BJ & Jamie: BJ's dirty underwear and pants. 11/13

Monday, November 13th

BJ cleaning out his house and it was time to get rid of some cloths and while he was going through things he found some old cloths.. See BJ does not wear underwear so when he found a bunch of pairs of dirty pants he just tossed them into the Goodwill pile without washing them!!  There may have even been skid marks. He even put a bunch of underwear in there..


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Vijay and Jamie it was not dirty underwear you're trying to make kids works and what it once. I'm guessing is carrying her over the weekend. I decided to purchase clothes because that moved close out for preening in between. So I decided to purge tone through some of the close. And give some to goodwill. Some I'm gonna keep because I kept the fatter stuff because I thought one day may be of a self go. I Monday that he did this case that the well one hey couldn't work outside okay I'm not saying that with Mike and exactly you know. The fittest person right now. But it could be worse. So shares they sent let me just make this story little shorter for everybody here's what happened so they said I don't glow as 'cause I'm I'm not going to let us to get a free clergyman. Kurds right exactly so says I have these it's on and I was with him all day albeit not now if you know that Vijay doesn't Wear underwear OK we don't know why it's just he doesn't. Because he didn't have many of the kids and find them too I'm confining Sudan or any in just a waste and so he just he just wears the skin on. I just live. And so he was doing all the staff and sweat in these and these these pants and khakis. And the it was like in that report to one where Dinah he worked for at least twelve hours iPad could it make up my mind the will be people who put him in the goodwill pie. Right so the aisles and he's like you know what little tight the crotch so we took them up and keep him in the goodwill pile without washing them well noting that they have actually is and now. And he has other parts not. On my fault and heavily you know way. Little cut crotch problem in but it also touched like every night even your crack look that's ropes. So gross I took the parents and I decided that he did that day that I did not want him anymore because he didn't feel something was a little sawed throughout that good will pile. Jamie does he watch. Watch itself while they like it when they. They don't. Say do I don't think they did and captain you eat can't tell me that they take closed the economy in a box it's dropped off the back of the goodwill that they don't washed up before they put it on to I what I. They have to have could Moody's and South Bend my years as skit he got and it got it. The dollar others including he's still grow. Roots programs they show but they wash of oh what are you talking about you don't know I do well do you know I do you know because signal to these if outlets and I know they do not watch them. You can sometimes smelled like smoke sometimes they'll go off balls sometimes they have different than girls like skin. Players here and look. If gross and after he only put underwear in the pile except underwear. This whole week it legal well there he no I don't get me wrong but it was the underwear that I did nor I I think you. A lot of maneuvering and we're. Any said they can sort through but I'm busy and like I do so like degrading to people that don't have anything all my goodness no I was talking about the goodwill if they wanna keep it they hit. He'd take them stuff that no. Sure sure aren't legal career and air and my I tried to be a wonderful person and higher now he said Doug did they can do it if they wanted to demand ice I threw everything in there. And they can go our way and it would. You can throw wind and where all by your big sells well I didn't know you should do you know they don't take underwear. I'm so what was that like how would go oh yeah. Know there are. He's cars. And nobody would want your underwear I figure there's somebody out there needs and wants the moment one you know I don't. New language are right I'm sorry I'm such a nice daughter Aaliyah and act is Susie and Bob sorry. I'll go home today and I'll remove the chance I'll toss some take out okay candies I'll. Underwear it where there's so many questions. I am over the years that that they'd been bought for me and stuff I guess yeah women luncheon where AFC I guess this and I had to go work eight. I don't know what we're. Then I don't have been the oracle this well enough and had been and so they stallion they need. It where community and others on the layered on on their body and they put a bomb that FaceBook marketplace and think about. Do you ever use them now has been the marketplace. Can sell all you joke on their right Sean shared Demi Annie and I. I don't care in my life events. The use your panties. I do not my panties. You know that may be a big guy and if people other than I I was looking at the marketplace. And I thought I'd ever and I know of but I was looking at the market place over the weekend. And you can find. Anything on there I don't care what it is super easy so how do you do it again I would you do it is great regional. If people yes I saw. I saw a lady selling coat hangers. I mean it's get a box of like forty coat hangers for dollar fifty. And then had that due to my credit card in the Cadillac bottom from her. Even meet up much like Craigslist in a lot of cases like this could use PayPal could use great yeah and also send money nowadays through FaceBook directly. Yeah re right through instant messengers JD you would be surprised what calls are on there it's unbelievable. Everybody is it's it's literally. A yard sale. On FaceBook. Yes that's what this. Because I know like I'm members with communities different communities and then we may or may sells everything. On the community stuff yet and it's weird to me they took their address and I'll. RA will you ever stop slight first can get the rocking chair his my address illegal like I would never put my dad present you can buy get the rocking chair. That's a little shady. You know to put out red address that people like to show up there but but you can work it out that you could meet somewhere or you can do this or whatever you can drop them off mile whatever. But everything is for sale everything is for sale people go through their house and age yes. Just whatever they don't want they just what kind. Sharon. We're not gonna take her call just tell us what she said. Lovable Bridget just as a friend in her life who makes little extra cash selling their underwear. And I just told you there's a market you know he didn't mean she's telling her. Nearly eighty you don't take mindful of the cell act. Are you kitty and I did and I don't think there's just not stop talking all market here's how program there. Looking for BJ is under way throwers yummy. You can buy them online battle only heightened. In importance on Alex.