BJ & Jamie: BJ wants a firework stand. 6/19

Tuesday, June 19th

BJ is thinking about investing in a fireworks stand because he wants to make some cash. Someone he knows has asked him to invest and BJ thinks it could be a good idea. He is asking for advice.    

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Vijay and Jamie Allison what do fob on this is gonna be huge Jamie it's going to be huge. And I've been talked into it I think a minute take the plunger really. And I need your advice or need your support our maybe need you to work the stands for me just a little bit if he'd come on out there besides small autograph your topic. If you were custom grant it OK listen to this folks. This is big this is that I've been looking for something to all. On the sink of cashing in two it's all got to look at. But but I'd need to make some money brilliant and I need to figure out how I can do this well I got hit the proposition just couple days though. And I think I'm gonna go full tilt in the eighth went at it this is it when you do and now but he did announce I'm gonna have BJ ace. Very own fireworks stand. You're gonna sell fireworks yet. They already heard. Robin can't goals I what's legal here though well I teach the stuff that doesn't blow up. I think it's like you know like the kind of the Sissy stuff you know not to make any money and that does not like that's the big. Big to look at stuff I gotta hawk everything around right item to sign some papers I got a Al Saleh al-Qaeda do edit cut out for 151000. Dollars and I can be full tilt in on this project held on and we couldn't make according. I. What do you think people will be taken on the simple I think yeah. The average higher as Bart station vendor makes 5000 dollars. No no no no no no I just let it they they told me about an old that can't be right doe eyed and just after inventory and the average person makes 5000 dollars depending on the location and and then it's that he could make more with a bigger stamp but averages 5000 dollars I was 60000. State that's a lot of sparklers the spark there is good I think did I think that's some well this is what it says after you take your inventory and the workers. And the ten to end the ranks. And all that. Huge amount of god and yet. We do need to tent at the big win. BA and yeah yeah yeah apple tunes that we have here three usage of words aren't Kitna has been closed that have been bitten because I think he's ranked yeah right so what who did some weird did this come from somebody and somebody is appall. No it's not always do and don't you it's not Paul but you have any other fry eggs. Mock. Who decided did that in this out this is not. Are you seeing old friends this is this is about do you think this is a good idea or not now I I have the perfect hours. I can be Audi at 10 o'clock I can be worked in the old stand. On during the afternoon it's been this other person you work at night and then we we we recorded of them were gonna make a boatload of money and we could make probably 60000. Dollars between now on the fourth of July. I had to come on to something yeah when he wakes. I feel like you are in mr. window today is the nineteenth of piano that no I won't call you they are. I don't think so I don't think they have anything right now I don't think when it hit we have a lot we have nothing. I think anytime but it. And I think I read something together may be about a week until we find out if there's any place that you're not challenge the big dogs you're not in the beginning. Is on the big dogs legal I I I don't know what's legal I don't know that much about fireworks I'm kind of not healthy. That's what all the money list I hope they might muted bested our. I've got I've got you know pretty much sent away my house if this doesn't work I'm gonna be living on the street had to go with that barbecues the and you invested in stock though that. But back then I was young and dumb I was young and though the net investment didn't work out before it got us a barbecue night that well it did it help that the bartender served miners who. About one of the miners turned out to be that that the police chief's son or daughter the if it's a pick up spelling out really crappy shoot right there yeah animations pirates are not legal and number. Yes they are you can hand out the likes of markers that you see stands all the time he can sell them. I doesn't meet empire where Al. And turned member blasphemous onstage and they're everywhere everywhere aren't they showing. I have seen several yeah I gather every now I had specially with the fourth of July come and appear to museum bought it about everywhere. This fire may answer is good because followers fires from what are our resides Jeb negative now the best. I have chase trod out the battery life pick it up but the. Biggest concern because the last let me go until Barbeque business and you'd know a thing about barbecue or behind me. In bulk and then next thing you know we have to judge Bolton may yet to throw out because you don't have to do that no. Oh we served up by later it was the sheriff or that are already police chief's daughter. That was the problem. I had nothing to do bad meat yeah hey DJ did the fire restrictions he can light sparklers right now he had their legal if brain death. There will probably call it a third got a lift that nobody it's gonna take it on night at the of a joke and I don't think it the at least some people who tipped around me was a positive attitudes. When I knew he could keep you would shoreline and the technical people you guys just trying to global my idea a year I think you're I think you'll look Joseph sexually. You know what I think you should do what's at I think you should go to Walgreens and get one of those as seen on TV Deborah movers. And just stand impressive thing and he dragged through debt removal from hail damaged. Making and read you funny Jamie let's buried there who think that this is only calling on him and. I. And. Understand it's a fun thing to do you can't tell anything that leaves the ground without a Colorado roll out of. So they are fun but you're not gonna make it 8000 dollars at Emily you sound like teeth are urged the session. We are. Out and kid that while fireworks but it. My high school band selling fireworks during a firebrand. Yeah. You're out on a our data we shoot it down for that I I think the rule is this ultimately come right you can sell and it's just that the burden falls on the people the bottom that they give Barbara but. Right whatever the US summit not irresponsibility. He it's definitely not a 60000 dollar. And it could go rage fund raiser for kiddo I don't know that I would put my own audience. See isn't isn't a huge problem and I schooled kids selling fireworks start ups I. Know. Third when I'm Dan Byrd and now they're trying to pipes and drums the band a little bit with explosive yes yes you know what we gotta do what you gotta do. Well technically at the parents of the band kids could you know you have to be at least state the so called the ions and you know try to get people it breaks it. And rubble and. And awfully damn school kids Loveland it's not I don't and Emily from the last I saw I mean it's really dry up her look it up. I think I. See ya. They're a little positive energy around your finally play nobody saw that this is wrong this is so high slot again. Kids high school now I guess high school they can't do it rates high the kids are not responsible for selling pirate stirring up your. Look some people did cookies some dual speak bake sales are doing firework is okay. Really bad people the bottom fireworks it don't be firing immigrants who drive. Oh good so to bids for a drug that they're just try to bison to you know to lose your company. This seemed to get the dumbest idea in Colorado ever I think I'm onto something with the rain in the fired it's gonna be lifted guys I'm gonna invest my money I'm going to be working when these big gold tends. Fought in a parking lot and I'm telling you right now I'll make at least 30000 dollars a Sally yeah. Guys will be. So nothing that leaves the ground to your damn snakes. You have site that's sparklers and Uganda is weird little did that turn in a circle. Right down right. Right out flack hit business baby. Is that a brand name I think it you know why can't it be in the black cat business I think this is a home run to me getting up early candles I don't know nine when it wrote it Campbell's. No huddle real nip them fights with those rules that when Emily each other if with a with the. You wouldn't want to live you can have anything you know what if you did this so shown what it by. Under the tent Tokyo get everything that doesn't leave the grab the sparklers at the rule states that Jamie was talking about. But in the back of the Sonoma. A real. That's the Roman candle and as we yeah and Zach got drunk yeah hey who can blame right people that walk up and say maybe a code word like. Like at. And I think I entitled to an abrupt tone you know if I do that no I don't think it caught now. Now no I didn't try the best idea you've had since you've done barbecue you want me and are now dead in a and more on Alex.