BJ & Jamie: BJ touched a woman and is freaking out he assaulted her. 10/18

Wednesday, October 18th

There are a lot of reports from woman now that are saying they have been a victim of Sexual misconduct. Yesterday Bj was walking down the hall with a female employee and as they walked and talked he was encouraging her and placed his hand on her back and at that moment he was freaking out about touching her.                    


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Vijay and I was scared to death right hook and apply because of all sexual harassment stuff it really has a guy like Ricky he's thinking that have done. Yeah yeah. You look at what's your story Jack it's apple. So we have it's for. Breast Cancer Awareness Month yes right and still haven't assaulting at the radio ranch in and it beat it goes I wasn't aware there. And I said look at least be aware of days and looked right out of. The writer Adam spirited effect it. I'll admit it I did at. But it could she said hey look at it I. And what was going to be aware of the leadership spot on her shirt or what the experts aren't as it was experience playing night. Madonna disturbed those well. I can't name again I think them on I'm like gee you know this thing I think that you know the Harvey Weinstein almighty god to just keep coming out against him down the more names yet Saturday. And then yesterday. Part es brother boss. Bob has been a bad guy to do. Well that's because he was going after is right here in his brother needed help yeah well check out you let me pass the stores story overdue yet now Bob. Weinstein is accused of sexual harassment as producer claims executive made repeated unwanted advances towards her just hours. Hours after he now after the brother is I took the urge. Word after. Yeah now he's in charge of the Weinstein Co. which by the way they get accurate that pain. Is still way at blue sport and I. You gotta change it name in cold something else without Bob. The brother Bobby runs the family. Had just a just a couple hours after the and that's because Bob the brother you quit out against his Brothers saying term I didn't despicable Danny needs helping the idea he came out. Out strong against his brother he was one of the first in fact yes that's it Bob because when the first then Hartley said my brother Donald is my brother leaked it out to the president Bob said. What the hell are you not you're just nickel I've been telling you for years you need an out. Bob would own complete defense mode and tried to save the company what he could you know financial is what he was doing but now wrapped up. It's on record as saying that he's a big part of and we still the mystery eight Listerine can no not yet not yet but we do know this. Martha Stewart says she was all sold part of the sexual harassment. Whelan. I mean Martha Stewart I came out supported and then sent her room and happened to her. Home which when she was sixteen she says she was harassed by an advertising that. You know what's well machine I don't know what happened what sixty years ago. I don't know listen we've ME. Every woman I know has been sexually harassed every single one of us have and it's just thing and you deal absolutely handle it whenever. But what I am finding an interesting is on FaceBook and I don't know what to do with this kind of confused about what to do with this. It seems like women are really what to tell their stories and that's great and that's fine India alum I don't know I don't. And it's not that machine it's just I handled it every time I don't let me tell my story. I definitely get management hinder a bit different than what. You like your stories. I I don't like what I don't I just always handled them like whatever happened to handle when he got some sort of like. Well that what time that went back half a leg aggregate book. I was telling Jamie I had an instant the sport in this this odd lose a Harvey Weinstein and the other exactly this mystery guy. It's got it's got you think didn't end in in the workplace especially got to really be careful because you do it's not the people are out to get it was just said. That the awareness is just so old so intense right. I can't tell bad for corporate America and just kind of government but kind of because now I think that people are are aware even men and women both sexes. That they can face of the net and they're gonna be hypersensitive and fire eagle. So I can go right now and have your ass fired absolutely looked amendment absolutely you don't I'm sure that there's something new could dig up. Over the past five years I have not on either sad or something just admitted he didn't look at my boobs you said the words they are. Which I hit it got audio great. Asset look at that he's a I should be aware of days and you just the standard I feel violated. I was. Walking down the hallway this morning this is again this is how he got to be on your you know on your toes on this are walking down the hallway young lady who works down the hall yeah. She's a sweetheart and she's not and I talked Ramos and or not she is she's a she's a very. Attractive lady. I'm not saying she's talked you're trying to trap me. So walking down the hallway of a pool table out here is or gore coming by there she comes next to me as were walking down always incur. That means into me like she's almost gonna put her head on my shoulder because she's slightly she she does not her reporting job. No she didn't do that expect. She just kind of lean yeah OK no big deal right IE let me put my hand in the in the middle of her exact. Touched her. And said tour's all don't worry you wake up soldiers couple more cups in did it dawned on me my hands and I he and his on this woman. And her lower back almost on her buttocks nothing Hulu plus since it was on the upper back. But what you would accidentally took it low but you can't really see where can I do is you can't do what is that the sexual harassment. Is that just the opposite that you can't do what if you freaked out because your hand. Jamie that's where I. I believe I touched her back in and I thought to myself. OK okay whoa whoa whoa how you can remove the situation out really yes I did and so it took me and often as it it'll be okay you know what. It just go there and terrible knock it. It now locked up Punto who goes he would do they do you awkward afterward it was awkward it was a bit I'm thinking about it. If it's like you know each used etched. Not that I haven't ever tell us what Natalie du rag would consent yeah. But it does admit it was into usable square early this morning. Well how do that anymore. No 1 and I am trying again to do indeed BJ is he hands off an act of wearing gloves today Vietnam it was a little weird that you did tortured and caress is that weird yeah. TV I didn't I mean Joseph was that we hear today I was waiting to her she was sky. Each round and yet my legs out it was like petting her back. Our text 8051059. For eight trouble on it what did Kelly is around. You just said that the ads don't go ice that I reached an. Did she actually touch you all know she did in Texas she didn't pretend lane and the new grabbed her waist and older. Do you men beaten some top. Now. And we see more drawn Alex.