BJ & Jamie: Brittany has car buyer's remorse (Audio) 4/16

Monday, April 16th

Intern Brittany is having buyer’s remorse. Over the weekend she went out and bought herself a car. As soon as she did she felt like she made a bad decision. She is hoping she can take the car back today. The Texters are giving her advice on how to give it back.

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Vijay and Jamie. Hello ball to go bowl oh look this blaze I gotta tell you it's like TIAA. Isn't soap opera around. And it's a great stories that everybody didn't really out of the hour interned. Becky. Sorry Britney yes that's sort of Hala. Just told us her weekend story of a buyer's remorse yes we've attitude you see it's we have a guide for though I have I bought a 4000 dollar vacuum once again. After the when it docked but door before I'd do it be and now my ex wife had stood 4500 dollars and this is it ninety. ED die. You know 4500 dollars owed him Kirby vacuum cleaner we paid on this thing for fifty years a couple of little mortgage shoot. That could speak advantage yeah. Oh I'll call it now I mean it was just a vacuum it was nothing like what they make now you can get a Dyson and you know you get all the steam where he got guidance is stuff that crawl well here OTR her right. Are injured Becky. I'm sorry Britney could. Bought a car blew week. And is she and they're cute QE Euro Mike. Guys I. It's a doubt the red dog so what happened he was DA and it was shiny and it is that you know everything. But let's say this. Jamie's first question do you. We you'll did was why he won't take it to Brodeur and I think. That's how it started I spent in the UK back with a and we are so worried. And then vibrant arts between well mr. Dudley and I so that you are you tired finally you think I needed car instead who bring everywhere cracked. Yeah as it departments and did this thing perfect until it is so shiny MacBook but until you ask how much money did you say. Oh. I mean I doubt it right yeah it was like that. It's there it is and it's just it's it's looking at it's it's claw your name. It's you bought it and you financed it at what were addicts. Aren't. Too. Anderson and it's like I. Yeah I think. Lou effectively should've called you thought that at. A veteran I county don't Alter your dad's. Average ninety. That's. I would have bought for 90% and put you just give the carpet into us I think all right I don't. Aren't so you go away and an ego card line you fund is cute little car you call it. And avenue miles as the and 118. The war. Chest. And. A 1181000. Miles in 20% quietly in Asia aren't. So so you've got. The goal is black it's the Q and his car and I think it bothers those so you've got the card now at what point did he use that. Such a great deal with the. It probably is in his main overs are doing day to day where like my eyes and about this guy yeah I was in pain I was. I just yet car and apply. And I just missed it and I should have been on and come back non marriages as mentors and you know I know. As is where everybody and I don't say any names does it anytime okay that does hitting it is the all England and and on. So now our plan is to go back today. You get buyer's remorse rent go back today in your you're gonna contests. The does divide the purchase. Because you just were mean you're right I couldn't you know. There was an environment and if I can afford the payments market is. Its union. Yeah yeah yeah yeah because it's like it's like Ted's car lacked it but just yeah. It actually in my pocket dad's car lot Karl Carter he's in right back the soul. I don't know what the law is. But I think you're somewhat protected tier I yet I do think did you get go back and I the law says you can take it that actually the limit law. Yeah a little levers if you. At 20% interest already 1181000. Miles are similar as you have and yeah. I need to cancel any country at Rockefeller I thought of vehicle not to allude a couple of years ago actually and I was told I was told by the dealer if you don't like it within the 36 hours or 72 hours you can bring it back no questions asked. Retailing. I think he and I really do you go through it and what are your payment I mean I do it's it's now like to practice. Like 189 dollars and eighteen. 400 a month almost. Can your business out there about. Jamie they have. My diet you know your 400 I'm not today without your agent doesn't about it did you do season. Yeah. And they did it so cute how they do that underneath it only every two weeks that in your head it's a month rate it's a month that's exactly the dollars and 89 a month to ship docked. So a 189 dollars every two weeks how much he's getting paid here at the I'm in pretty good for an intern in his hand and they're dollars in oh OK and do. It poured this looks up. While. OK so witnessed it Saturday or Sunday. And on and on Saturday but it cannot open and all right so you need malaria do we need to do we need to get there they are now part of. Or maybe what we should dealers may be this morning we should solicit for a lawyer to meet you there like it's your personal dirty I had that person go Lindsay looked. And that she can't play and had to discard bags got a rebut this video of veco oil we've got a lever that you don't say yeah now maybe they will do that when we won't by the order that a little bit Brett what's his name. At the very moment Jerry. Did Jerry read over the UC LU was scare. Yeah you don't gonna scare now you do not think that the and that voice of yours is tonight. Please use the cook. At. It's ever gonna yeah it's like hey Atlantic yesterday about maybe twenty Jerry ball with a lawyer the lawyer he's in court today got to fight guarantee to meet you over there. And that we will lawyer what is is look you're my client. Was out of her head yeah. She wasn't right into them judge did you read it did Friday as tech. Well I did find something here on this stop fraud Colorado website that says contrary to popular belief there is no three days. The as a dealer can make accommodations. If they choose to do they can live person out but they are not required to by law. There's no but just because there's no three gay rights cancel a car purchase and. The president nabbed that weight so that aren't act like snow same the end is how rat as I can laugh let's do this let's later this morning that's tracked down Jerry. Let's ask him a lawyer OK okay I don't try to help it can't Ted's car dealership you know we probably cold dead pregnant. Tell him like hey easy street is as she is she'd cannot afford this car that was not right through them. Took advantage of young gal yes I did you and the her terrible Ted has stagnated obesity. Up are gonna try to get out what are you straight to the south that look at your face of it. I think you're thinking that we're gonna make matters worse. I just don't out of prison please call ads out of thousands where were talking yeah. I think in. A cup. With a so sweet Jeep that she cares not. Worried about dead again. Certainly your ass is all the lives of its vehicle you're worried about anything. Lover you what our hearts they're good people get Gerald W aren't a bit like a big wreck like all right ready sorry about that yeah well this is. Admin and I'm terrible Monday she needs of each inch anymore.