BJ & Jamie: Broncos and Diana Ross Talk. 11/20

Monday, November 20th

Broncos suck they lose again and are in no way going to the post season some people want Elway gone.


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Vijay and Jeannie and Alice 1059 BJ and Jamie have a Upton Broncos. Our Raoul. We've lost and it was great what's that regulations at Cleveland. Cleveland Paris Cincinnati sorry I said partly Cincinnati congratulations Cincinnati because they have outlined here in Denver Colorado since 1975. Well good but I was little I never went. Whether they hate blind dates it's that he bungled something I don't think but you know that's got to do it pretty Gibson idealists at either my right about that. You're sure feels worse though. But he just beats you they have to beat you since 1975. Right here in Denver Colorado you've got to feel like I should not. I think of them give them the angles. Or bridal or where there are used to go to Cincinnati Bengals on football games and Cincinnati yet and I worked there one time. In my son and I would go down to the stadium and literally buy a ticket for five bucks. That's gonna happen in the weekly standard that I have three sets of friends that all have and I'm sure you brought up the tech do. I have three sets of friends that all have a season tickets. All three of them texted me why can't you take your sense of the get him but sitting here at. Well I had one who doesn't have a great idea that I know I need action against the west don't have the friend clout the you have thought I had one. I was cracking up bomb that killed I got these season dig elders like. Well and I. I'm like it may then feel better if I did the ticket because they feel so I'll lay of the seasons so he writes being used tickets are 150 dollars be right let's see what time did he write you. I don't know is probably the sledge Healy asked first. It no no no it's different person on Canada it's not that person you know wasn't I was. And it was somebody else 6 AM this 150 dollars each. And said hey. 125 each for. That up at the I can't I'm like what they lost but bitter row you're not going they're going to waste 25 feet. Abbott and yeah it does it give them do what they did was just given them to me. Really bad yet he's like hey take it hit it straight great seats and working on the house today for prisoners led Clinton continued to head off a good. We noticed this buddy and I found that had been they'll isn't he was asking you to buy him and me Rick if we could have easily eaten lunch person juicy Bernard F. But the hit that well it. He was didn't Christmas lights. He didn't Italy knows me yeah you as an amendment aisles yeah but yeah. I didn't either right right yes so anyways so sad about those Broncos and oh yeah the post on FaceBook has said what would you do it by people like. Give lights came in the archives said from the very beginning well actually after the second loss I think he was. That the coaches also. They're they're terrible I know the dense and sell the team in my left. Salute them out there from friends I don't think that's what we're looking at the bit I didn't really get rid of albums. The main. Kind of crazy out of nowhere well police think yeah we did so we have the worst record now well I guess yesterday. No we don't have the worst record book weird we're down there but it's not dollars and up the word. We've won a couple yet to win one for right out. And you know like didn't your giants have only one tour money it does its act Cleveland's only one. No moon but we giants definitely Brady but that isn't a break noun it's a New England. Economic stamp Nelson on the same afternoon giants' Eli Manning. And I read this also. They cell phone who who took hold so it's just a bad year began to add here for the bronze. Next year. Yeah you know I was see that this this morning because I was grabbing that come to work. And Mike I I'm of the Tennessee volunteer for him they suck their horrible. And as bad as the Broncos and the Broncos but what about the old you're already there. The season's over it's over JB speaking EG I've already put away I could even scandal where bronco looting this morning. It's a way public here are readied just that here's Cohen it's. So. 2018. Its own mothballs. The actual. Gap because it's just it's like it's no fun anymore. Well I'm being asked notes not well who cares and that's it yen yes football right. Yeah see this Charles Manson is dead dad so that dad died yesterday I think the headline was often. Go to halo. I'm I'm a fan of that headline it's crazy not to say. Did you get this done this guy is that what it's like seeing a unanimous. Decision it was a problem so are slower wins this thing. C'mon it's from a pat Paxton. A bit early days of big Boston vice president programming and now what CBS and I really its intercom that sort of throw that in there to be CBS feel good. Yeah yeah. That's what does that guy here or did the closing bell today yes I just got a tech soft yet okay I'm drew and Reynolds and decent game is amazing that. Now he said that listening right now BJ you're killing at the current hot. I didn't I'd gone bronco game with the fact that yeah. It. Gotta hope you have a great holiday has yet been de rigueur thank you get is mortgage and Shaq you know I don't have time at bat if it. The exchange bank and a super he said Jamie odds that. That's a big volleys you guys shut developmentally smear job so I just physically that Taylor's swift song again. I was driving and we think day here at death. We should do a deal beauty. I did it because it's Thanksgiving OK bearing you know they know they did what I'm excited I'm going home for the holidays I feeling I have a lot of laundry to do yeah I guess of invasive. I. Straight Vista I'll do it outside in this I am so laughs as do laundry you know because I am. Because cameras and out of 200 island crap below I had to go to Cabela's gets in car partner and when overalls coveralls you know government's media does like it but it we'll and I just about another horse. Or horseback riding the oh my god I love horses and only want but she as a tennis she spotted Tennessee walker. All the ports are meant to see walkers managed so. Jessica should thank our imagined it magic map to the other not match the majestic they're McCain in beautiful she just got yesterday another one. So she's like when that is not go for then we'll go horseback riding. Then I was tigris and. What patch probably guard horses I don't you do but for some of it. Actually had the highest levels I'd imagine that matches political with the police for. Sure he can't. It's like that got me out what golf weekends and the guy doubt and that girl's. That is true then it's your. Yeah I got to know your place fit with the Celtics haven't changed. What it was this is what I was Delonte and we'll talk about this land and we have to break is the inmates watch those in American music award. Was that you know nothing is good except for pink. I did see yeah she's carrying loaded off the side of the bill. It was real ultra sheer relief in Africa but maybe it was like Hollywood beat somebody doesn't sound you know that's why they left the people in the windows in the lights on the center of the hotels and he'd like you would stay pretty crazy. So what's the video this morning courtesy of last what's this morning at and a Rossiter hair you know she likes. I sent. Up after both welcome she's got beaten nine he writes she's amazing she hasn't made. And she's gonna be nine years that she is a look at don't know she's interesting and does amazement. In. More on Alex.