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Wednesday, April 12th

BJ is worried about getting in shape for his wedding now. There is a story today about a 34 year old man getting in shape for his wedding and he dies at the finish line while doing a half marathon. BJ saw a story about people like Jamie.. People who think they are sick and just go to WebMD.. A report says that if you go for a second opinion it can differ up to 88% from first diagnosis.


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Vijay and yeah I've been swearing the Jamie then I'm gonna get waiting shape I'm gonna lose. Some of lips before we hit the beach how wanna be the only one out there you know just completely out of shape so. He adds here's here's the thing that you may or may not know is that Vijay is getting them married on the beach. And Lisa will be scantily clad guests in a little white terms some you're out of an elegy in by the way is ripped and shredded fantastic you know running every day has seized an incline OK she's good she's like in the Iron Man I mean brag about her anymore does she looks amazing the best shape I've ever seen their ever and then. What about me I would go okay AME good luck and I don't look at them would I be embarrassed if you were walking down the aisle with but he. On the saint. Do I look like I would be an embarrassment for you and your family. Please answer honestly I need that right now I need truth. In it'd be okay if you were in attacks. The talks we Alley give you aware of trouble that it would hand school. Jet black. You don't like it doesn't hide waste. Well if you. Where with the black shirt Biden but I can weigh in on being in flip flops short shorts got. We can't at a Q and I don't cropped up did you actually heals I will be half of Rolla. All right well well we may have a problem we have been telling Jamie though I'm gonna get in shape from the start of may first wife start early if there's a reason for parts of what will drop good guys drop weight fast okay. So so maybe first is a start date that I see this story this morning. A guy. Who's about to get married is getting into his wedding Sheikh in collapses and dies at the finish line about half marathon not a again let me just in other what. But to that would end this guy disguise this guy's 34 years old completely fit looking isn't the right I mean compared to make. He's got and since he's got off her gut guy he's just hit the he did. Holy crap I'm going to try and these half marathons EP you don't know what you're doing there are no joke. Yeah but they didn't they put some trauma on your body you got to know what you do and Reynosa that's really crazy so I don't know they have cut back packed. I may have to just deal with you know just as I am. My web panic attack is that the blood clot. Our pulmonary embolism what do you mean that that seems to be on the radar lately you've all these people having pulmonary embolism is when I'm little boy he was nine years old and I guess his mom was like I gotta feel like some is DeVon my heart I'm glad my calf parts allowable level look and then he's she said I may go just laid out. And he called 91 instead. You know by news comes back. And they came and got her and Nash or not she Edley floor blood clots in her lungs realize you fell asleep she would have died probably while. Yes there was somebody else have the same thing. Another gospel in the greens are tricky enemy to get you don't wanna be a complainer and say oh my gosh you know like after a surge when really it's a blood clot. I I saw a story knowing your rights. I saw a story where I thought of the because you'll you know blood clot whatever it eat you always look stuff up because you've got like a blunt here and only reduce use I've got some other. You you're always on WebMD to see this new love this this I guess her statistics from different doctors. Juicy where. If you go get a second opinion. On whatever diagnoses should looking forward to doctor. That the second opinion will differ 88%. Of the time. Listened. I don't get why people don't get second opinions like doctor Oz says. You'll get three and whenever we you know if you wreck your car you get your green. Seattle estimates earlier estimates on your car about what how much it costs and are always different right you're so nice it is all the time it makes you crazy. You all think that these doctors. Our Jesus. They're not Jesus their disk human beings yeah that study and some books and some cadavers and nick and lives trying to figure like the next guy. So going get a second opinion. I am as guilty as they come I am new because I've got my doctor my doctors so a doctor of Nazareth. He is just absolutely amazing the guys geez this to me OK yes and I do take his word for. It everything I never ever in my own life got a second opinion. And why I have no idea but they say 88% of the time that's 90%. That another doctor will tell you something completely different. And he Lendl and other fun packed with gas if you haven't seen a doctor you're more likely they'll have to learn the real. He is winning this thing called the move where they care. You're not just you know. And I did sentenced to use for surgery pzena array what's the surgery and really care about like get me a better than just one of that's when the surgery. This I need to yeah you're gonna need surgery where female doctor be like to really try this first and then we'll try this in the may be some physical therapy first and then you know we'll see how you are in the in the the process. And so if you have a female doctor you're more likely to live Jamie. Because it's big time action figure out a plan for you and care for you than you can't drink. Jamie yes. I know a couple of women that they don't pick. They've never too. Yeah Indy weekday mornings on Ellis. I tonight.