BJ & Jamie: BJ's diet plan starts today! 12/5

Monday, December 5th

BJ is a new man this morning…. He is no longer the lazy fat guy who eats cookies and crap all day. He did eat the whole pecan pie, all the Oreo’s and almost the whole bag of Fritos are gone. But today he has snacks.. he brought a ziplock full of Almonds and a can of Tuna.. that he opened and spilled the juice.

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Vijay and Jamie Hesse told you last week Jamie I have to change my ways yet he said on Monday in mind there's all different today is today. Everything changes. No longer am I going to be this just sugar eating fat and globs sitting around the house. I'm gonna become the active new and improved BJ. This is like your New Year's resolution time there really is just a little bit early but don't don't think for a minute speech last night as some reminiscing on the sugar day. What I'm standing outside looking up at two stars is last in a and I thought you were outside via phone to two dogs. I'm standing have you ever take him for walking out. They know. No need to confirm ride they seem to get tired fast. I don't mind too now that it's new right because now you can burn unleash erratic and for bomb yeah and that might be part of the agenda now am I think about it and I write to them if all of a sudden standing there looking at the start. And it did cross my mind but that hell you doing given a sugar. Why not wait until we make this a New Year's resolution he still have all of this good this is the worst time to get all of now. Well you know the Shea in as they teeing and I know Charlotte to bring in our big dead yeah he yeah making. Any right now Griese got estimate and Christmas tree six. No you know you're right and I did I did I looked up and I say you know I could darkness on the first of January. And I thought no. You wasn't up. You're you're just completely. You you're you're not being strong. So I cinema do this. You said yourself self self which is this as you were eating the last Oreo room outside with the dogs I know but you still had the family pack Orioles CE. I didn't know when I finish dump your right Europe and let me go through them very quickly here. On Friday remember I had a pecan pie. With. Our family sized pack or Rios and a full bag a little chilly chelios Reno's. I. Why has gone a bit can't. Wait an average of they did you leak hopefully you all being. Come on did take I to have the pile on Friday evening before bed off and then I ate the other half on Saturday night. Kind of made a hole high is check and check that and once heading to cut. I'd AMP come back because by his dog I want how many calories and is still died the whole pot it was one of those that's the size of an inner tube. But you know that there at the appeal was a huge well please stand and but Don than it did and went nuts yeah there are so caught I just got. All our Leo's. On down the fort took weeks. The family back. I did those at 2 AM. I've got to be in the middle what night it made about twelve cookies each not remember I think we said that fifteen cookies was 775 calorie yeah. Via but he did it twelve to fourteen put on each Lula overnight like a gold for down and you should seek. There are so the Orioles are down the fort cookies are all pro called Ella that we're waiting out there shunt. I am struggling doing the math yes but it's 500 calories. In every slice of the pie and there's fifteen slices apply to fifteen times I've learned so fifteen times 500. Just to save you we're not gonna do the 7500 that's a lot and a hundred calories that's up to much the yeah. A week's big Mac to. So yeah I mean about hundred that just doesn't show. Without losing and 500 yeah I really using it like it's sweet like some 500 since then I always say like it. Like when you know easily and cars on sale for them about a hundred and some bad but when you like 7000. I unrelated but. Does it. You said it is hard pentagon to simulate that okay it was a lot of pot but done but I can't I claim it. Hit the putt got star kids starving in Africa I'm not gonna throw away the food. Did you go whipped cream on my mother always told me that their children starving in this world don't throw away so I'm gonna eat the entire pot and I did an. Thought I. Yeah it's like god yeah. Daddy I guess our campus is now granted I'm down to four cookies I don't know I guess some have to throw them the cookies are given more weight somebody starving but I. I don't think I can do that because some already passed the threshold here I'm already started my new plan tonight and the other thing was the Doritos. I've got that down to lack a handful garrido slipped. Just don't know how the corn chips please just don't know what drove away today. Or even what I did is that there's less of of red star burst in the paint a street leftover from Halloween you know and it connected was my eyeballs. And it was like I'm a red star burst onto your favorite and it was on the ground of the pantry and I was like. Yeah your Halloween UB idea in the severed leg up not a let me know what I keep forever. Yes definitely announced. I let it melt a little bit Jesus just to get it just a little sugar in the edges the cart race and it's been an out. I would pick counts though. I think I think that stills. But since you did sugar and I feel like it was just a little known little goodness of divers and that's the yeah. I'm trying to develop an eating disorder. Hot ticket and it was not okay back off. I think I not okay. OK I keep on track and I feet putting the star burst in your mouth in just sucking on it for a brief moment and throwing it away is a mental disorder that. Could probably get an eating disorder. Just what it was talking to me in the pantry he just wanted and fix our yeah. So now today have different person here here's what brought okay that it's that time everywhere. Hi guys of that moment of omens are good for you don't look at this little almost all of us to be part of my breakfast this morning and I never eat breakfast knowing how yeah mcdonalds and. And you're eleven. I'm loving and and there you go my ailments. And then thinking of food and open and here I yeah I do now to open and it. Well I ate his right here on this microphone. Hamachi I'm not. Now Aggies. 70 well I'll get my second mile banana cut could not give yeah. I'm cans of tuna what all smell that ball without me in the morning. And that why would you bring to pull back in the morning commute. It. Should be a teacher did to. According to air freshener yes well a different swiftly but it was good to see if that's the only way. Always dreamed that so indispensable we hired 2017. Is going to be a great here. Going to be stand up to smell like Toto I've got it would be a different person. I just got the juice I. I thought I did okay. I get Manny. Oh tuna Jews. Each inch we see more on Alex I.