BJ & Jamie: BJ still having Car problems. 10/18

Wednesday, October 18th

BJ is still having some car problems with his older BMW.. so now he is wondering if it better to have a cheap car payment for a good car of keep this older car and have to pay a huge repair bill.


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Vijay and Jamie. Allison of I've done. I can't really give you my years I'm ready to yellow book. Give me alone leg. I went through my. I don't know if you heard noticed that when you win some being. Financial comes along that's a big bowl for example it snowballs yeah see a giver noticed that made it seems always happen. Win I feel like I'd gotten getting hit. I feel like I'm getting ahead maybe it'll balk little bonus plan. What happens not to say it's because I was the site owner of life to old cars remember you know how do you it has definitely Carla yeah meanwhile and they were all old is what happens is when they're all paid for a year like. Like I have all light vehicles did sort of what happened because it is well actually that car was 2000 during. What happens as they start phone apart. Yeah rob floor everything's great here insurance you'll slowdown because our old guards. But they fall apart. Exactly exactly and and in its like he can't went through those you are you better off having little car payment. And having something very dependable than rare original idea but you're paying three and 400 dollars a month you know and that seems like a lot all are to have a vehicle that all of a sudden you got a 12100 dollar bill. Picked up what it I got no car payment they do that egg. It's about the side it's ridiculous did you know I solve this Jesse initial depress everybody. That 80% I think that's what is at 80% of Americans art 500 dollars away from bankruptcy. If they had a 500 dollar emergency. They would be bankrupt that this year is not on full. That's hard to bully them maybe number no no no no I I don't think you're wrong and I think that step probably is correct but I'm just saying I it. When I heard it for the first time he told me yesterday yes. I'm thinking really that's were. Everybody's at but that we've seen in the past. Very few people have savings rate in very few people have moved forward and care of very few people are part of the stock market consuming which really pisses you off if you're not a part of rescue ships. You look at you like to get there like. Like me that you like. People can relate to this because you know the stock market. It's a record 23. And even know anything about it people that have money or make him money they're making money. But she like many Megan and into the markets is going and we're sitting here watching I have good news it's 63%. Still 63%. Can handle up 500 dollars pres bill but still you know it releases Friday he went to Kuwait some. I was going through all mud puddles that that have just to start coming in like the car repair and entertainment and he's not grabbed me with all the is not that there. Nice odds are proud yeah I was told yesterday because I thought it was just you'll bitterly rotor brake issue. But I was told yesterday. Good thing I didn't drive this vehicle because the steering rods had broken how humvee that cock. Probably the twelve years of its 2000 want him to back up that that it's paid paid for a hit the it isn't edited well its it and now you import my steering rods were broke it how does that happen I don't know. Is that like Gil is wrap things today those. Telmex and how gravity Dolly because of their I think the wiring money under our. Our car and like. Other telmex leg that he. Hit the wire you know the the Y yeah. All right maybe they need this to the steering Ding I guess it's got to pushing in there that that you know words connector in the city exploded. I'll again it is a good thing you can drive this this thing is a death. Strapped. In. More on Alex.