've noticed that when you get a facetime call it doesn't automatically register with me like OK this is not a good idea. Doug it's this you automatically answered its call write or that's the way I think in it it's like okay you get busted. You know your places a wreck or whatever whatever. But yet it's kinda danger. I don't I simply add that little girlfriend that when the faced Hamilton commission is a nut job anyway. So you have to go get that close on get dressed. He's like oh my god she did Lauren Lauren that's like on the cycle. If and does this he's like he's like she won't stop they sent me I can't just be glad to jam is. Here is like handling 8 AM dressed up like a Saturday. Trials and tribulations of eleven year old right now that he's got to step jet glasses look out it's it's that I've got to get a pair these they look really didn't care it would I really do you gonna do. Well they're just scope it out that unlike the that we needed a film. No I mean there's things that I do Jamie he's got to sit around do not think. Now. And more on Alex.