BJ & Jamie: Boys Bulling video goes viral. 12/11

Monday, December 11th

There is a video of a boy who is being bullied and he has his mom record him asking why do kids do this?They call him names and throw food at him and other kids and it makes him sad. Several celebrities have come out in support of him.   


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Vijay and gene and here we go another viral video that's out there this little heartbreaking is that it's so heartbreaking back. I think after Allison and done I mean that's what I love about these stories and that's the only good news about these book. Yeah really it's elegant thing in offers as this went viral and now these celebrities there are stepping in and this little kid now a super cool. Is that is Keaton Jones from Knoxville Tennessee he gets in the car when does mother yes to be recorded. Wide bullies are bothering him at school in school. They make fun of is no loosely call them ugly they didn't poured milk on him at school so he talks on video with his mother in the car when she picks him up. And as you said celebrities have come out and says hey you know what. Or get a break of this kid's life we're gonna take this kid on red carpet so when we do world premieres at a lot of set celebrity stepping up and seem to wanna help well. What even saying they'll be at the school when these kids have to apologize. In Sean. Who was bullied as a kid and not make but it sure on to say that yeah this is especially hard for you to listen to. Yes it is well especially since nobody came to shine they didn't yeah celebrities showed up in November. You now show. Yeah looking at you and ultimate revenge overcome everything. I mean it's a good but it's still getting the client without getting bullied its Stiller. Where does guards are still there which analysts at most only wet but. Really sticks lithium. Was a tomato you got a year that I was tomato Tata yeah yeah yeah that was my seventh grade nickname. They made fun of me oh could mean some might. Man boobs they were you know I've said stands at about music fit here I'm so sorry sorry if I milk on me to. Did they really is. They'll throw food at you or me like I had frost and flag sport my C head out abruptly commutes and I just sitting there and bright sitting at my friend Jean Weiler tucked in and my diet and where I is the force. And next thing I know. And based pointy end and I thought all this like sleepiness and Collins sugary goodness a my face that he he's my. Brock bullying is not cool here's Keaton story. Curiosity. Why you know what what should put out the one I'm sure it didn't. People. And find light and it may be true it's okay where does that take you. Hope that they are not made public got revenge on girlfriend. What I dictate lunch. Bill got me a hand up my car there and a dishing. Out. Ours and other kids to feel that way. So isn't it it's true. Tells me to feel. I didn't do it in the southeastern than I do. And it. Ain't. People are different. No big being criticized about it. God. Yeah if you are they thought out views don't. Don't let it bother you please. So I'm against. It are. I'll probably get better it was anger. You know that kids video. Is gonna do a ton of good yes it is even though it's really hard to listen to of it is hard to listen to be you know what that we played for a recent because that kids audio. Is gonna change the way some people are thinking. I agree I agree I think it's very important in all these celebrities that have come out to support this kid you know what. It doesn't break your heart to listen to that but it's needed it and people need to realize that bully thing is a real thing and I think we do. And in kits complete. Bit they can be a got a cool. And finding from my friends tonight I don't have a little girl obviously but I found dead girl's arm. And if I'm in my girlfriend had to move her daughter at the crew and the and Nate. They show click he's like up and the boys are pretty bad too and they get clicking that. They move the line and whatever and now you know some may say it was a bit but those girls into that little girl gang him and they never leave the little girl gang and if you're an outcast of the girl gang you're out. I agree I think girls are vicious and it's sold best 1112. Yes. Bush can get it briefly ugly so me and. And now I take it they amend it and then I met another woman and she is home schooling here would you step make fun home schooling did when I believe and be healthy Chandra wow. I'm now my kid is at that age I get you guys write everything seems so win a set at 567. Years old. In you're like OK while they love school a blob blob that is get older they get to be 10111213. Years old all of a sudden the bullying kicks it. It's miserable for certainty and get what I mean let's say stir up abilities. Excellent in. And exit them from. I mean four years of high school William backhanded grade school middle school get what little aim and then the and everybody calls them forever I felt bad during an audio. For Shawn well and look in their news wiping his illness. You know if you're a teacher. You see this all the time you see it all the time as can be heartbreaking. Yes and you know it happened I told you everything I have in my son on the glass yeah called him and roared yes. What he does mom I've ever heard that real life except for on a rap song like. Brutal in its. Kids you've worked floor why would you know that word annually and. They're mining guy let's. Eight bloodied at first of all you can bet you don't have a thirteen year old and my daughter. Actually get bullied by the bullies in school not the girl dreams in it gone as far as. People have put fitter than her backpack. People left notes by her pack tax. And that school the way that the school all just a fight that. Under the impression at all under the rug is that scored a set we're just going to be a backpack and auctions and that's start justification for it. You know end of last year it meant that because. Slasher got so that we haven't called the police aren't on one of the voyage. But it's a fine line to get tough our schools to two to stop something like this. Because I mean this bullying thing and cheaply we we we know it's been going on permitting mini mini mini mini years yeah it is really tough for a school to actually well. Well I'm just gonna give kudos to my son's school because they did they fixed it when it and the vice president and president the vice principal he was amazed yeah any shouted down and everybody that I loved it means so I think also you can't get shut down if you have a great. Like we do have vice principal and and they agreed school we need got to figure out every school in Denver. Or in surrounding counties every color from. They all deal with the every hour no one's immune from this OK what school days. So I don't know what's going on with tears whether or not pro active within a week Internet and. Well I don't let me tell my husband and I am the only way it seems like we get urged that she really get attention on the you hit it my parent my heart and I spent the end. You know and then move on and I spent all in all over like you know what the coroner what is gonna Cheney and the that's partly it's because I don't hit it too much but front what. My daughter want to do in the future she can't she killed like she can't stand her out because an eagle on her record. Noon. Then you don't argue ORG argue with that possibly there are other kids are being treated the same way. Okay an opinion I would call about the teacher or teachers are like well completely shocked and like any shot they are not. First trying to that the. You know literal you know it's funny is that my sister said that excellence it's like when you actually go to the parents. Even go to the parents you don't believe he'll. I would just somebody's spirit about something that was Abbott. Much our little girl our little girl would never play that cell Pratt yeah exactly right he will not. Like no it wasn't now nobody wedged in other kids and in this crap. I'm. Tired back to its BJ and Jamie what's up. There are no good bullying. What area in Northern Iraq now and we are quiet and I want you not a regular school like all. That we are there aren't it would you know we tried everything we can't hear or an errant and here is not you know like what are breaking and I. I talked it like I act on them my library. At my life they're eight played but he can edit crying and I know. I'm brand. The ones that aren't. In line Mary. Bury it we need a lot of I. Prairie and Mary. It. He's worried weird would that you know handling in its handling her this northern Colorado but it's yeah in the library and I. Baguette I can't you forget the ox. You know what I think the video and the audio that we played for your the video that we have our FaceBook page and are BJ Jimmy Page Alice will Bob Dunn dot com. I think I think it's gonna serve a purpose are really I think this audio is a really good day. Oh. We want we watched it out I watched it a middle and end. I mean at heart it without our girl I'll give it to try to mimic it like odd comfort it out and check out there like I need to edit it down. Do they tell us about yourself. Like that so much batter it don't get her. Out like you keep me. I don't heparin at the or you're you're you're gonna opt me and we're gonna figure that out a cut of any U. I. Thank you Becky definitely keep their library and library library that but that's what she did not play 41 more time because this is angry. Every where they get circulating and it serves a purpose I really believe that here. Curiosity. Why then bow what what should put up for each inch and the importance on analysts.