BJ & Jamie: BJ thinks TV is stealing out stories Woman trained cats to steal jewels. 3/7

Wednesday, March 7th

BJ thinks that Local TV shows are listening to this show and taking our story ideas. BJ’s example is the story of the dad who made his son run to school. Today he is testing his theory with a story of a woman who is being accused of training her many cats to steal from her neighbors.


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Each entry art so I've said in the past in here's a story that's been approved okay. I said in the past that local TV stations listen to our show correct and they steal from. We do stories are well I don't know if it's cold steely guy I guess it's more that we alert the dim its share to a story that's out there that they might have missed because we felt that's the way I guess we should look right but he figured out that there is deal we will look let me let me let me giving example look at. Yesterday. Nowhere have I seen on any television station. This story of this dead that forced his little boy a two run to school in the rank. Had not seen. No I'm talking about on Monday. I saw it no way I looked around I saw it no. Yesterday after we did. It showed up. Local out of local newscast and I think that they're listing torsion judgment delegate. I know you got an eagle beside them whenever and you went to big play. Texas Texas. And Texas today from the big play right I didn't feel like it was ardea parity but I. Are are well I wanna prove a point that I want to point okay. I got a story here that if he shows up you have not seen this in where have you cannot let this story for a couple of. Which is what it's like what can't lady well I am not can't burger OK so this one goes a bit of this tiny. If this goes on local knows it doesn't have to go viral if local news wrote a story on this later today. Did you know that gap began their listing and man yeah. And this is the elderly woman that I showed you the story yesterday that trained her 65 gets to steal from neighbors. An amazing story is that friends are now less listen. This lady would not beat the cats unless they went to somebody's house. Got jewels in came back to the house and when they came back she fed up they're portraying them to steal. It would go through windows. They would go through openings indoors. At doors. They would go win it steal from the neighbors and bring it back to her. I really think any can't training cat but I will try as my debt and trained his cat to shake. Like why you wouldn't talk yeah JR yes it would shake I didn't know if it's gonna shake up the I didn't giving him. Jimmy Edmonds shipping cat but it would it would he would he would put upon their little thing ignites and that that would sit at odd shaped. So I think that cats can be trained okay this Clinton seems a little farfetched add guessing nobody's getting carrying guns to Parse. It says 83 year old woman was arrested this morning. Accused of trading trading dozen of cats to steal jewelry is what the story says that listen to this heist was. Now. She owns 65 cats. And people reporting small objects being stolen from their houses now I Dixie cat on inside edition that was stealing people's shoes from the front door borrowing that. It happened and it could happen you've seen that an act that does collect things from a rare and then it supposedly goes into people's homes. And she trained it. By not feeding the cat in and they realize that they came back when jewels or whatever there were valuable. That they would get their traits are they would get the bed. And supposedly of the cat stole 650000. Dollars jewelry. In the neighborhood all around within months a neighborhood these camps would travel in the come back to her house with a goodies. So of W right. The storage dump Chris I have. Hire somebody somebody if it. Over nine those blocks thirty Juan. ABC you know what are you guys GE. Old chief Jacob says the 83 year old woman can vested draining your ads does Steele saying that feel I. I had to earn their meals or jewelry. And I don't know this look at this in rail. OK I caught it I thought I can't hide in a story where I come from. I don't know that I'm not a lot of homework. This is a budget crap. 650000. Dollars with the jewelry and couldn't neighborhood as 650000 dollars with the jewelry and leave their doors open and no I don't know or don't know it's not one person in the neighborhood and we have to eight hundreds and I. There's a 65 cats I understand that but really think about that it's not even rational. It is there are ways to get into a house a cat gets into everybody's houses all rounder blocked. Cancer sneak peek. Our local TV station there you go. There's a story of the day you know drug weather. Proved bug boy an idea I don't know if they will. Die because it's on snow says faults. No no I don't inside. Though I don't know I know you well know world only daily global war yes is already they've proven that they don't know what's really. I L doesn't even Maria and. So so the kid and now snow yeah. That they could take joy he brought lied got. That story I am believing this story. All while those cats are Barger. Our members dollar and that jewelry gap and it spread it and I audit ST five trade cat yeah yes cook went out and. Although I think your brain gets it right now I need to do I really think about this time nano iPod dude. I've been contemplating this sort the last three. Flag. And there you know that that's the story Rudd would it mean a local TV should get a ought to do that day that. Once again providing the content to your newsstands later today I think BJ enjoyed it. And more on Alex.