BJ & Jamie - Body In Rio, Broncos Camp Starts Today 7/28

Thursday, July 28th

Another body washed up on the beach in Rio, one week before the Olympics start.  Broncos Training Camp starts today.

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Vijay and Jayme always known and unknown knew who noon. They've found another body in the water in Rio. Lowe's say it ate some holes it's not looking good for the Olympics which which the opening ceremonies do you realize. A week from tomorrow yes a week from tomorrow. Wow. You have bodies washed up again last activists. Ploy that you know to damper on things he had does that's the water by the way that they're going to be having the swimming competitions it. I'm still not not the pool competitions but like when they have to go out and do those like again try and yeah things were a portion of it is swimming gas. This is the water in the got a kayak. I am on the boats in this line. You have that this is the same water on they're gonna do that and then. Whatever else they do an open water. This is the area and now they found another body knows just three weeks ago there body parts Washington upon state or parts of the state up on shore. You know. Yeah and then we we reported on that but now looks really good at it and they're also saying that well I'll tell you. It's bad news out of the star like this the start with the good news. Those bronco camp opens today you had yeah. Go out here who drove by dove valley this morning will be a Broncos she knew that's really do the practice say yes. Since it was packed oddly people everywhere. This morning and really all you're gonna see this morning news cars driving. To stem culminate check in on that it right and probably you get to see them Lamborghini. And you know they the Smart Car you know I'm sure that this guy is more cars rush they know ranks Mini Cooper or. You get to see all these cars cardiology and the jobs it's huge beer and popular there was football players love their Fiat do law they dale and it dove valley this morning all the players or showing up because I can't kicks off. I think that Ali and what couple weeks. I don't even know I don't wanna know yet at that means and what usually do well because. In my mind that when football starts summer's over you know means follower on the middle ball it just means winners right around the corner who creators it's here or there. Good football at all. You know all these fancy show what death and and that's kind of cool in a way. Because you get up and up close to be up players and stuff you know you don't get get a regular season no you don't you blocked out this is for the fans. In the fans show up Denver Colorado probably right here. Some of the biggest audience in sports. Do you does this happen in all cities you think these would training camp there. Training camp facilities can overrun with fans you pretty much everywhere yeah except for certain cities now I've led to a couple cities from aids could did you ask that you okay. I've lived in a couple cities where teens who literally had to go out of the city to go practice not because fans were harassing them. It's because the city did he would want him there aha they suck so bad I'll I'll Tampa Bay that they didn't win a game. I end nobody care anomalies on them for training camp those guys that nobody showed up on them moved to Cincinnati to two of the worst teams ever. In and they were horrible Tuesday they won like one game nobody showed up nobody cared that's that Brown's. Well known and that's his Cincinnati Bengals angles yeah yeah that's close outs close Arnie I era I. This tour I've always wondered that because he's here every year how easy videos and isn't thousands of people out there just Watson and runner on the field. Now you got certain cities where you know it's really huge but here it's big. A lot of places not so much bronco town where football town. Yeah you know aside in bleed we bleed orange and blue brown and the militants though football season is upon us because bronco can't all the TV stations are down in Dallas and every lives as champion of Von Miller gambit and ever gotten to know what you. Every dumb to do what other shots I don't see that many people that that our friend here during your solution to your people everywhere have not seen any. Now but nevertheless it's it today is the opening Dick yet are you on out there. Committed to 7 o'clock this morning we do have a code word for you 121000 dollars is part of the fourteenth a day giveaway. And man oh man I. Many an old man you know I think what this does what I'm about to announce. Well I I woody would announce it right now he's an okay. This is proof on swallows our producer. That hard work pays off. We knew we go in and do your job the way you're supposed to do it. It pays off. Okay it paves I agree Jamie and I. Jamie and I have worked our he'll solve. To become experts at the bachelorette. Well Campbell yes you have now we don't know diddly about it but we've worked their tails off to catch up because we haven't seen an episode except tonight and we admitted that yesterday we got everything wrong yesterday we had nothing right I can't think of one thing with a bachelorette that we had right. Now what now one problem. Dot why I don't I didn't get no holes no I don't know anything but then yesterday. I AM in tell and there are lap yes because we tried so hard we put Cerro on the person who really knows the bachelorette and gave us a quick little new kind of like those up. You know little book which you by those called Leah. Which it left notes yes that they'll have notes which we've reviewed by those in you can catch up Sarah caught us up demand will we root beer rewarded for this yesterday Alley where yes we we have a big event coming up on Monday we'll tell you where who's gonna -- there one of the stars will be there. Instead it's huge and it's all because that we get our best to catch up your effort was recognized and rewarded I silently somebody heard yeah somebody said those guys you're trying so hard to figure out this TV show. It would probably a good they watched it. They're trying to scoop are blessed she just wrote this in their lap it's huge huge dude I'm blown away it will mention it this the six hour. In each weekday morning on Alex I.