BJ & Jamie: BJ sad for Jamie and Columbus date. 10/6

Friday, October 6th

Bj is a bit sad over the fact that Jamie is not embracing love. She has total canceled the fun weekend with Columbus and we just don’t understand why. She says the guy was too needy and said I Love You way too fast and he was even talking about wanting to move here and move in with her.


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Vijay and Jamie. Dallas. Lets me happy featuring Jamie morning show no I'm not happy known him. I found out something earlier this morning. Yes this weekend was supposed to be just a fun and frolic weekend just Christopher Columbus and again and we're javy white yeah the old second grade boyfriend was coming to town and seemed since the second grade back. Been texting for months waiting to. Big weekend here and I really thought to Jamie's been playing week for a while now that this was actually happening and she was trying to conceal it. Now all top secret may be at all I do know now. We talk about the big day. Home he walked in this morning and she started bragging to me about all the garlic knots of these assets. If that's. Anything that's what it hit leak the dates also would be out eating garlic knots the night before this so that. They did tell admit anything about it like that now heard it as I did lucky and that's why I'm back Islamic. I don't know I got. That's depth of modern guy and yes I did go a little maybe government and there's a ambulance at. Campbell and Julian Delhi and then he just like this well off the active. And now that I have an ad. That you've been carb free for like a couple months. Yep Harry rabbit near cheeseburgers and managed Luke and garlic knots tells me he's not committed to. Preparing for Columbus Day weekend that big frolic. My machine yeah three days in the mountains there are some rooms but. Yeah it was all in preparation and I'm really thought she was claiming that on again off again on again off again you know lewd humor under review no big deal but you know found out about garlic not smooth. (%expletive) machine that's definite he's not comedy. I have a real problem which is anybody be it woman or a man that all of a sudden said that they love you and they learn it move in together. It's due to red flag that tells me he's already in love with somebody else like telephones and other girl he loves them right now and he's gonna move in with where it's that's weird. A little bit ahead and guess what the red flag about ducking because he did the same like I love you. Let's get married and you know I don't knew that kind of thing and and then he moved on like forty remember like I view and the view as a view and the view until this worries me about this guy because. Human. But and nobody can lament the first day. Falling in love yes love at first sight here what are your call it it's out there chain me. I may need this is it that. What ash being me that he goes any this guy and what's his name Christopher Columbus. He actually to go through wit and a lot like he lobbed a ball. I do anything right now he's very telling another growing up. I disagree. I just and I don't know I do my gut tells us. Just like that we definitely talked about we worked with some egg just like that was seen in love with somebody like to marry him. Every three girls every time like he was he'd need be with them for a couple weeks period I like I loved this one. Remember the. There is a guy yes but there's also that guy that fell in love instantly and showed up at the door the very next day to move in with his love of his life. And his name we Charlotte follows our producer yeah maybe this guy like Sean Sean Mitt. Machine now on the honor in a camping trip yep and the next day showed up with his kids and all of his belongings at her front door and said. Take began and I love and. And then yeah oh yeah. And then been together ever since what if it's that blown away and see what if I'm missing what if I'm being too judgmental. About him tell me are ready that he loves me and that he would step moved here. Maybe I didn't that's what I'm saying I won't listen. Maybe I built a wallet don't tell me you love me because you don't them and tell me that you blame then because you don't know me. We'll know make capital. Of like not letting you Loverboy. Maybe make a huge miss that payment if not done anything today I mean. See the light maybe I need to live a little more irrationally. Then you sacked eight married and now John don't you know. I'd call it right now and tell him you'd get on the first yeah flight Melvin let me and my son right now telling you had garlic knots of OK okay or not. In the immortal John Ellis. Nice nice.