BJ & Jamie: BJ wants to find next Big Thing. 1/12

Friday, January 12th

BJ is really wanting to invest in the next big thing and he thinks that Kick Starter may be the place to find that next “Big Thing”.          

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Vijay and I've got an idea I'm gonna investigate this and look into it for you and I are but it just weren't advice. I don't know. Did looking to that big deal bet that something that's gonna put us over the top can make a lot of money on India and we've been taken of that something that you can do in Ventura I inventor an idea we have that. They just takes all. What do you say yes that I go on kick starter okay. They see you occupied the sub par maybe you even do it till. Because it's got to be an idea that some of these are already thought of that start taking it off hit that you would ranking at all. I'll be invested in each you know we kick starter it is I didn't electorate earnest. Our kick starters a place you can go on on the web. And you can go and find different ideas. That are already out there that somebody's come up wins in all you do is put money into the project to help kick start. In the new breed some of the benefits now it can be different tiers. Can beat your wall and I come in at this level with 500 dollars are coming in with a thousand dollars if you can get to different tiers to. Maximize your return. Or minimize whatever if it takes all. But maybe that's our future. Paley ill for unicorn. I did see every other kids could be great IP. But kick starter is a place that. You do get a kickback if it works you are guaranteed money back are you sure that's now works look. All like I said now let me move this to gate in getting back here next week so I got. All the details but what I heard yesterday I heard this whole thing is spiel about it on T day. And what that person said was yes. There are different. Ideas and levels that you can come in that you actually are an investor in the idea in the project. But then there's others were maybe you'll get a kick back and let's say it's a fancy pair of sneakers and have lights on them. That when all said Doug you get a free pair of speakers food in a tube. We're getting closer. Booted it to food additive okay are for example what is that it's brain food to go and it's in a tube. We met pass on that would. They have 64000. Dollars pledged. And talent in this may be a way of getting into a symptom like pretty. Sure we get paid back I could not I think about it. We got a kick. You've got to get back to you but I heard this yesterday and I thought this is brilliant it's basically a lot of people come together for an idea. You can look through our ice for a good judge of dirt on there as what I should do you should that's what I should do you know that's a great guy. Dirt we should put Joseph the dirt on the scene we get anybody investing in it. The first menstrual cup with a pull string. Moved. That's a lot of 43000. Dollars. Already made up for that at the big collective pledge to you have pledged is the word you know. I'm as American and so really I go online and looked into Witten and I just heard about yesterday senator Loretta tie clips. There was a tie clips that looked like a sword. 171000. Dollars on oil like that the T I learned what about the couple didn't when he actually get it still ordinance soared high clip. I've permissions on the initial opening look at a pilot allegedly India can text if you know anything about kick starter. What they said they'd they started and chills you opinions. You know text Nino some type days it's actually pull the plug with the no more text data crap. Adds starter. Yeah into weekday mornings on Alex.