BJ & Jamie: BJs Turkey stories. 11/21

Tuesday, November 21st

So we get the whole fresh turkey story.. BJ met the meat guy from Sprouts.. So he put a bird on reserve for BJ for Friday night.   


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Vijay and came around so deeply informed. And stay tuned yeah in Turkey they yeah. Well I find it kinda strange and I'm Turkey less nickname I was concerned about Turkey for the weekend and I was gonna have to buy half a Turkey but I was gonna have to leave it out so that it would thaw it and it's an art and I. I've been on it says I'm gonna be in Tennessee and so therefore I'm like OK what if it goes too far what do the ruins remember that Turkey left the bat before boarding a car that time yeah I did and got pregnant. Yeah so so the guy says simply I'm ready to this guy yesterday as Turkey fate you guys are key fate in that he overheard me talking about my Turkey dilemma. And he said any Unita buried. NI CU. Actually you do he's Abbott a fresh dirt and I sit what do you mean the fresh never frozen food and pray and I guess are on sale for a dollar 49 or ten. Natural sweep over sprouts you bid was perhaps I have ink sprouts has him. For a dollar 49 pounds and so he'll lay aegis McNamee got some sprouts but who. Even some farmer no no no he's the lead guy he is he he accepts that deliveries and for sprouts. Need it. Wait there's no hook up here. There is okay yeah finish. He's put our reserve and thirteen pounds fresh bird permitted permitted I had to their carrier and so when you turn to Tennessee on Friday night. All of them to do slated to browse tonight do you understand that Thanksgiving is going to be over there is no reserves need and it's the well. I did keep saying to him argue Shuler. Are you ensure that that I need to reserve enough. He'd done it after Thanksgiving but javy hit the oppressive burden. I'm excited about this that I get it. Maybe he's holding it for you kind of like lay away. Yeah and telling ill adults via its bird in his guaranteed to be one for specific to I said after twelve go to 1247. Pound. Or whatnot but what six or twelve point 812 point 70 point seven harbored and Turkey on it you pick a mobile. Branch of ground. That's way different than the hook up originally thought was at I thought he mentally farmer bill and part rebel had his own Turkey farm. Supplies people like sprout. And he was get on its way to spread out he's dropping off the Turkey summit and even in the meat man expressed via via the. Which could and he beat down the road had Miller not knowing the butcher. You know Alina good WB later and I do like butchers you know I wash and Wear that long code makes you think that could be a doctor you have to. Yeah like Dr. Seuss right some essentially doctors out there unlike Clinton. That's fine just always Wear that like and they performed surgery every day yes. Carcass it's hard to. Listening cramped and that's a ground he has so excited. They had had a talent to sue them. I don't know it's just funny because. I have house marchers heard you know how senator senator. I eat a clean the house will grow dead zone you know people who come to work out. That's a lot of time in my house you know me you know he'd go through your house don't you you know doing have a house sitters had a like it you'd think had to go through your house right bright yet know why I I don't like it that they. I I even like it's not about this last night like. Sometimes I'll I'll keep my hang your she now from from places can Intel and say extra large alike can look at them and I. And it's entry and exit a big track is weird feeling. That's an idea yeah the end and remember I went to Australia a mega what was Larry's is Paul Woods in new pictures and what was going on in my house yeah. And it was all these frat party picture it's. It picnic and drug do you love like a nice lie sit up amendment. Pull at the end how positive is yeah. Here and yeah. I'm not a Big Ten of strangers in my house either I don't like yeah. Strangers bit you know but still learn their friends but Darren apparently put your stuff they show looks ability upset. Well she has a tricky question for you all moderator. I mean your morality Melanie I let. It begin Turkey how is that a gentleman at restoring that Turkey probably date. All they getting shipments every day he's gonna pull one to a set to decide on Thursday and again sure I mean when you look at. Home Melanie when that you ruin the party. Well what it with a bad Turkey attitude but I don't want you to get out sweet this yeah it's. Yet you still worried about his damn dirty. I've been up and it worked a couple of hours now before you are really easier just punching out you're just out of your mind yet. Got to what are you doing to thank CI. Stand my dad and credit and around and get it together. Good and I could get a darn then yeah. That's girl yesterday who has four cats and she's alone and I'm men bless her heart yet but yeah she was on this yesterday doing the to exit oak on right now. Ours is just for cats has no plans Paul Malone who enough sampling here there and Allen it was faking being happy about it. Well I'd. I'm sure that the Jews they always happy about that all well and I tell anything about golf you bet. And I had a great holiday in the area. Where. The legend like she said well are we the same people. Turn on yeah. This one getting out of town yes you look busy yet because he had that way I can pose to make it look like him have a great cotton to the the and that really enjoy the family and god knows it's going to be okay but listen I got a fake she plans of change almighty god. No I knew this yesterday but I I didn't know how far it would go with a whole thing sewn into that. Kind of has them on that yeah no we have to Brazil Lincoln long story the laws and stuff and yeah. It would definitely well it's it's very personal. This person some surgery. Pitch around him the way he explained it's being made it very personal. It's not like she's given hysterectomy well nobody's like any moment now she could have some type of accident that she's paralyzed idea god that's pretty extreme you make it sound. That's it that's a very seriously Saturday morning deep balls down he did he. He told me he made his mother said. Doubt I guess we are you into our week's GA been able to sit she aches I have not allowed again and he won't allow Turkey would move so. I heard last week. And imagines that my eye on the right boxes say what you said. Adept at both sets him what you said to leave assassins and Jamie are. Yeah I guess so yeah I've got way. A secret so nobody knows you're not the person people think how. Yeah well the this statement was I call ends and we can all know what is that what it would below. In the immortal.