BJ & Jamie: BJs food stores Nacho fries Donut fries pickle chicken sandwich sucked. 6/28

Thursday, June 28th

BJ has fast food stories this morning because he is starving. Taco Bell is bringing back the Nacho fries, Dunkin Donuts new donut fries and Sean did not like the Pickle chicken sandwich from KFC. An employee at a Chick fil-a saves a man from choking.

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Vijay and Jamie I got a couple stories of the fast food I'm starving to sporting so they really stick out for me they did okay what went on. Not Joseph Fries are coming back. To talk about weight match your Fries. Not Joseph not Joseph Frye that's not surprised. But not so prices are coming back Agassi herbs smash right not surprised I didn't get a look up to. Also the starting Monday night it started Monday yes Dunkin' Donuts. Donuts Fries. You went with those teams. I think if I'm not mistaken you were call euros. Share as yeah yeah I think it's a lot like that makes it pleasant. Yeah sure sugar covered yeah. But we're calling them fried foods every track is part throws me the Dunkin' Donuts Fries we'll have that are much higher Shubert. And like healthy are they all the good for India a the bad news Alia. And guess who didn't like the add chicken Beckel filling a route that now canceled yesterday so sad joke what happened via. You know it just was not very good AFC east pickled fried chicken started Monday PD a swing or diet I don't Facebook's on I. Even our texts yeah. Has been outstanding everybody. Braves. BO. Now I didn't like that chick in I thought the later was lacking in pickle I was expecting like. Pickle explosion in my mouth but then it was just a subtle pickle really easily lobbed a reading on it which is I think where the political play worked on the ground. And then the chicken inside the breading with just a little bit in the. So I'm just gonna stick with my good old sit in judgment that I would I would say that you're expert when it comes to pickle explosions in your mouth yeah. I. Yeah that was some good I didn't expect to hear today was that the worrying expecting a pickle explosion in your Ralph. That's what you go see eating your four. Now it was like fried pickles was just the lack of it was the lack of people and the over bragging that really turn it pickle at top of the pickled branding their word too little slices of pickle on the sandwich. Listen typical for you and try again just got back. Everybody loves John India and food eat well there's only one can't see even close to my vicinity some eighty odd. Venture and my neighborhood of some parents and other and different name Troy and again those down yet so I mean it just didn't measure up to land all when they use a pickle brine and there is via at and amp TE when you add the pickles to there is just the batter is the chicken. Similar. To. I can't make up our minds yet and I'm going to try to dole and tries to us because I think he's down. Offs the end of December pretty delicious it. Via my own hungry at a now welcome a. Did you see where the that employ in its fully save somebody's life yesterday yesterday a day before yes no happened of a persons are tilted on the ticket. Yeah. I didn't think adhere to that populist card and you look at the on the sale right. So the first person and now this is a hub. Bit of the first person was a female employee that rain over the air and try doctor Heimlich in it didn't work. The person continued to choke so this guy jumps across the counter yeah it takes his run toward the guide each joking it. In the chicken out of his mouth and he was barred. And his sons and fly different. Did you see that was Mohamed going to choking story's not nevermind negative story. This is all about you could not this to fit your eye and al-Qaeda as like getting my hands and jump. A gigantic chip but I got it emits no lifesaving idea you know I don't know if I have that in me it to do that. I save some life. I don't know I think panic I think I'd be afraid I think I wouldn't jump into a different I'd do wrong and they got it. Your life that was sort of did you say there's a congressman that death another congresswoman was choke in on whatever. And he gave her the Heimlich and a broker ribs and a well and sees it is that a well that's it titular it was his wife know all the. I pop up a. Co worker. NA. That's scary though that if I'm saying choke in on something he went over here in an Anglican. And about how I'm like am I mean I like maybe but not Heimlich church so it's might be it'll blow. Well on the back her up the Atlanta had a lot to do them. It makes us worse. He never hit some and reenacting posit to go further down as an idol recently that goes further and that's what I do. It was not about the fact that I'm not a for profit off the I thought that I. Change weekly immortal John Ellis. I ice.