BJ & Jamie: Boy Scouts to allow Girls. 10/12

Thursday, October 12th

Boy Scouts are now going to allow Girls to join the Scouts and allow them to become Eagle Scouts.  BJ is totally against this and Jamie loves the idea. Callers on both sides of the issue call and give their opinion.


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Each and Jeanie you're in the news a major change the boy scouts of America were going to let go join the club. What do people think about that previously took 110 reaction I think it's terrific hoots and some Michigan years ago and hope became a cub scout educated an eagle scout. Master for two decades really kind of silly to separate from he's traveled all over the world with the Boy Scouts and says America is behind the curb other countries have have nourished approach. No no no no. Oh it's time my friend we don't need is well. The Boy Scouts look at just did this helps machine you've got Girls Scouts he got boys yeah sock 303. 22 Alice. 3032225423. This is a major debate now this is not a muted reloading the Boy Scouts and let's not be in more than don't. But it. And then I don't agree with this at all that you weren't even a boy scout you don't interest in the peanut. That we had I was a brownie and girl scout he's the brownie you cross that bridge you know like I'm honor I would try to serve god. Even a three fingers and a hung on my honor I. I'll tries served in the and then there's a bunch went up and then they need immigrants GAAP and Mary is set new and like all you do is spend your time trying to earn packages right. And their stupid patches. Like you patched. And look Jamie. Why can't change the program for the Girl Scouts to make it more in line with the boy scouts of the team. That same thing. Become eagle Laura. I don't know pelican scalpel what everyone has become a pelican flew unsafe you can bet the pelicans to the Girl Scouts you don't wanna steal people wouldn't. I just say a bird who put up what look what about it when they're an eagle well I don't know are there any ego you guys to be grows or something up. The Croat broke cash hawks aren't powerful here's the bottom line. And it's a boy scouts of America. It's good girl scouts of America you know act to leave it the way it is I can't I can't wait until I see a boy scout trying to hop those damn good piece. That's that's what we should do if we inflicted stuff to bring in the commodities. Do you want some clad teens. 30320 to oust 3032225423. Jamiat completely disagree you don't try to decide Twitter yesterday and people started blasting yet an enticement and it got ugly. Yes some of those comments. Acting stupid as the first honestly. Look. I don't know flipped go for their net anyway but AJ week. Different I am like that guy yelling. I'm broke out at McCain and I actually quit because. And broke out they teach you how to bow and there's a good thing and I wanted to land and I want I want I went out and then go fishing and do all the clippings of the boys. I totally agree with you I mean. The most technical thing we got as a patch was photography but why can't you change curriculum of of the Girl Scouts didn't think this. I'll so instead we went. Invading the boy scout what he's just your program decent school things I mean he's been. Yeah how how bad did you into the pine derby thing. So. Our. Yep me to my whole entire life. I was saddened by that. Can kind of got out and learn how to yes this is a blog girl this is a dark day in America. It's a dark day you want to learn how to white cowboy being out you want to adds some damn cookies. With the. Would you Jamie's are just alike don't think that's what they got just knows all the Jamie's just a lot solid no I. I was kind of that would Ecolab. Like I was tomboy and I mean the boys got snubbed appealed to me so much more than I mean did how I shocks of the little slot at nine cramped. Again 30322 Ellis real 32225. Port to threat damn girl scout hooker I disagree with this don't some nice shots. You know I know I know like a stripper. And nine year old stripper it pagers drop Tatum. Yeah. Alfred. We would go I am tired in the dark camping trip yes oh once a month but it would or are we traveled the country it all sorts of Spain and yeah how we got our rebuttals Sally Padgett at target practice but we also got. By air passages as we all sorts of crazy they I don't think girl should be a lot of what. Yeah doubles and table broke me asking questions and did you have a binder of the car and yeah. Yeah via subscription and develop thinking about that tonight and what. It would go. Right what decade are her. She's she's just in this she was it cool Girl Scouts organization is like I know she'll wish she had the day of car. To say it Tatum. How. Are immediately you turn him on that ice he was agreeing with it may just get that thing. Such a thing this is Ian. Oh man in a way mayor Nancy Alex. A low eighties. Dark day in American Idol. They didn't. Where it thank you shared matched the courtroom with a Girl Scouts and could have almost like a friendly competition every summer. So they get Mitch your marriage the girls are bullish to still vote. The same fundamentals and skills that they don't want put in the competition. There are many girls and boys competition. No no no no no we don't know it differently now you've got to keep it separated. What should be run something by it. What hello what a little Sally Field so this is pine box derby car we needed cheap eats little jobs. Live that down to look at who you you cannot have a cup Pete and what girls live your dressing like the bugging your entire life. That girl wit this is a bad idea that you can't do it like that. What Daniel put him in the palatial OK just to grow older obviously excellent actually you know the net in the blizzard could still be you know this of natural. It's gruesome girls are better and that's even better. I think I can say is why they shouldn't for the boys and Girls Scouts together. Is because the girls are always going to be taller than the boys for African ice cool and so would you go to blueboard development have right in their kids play hockey not exactly that. Please don't talk yeah I. Hey David it's a dark day in America my dad Boy Scouts allowing the girls end. And angles I think that the lessons so it was cuts teach young men to be. Good adults as equally applicable to. Young girls. I took Jason I know two Eagles scouts they're the best kids on the plane they are my neighbors and both of the kids were eagle scouts. Did you ever met in life in moments yes and that's all and be ruined girls are ignorant but so you proved my point again what was my point I don't know how they this. That only mormons are eagle scouts put up with an. No the point being these kids are exceptional there Eagles celts finished giants exceptional and they would not be like that if the girls and let me in there they would own everything they might not have reached the status of because they're looking at that girl Oprah. Hey how what's. A dark day America likes that it is a dark day in America Alexis and I can't go ahead. That's an area you know because we're going a big pain in the man's. Boot. We're gonna opening act I Nikki. Yeah. Mickey. I'm. It. And that I that you read. It out that. They actually feel like I. And they liked you on a. Wolf are you seeing girls already been involved elect its secret its secrets like a secret club. Watch the but we watch it's a darker day for American Nicky was secretly Beloit. It is a valley just hung up on a Alley. The outside it I think quit everything that died in America. It would be onto not a lot of girls joined by gotcha because that's going to be controversy in itself because everybody's got their head out there but they they. I don't think that. Don't should be pointed out in grossed out out she broke out at the time per girl girl and a boy to be quiet then. Like the other guys that you put girl and boy scout cookie and a billion and I didn't point out you're going to be color with the Arab. Is he will yemen's at that age but girls they are doing everything on the well. We should make me the president of the girls got a changeup bro that's what you do at each of the program changed the program to teach that gun controls and I'm in a ticket and go shoot. And I'm all for that I'm all for that change the program it's closer in line with and you could also implement some things on the Boy Scouts they learned to cook our whatever you know. You could do whatever you can do whatever but don't wrote Doug girls in there with the bullies. I'm just saying that but let's let's just I can read it and little bribe her to be a boy scout. I wouldn't let girl scout. I agree he. Thanks. Again we have to think about all that got hurt people that are going to be like he might owner are sent. And do it because it's a thing like that's not allowed on Tuesday made the program is to change his girl scout cramp is just creek. But I said from the beginning changed the probe and literally he's like. Sox would appear BJ like here like a little and an adult castle on the sides like prediction my dad and I got a growth primary here gave any. Last call Katie it's BJ Jimmy Boy Scouts girls got. And. It'd could deepen may have I would broke out of the cad and weeded out the same things that the boy kept it mine at the playing card derby. And we learned about camping in setting buyers and be responsible and I would add that I now have poured it in my on my daughter during girl out and they're both employee scout. And they all have the same activity. So Kate let me ask kids to have to Wear this bloody socks. We now. And beat us tonight over crappy. I'll screw it it's huge it is so I thought it was just. Because he gets duty you can't stop is and I was running and kids stripper thousands along with explorer until the southern no I think it. But that it should investigate that epic new is bad. This is yeah everybody else is on here now I've Felix of the wrong. Horribly and yeah I've said that about you brought I. CJ into the immortal John Ellis. The ice tonight.