BJ & Jamie: BJ is worried Sean wont make it into the Elks Lodge. 9/13

Wednesday, September 13th

Sean really wants to be an Elk member and BJ is worried I won’t make it in. Its Seems Sean has not done any investigating of what they Elks really stand for and what they do.


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Vijay and Jamie BJ and Jamie. I just can't get dignity. Well sorry yeah thank giving John I'm sorry I didn't really yeah I didn't mean to call you did that he did make the I would pop up short sorry I can. I just have. But I just don't know where he Stanley elks lodge I'm very concerned Superman doesn't know he wants to be a part of it and you. Here's the thing and I said the certainly. Listen Ireland Atlanta and my that was my cheap but is it time. Because antiques and malaria and listen to sell. You and I are toppers to the show OnStar. I'm looking in Yemen with until of this earlier we've lived such an exciting life just right because like the one time he went to Mexico where like 8000. You have to have bank was his first time first time so exciting right you know. And do we we tend and then making as little as little cube can slow car. Rides in. We we in we maybe talk about our car and how much better they might be next. And stuff you know to top general in your cards it great card yeah very dependable for you right there and rare art Rainer agree to sorry about that when you would put a but the there's no. Let's just jealous of the cube yeah and one Husseini saying exactly and I understand that so we. We are at the toppers we'll guess what we can not even top are being part of the books. We keep we can't even touch it contentious and we've done. Then indicted we know we have been saying hey well hey guys still out an application would love to have you none of that happened to us and maybe it's jealous. And and so I think we are having some elks jealousy Sean because they've they've come teen baby it's you and they would need to be a part of that and we can't and that's just wait to big run. Did it come jury quit the come put on the moon is that the jury that. That's and you don't know nobody's status the flag we don't know anything. I would question a promotional video on them that love that people have for the elk younger you know my favorite person limit their people as Jim Cramer. Yeah. At that mad money guy yet settled him mad money in the Adam he's an elks. QL got to be kidding. Lot of high profile members that we just don't know about. And there is at least one high trial Elton at the time they well. Am. Can't think of right now. In those shown. Here's an ops civic umpire. You know observant announced. I feel like because this happened yesterday when you were here in the studio Jamie was going through the elks Donna or get. And she was Damon out some stuff that you know people who won anything but not beaten a I feel like and then we ask okay. Name a famous person for example I can name two or three famous person's. That were born on the same day I won the movement of and yet you know you can do that jail for exam you know when born on Sunday I was fan I'm nevertheless. Yeah. If you hurt like Ian just something you. Do a little background check yourself on them yes OK I'm home yeah appear to have done any of that except go there and get some cheap booze that. And god knows some of the people over there they're real good no no no no I'm not talking a lot. I. And I go to the website to study up on elks that you're not thank you Jamie thank you thank you for explaining format doesn't seem to him by saying well and and and because I'm saving all that information for me to learn during orientation. And Andy's gonna take a lot of pride in what they do it means presenting these meetings and getting as educated on what the elks are about what I. Or it felt scared hoax dinner at the politics and so because it's pretty it is I think I want until I don't you think your cup should I. If somebody took go whoa wood burning. You know a device that they put it on a piece of lumber that's over the bar that's only reason you know that gives you is there an added. And as you sit there during the elks Kerry now chair it's it's the actual model though whether it would burn in the letter I don't you think if you go ask your next to me that when they start saying a motto where something something that it is what Jamie was reading off yesterday and likes a full sentence. That you should be able to finish that sentence would them. You know about well I'm glad I got tears yeah you know about 11 o'clock cheers and never when they grow they get all where they get they get fat and fluffy. They their heart swells and drops yeah do you know what I yeah 11 o'clock you guys don't make it is not a clutch he drinks at them but I didn't think there were over the next 11 o'clock. I can't learn about that hosts though it yet I don't. Swelling in and throbbing and smiling and crowding in are you an idea the the highest ranking member of the lodge is the only one who can do the told. At eleven Yan is Jaime told jewel race yesterday. I'm told I learned about it I didn't tell you where I learned about it I just. I don't know dot org what she you know he has she'd ask you learn not where it's. Really get that you do BJE. A it's a good thing he likes his thing don't care about his thing. I'm just afraid he's gonna fail. And I want to make it. I want to become the best poker out there I am going to embrace might help them. As strong as I can and I'm gonna go to orientation and get all the information they're gonna give us an orientation and take notes okay the number to be the best he's the best Q don't want. You can do. I wanna be shining elk among other elks. Oh. I was dinner I call you can do that you can do. Thanks because brown I would feel that it will. Vegas I'll deal among some of the other famous elks in history namely all of that and that we'll Clint Eastwood. It is yeah I'm summons feeding you this information that yes please. You will Rogers are texting you right now via tell us not street. Other helps you mean elks help each other and that's not happening right yeah. I'm not home health care they share but that's Linda Meltzer and troubles that you get other real coming to your average and yeah. Good for you show now are seeing are people what's the next phase where we go okay the next day is Tuesday night wilders there's a big band coming up trying to route to do see that but Tuesday night. Is my orientation it's about a two hour meeting I get a lot of paperwork a lot of information and some of cancer who's done. Yeah he secrets they say they're sorry these secrets that are not that he can't show that her own you don't share what this or your fired yeah. Yeah I can Michelle definitely that's intimidation to work ethics the what's tortoise which sees that the go to shared you're held secrets we won another hot hot. He really wet and no doubt he grit I don't Philly then that's great but I'm OK when that hook hook hook up. He's into everything and more on Alex I.