BJ & Jamie: BJs son gives us the information on his gamer convention. 10/17

Tuesday, October 17th

We talk to Bj’s son and try to figure out when and where this game convention is this weekend. It is here in Denver and Bj’s son is coming to work.. not to get paid in the conventional sense but in a networking sense. Jamie did find out that he does have BJ’s credit card.


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Vijay and Jamie it's BJ and Jamie I have learned and I knew this all along that you get in somebody else's business about being a parent yeah. It just causes problems. You know and I'm never gonna do that again I'm never gonna question you and yeah pretty good job I'm a single mom raising this little boy about myself I think it did pretty good job and now stop turned back on me than my son's a liar. With a digital gaming convention nobody invited the thank you find any thing itself I've tracked him down out Los Angeles he's flying your Tibetan. There's a game of the year going on this weekend I think. And boy. So I her as your son here Austin Austin yeah yeah what's up buddy. He did he eat they are you ready for a big gaming weakened. This is actually how old are now. Or play for. OK and so he did dad's debit card I amassed large he's his got. It is did you dad just get got all of me for being a bad month it's just let me do as debit card on an intense. And our little I don't really. Really know that. You know notes that doesn't have Carl's junior charge on from a look at Carl's junior is a friend of hits I. In every now and Indiana still loading the couple bucks a guy that's Carl do you rice it. It's a friend's the picnic seed do you have your dad's death heart. I. I I. Sun sun sun. I know we don't have this feeling of your you know truthful he. They aren't that aren't there is a we have people asking Austin about this gaming thing I had don't know who's doing the demon thing with the dew and a poor job promoting good. Because skip fun. So so what's still what what is the gaming thing. Conjuring her. Dream. There okay. We're slowly getting credit sunlit. Okay. Where that. National western com or. Aren't too big couple the national. Yeah. Ted I don't owe an apology Jamie why I'm glad my apology. Did you think you elect so and it looked alert. Now why do you know I does an Alabama the only thing that shunned by his Alabama. Here's what they thought Austin I'll be honest with you they thought that possibly that you were scamming for more free tickets to get to Denver to see your friends and there's no gaming and you just got to be telling me that your off his game that thing get you get. Outlined a dad are yeah. You know so it is so you've got your plane ticket. I jets then I hit would you stop rocket hitting JB's look you get shot crap forget it GE. The father figure but they write it okay we both saw it in your study is bloody floor at. Debit card and he just bought airline ticket back met with the game and did not think gaming convention and are. Transparent ever. Yost OC at the airport later on this that goes well. Well I mean to DC where I'm not imagine going Kurt. The plate in there I'm going at ten network and permit career. You need to work to right. Yeah yeah and work work so I get paid. Not only should. It was so quiet person yeah we will way to Minnesota Duluth. Aren't you you're not that they're getting paid income gaming and the yeah. The winner well well well well let's stop that they've put the brakes are. Getting. For your kid to get this to you can trust it and see that the report. Posey at the airport. And at that will be there to get your life. Yeah. Oh. Oh you actually don't laugh I know it's called dream that what you were just act even to you today it could commit until we until it came at a loading getting paid to dream I hit the. Ratchet up. But you know but it's. Important now.