Bj & Jamie: Caitlyn Jenner has had her penis removed on purpose, tells all in new book "Secrets Of My Life" 4/11 (AUDIO)

Tuesday, April 11th

Caitlyn Jenner finally had the surgery to remove penis. Had surgery back in Jan…wrote a book “Secrets of my Life” talks about the surgery. " Feels liberated"


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PG and Jeanne folks it is done Caitlin Jenner. Has revealed she had this surgery I don't think we are charity that we. He had a Wiener was tied for the winner didn't know what we do what do you make Angela beards have I don't know exactly if you put it in a jar of Pete taken home I don't know another word I think you taxidermy and make it into lab coat door stop whatever. Kalin chatter actually but. Yeah that included only one of those will springs on. It stops the broker to exit from bashed into the wall for a hit and Jerry is revealed issues now undergone. The gender reassignment surgery because she was tired quote. I was tired of tucked in the day and they live in all the style is and that sweet that's what she says Sonia SP here's what she went on to say by the way Caitlin Jenner. As a new memoir which is coming out she's written so the secrets of my life she's a 67. And it's gonna be released so she revealed that in January is when she had the surgery so she's headed for. What she's not had it for her move about three months now learn you know or couple months and yes and three months but nevertheless here's what she says in her memoir. She says quote. So why even consider race because his guest subpoenas. It has no special gifts or use for me at this point my life after sixty owner. Would be attached as a six finger. High stakes give me a better grip and yes. The second. She says bend it. She also says her that. Why do I need is the only thing it was good for anymore was to take a whiz in the woods. She seems to be joking about it so. Does not if we could hear if you have to have your Wiener remove what would you do as a. Hi I would hold it in cry and cry in crew hi we don't know what I do it no and it did you volunteer it's. Al Helio and my. Read all the right. You know it's kind of like that Mac true you know you know that's really handling Norma -- would look good on your cube Alia. Plus something like that on the small cars look bigger right exactly. Don't say I didn't. So solar will be replacing workers thought and forever to get them vagina you SEC's. Currently under god she says she was sick and tired of everywhere she went people were asking her about her Jones and we need and when you gonna go through this thing so she finally went through wood which by the way it. Because that kills that big interview coming up this weekend doesn't it because yeah she's got a big hitter and that's that's coming up with the Barbara Walters there's someone who was done. Sawyer. And supposedly there there teasing this seeing is a big revealed a big reveal well guess what here's the big reveal she got rid of the and also takes away from her memoirs on surgeon there that scene you know it's a vagina and that's where this comes from I'd doesn't know more you can bet that's where was released yesterday that cheat in essence asleep towards. So no no no no this it's called the US secrets about life. Which is coming out soon and you can buy it read all about her surgery. Is right there in black and white for everybody to read and maybe even pictures well I hope so yes there so he. Well let's stories over and. I used to and you know my doctor to secure their his name is because it's and it's a weird name and he did that for living in Beverly Hills moving to finish what his name. And it's weird name because it sounds like what he's doing you know like when these changes to have dinner. Garrard doctor. Aaron anyway he wrote a book. And dumb and I was at a house what day because all of those two belonging to Kenseth. Hold my god it's so graphic and so. They actually don't you know and take it off right. They actually turn it in there I'm Lynn who feel evidently they use a flight knife. PI and putting doing my mistakes and knowledge I don't think they'd that they they can. Carolina flip fly it no human can move gamble yes are you should see the buckets really but those didn't have to go to intends. Psychological. Evaluations first and there to be an all this to make sure he are you ready to get ready your winner and playing games up. Today. You'd have to do there's no going back. No nor would you go out your goddamn once and when she went she makes that decision for her she goes on to say Kerry aide when you read the last part of this. You actually feel good for her because. She says see here it is quote this is what she wrote she said after the surgery she wrote this doubt to go to memoir. She said quote I'm going to live authentically now for the first time in my life. I'm going to have enthusiasm. Enthusiasm for life but I've never had in my lifetime. You get a feel for what not because she could have been done she is. Note because she finally is getting to live as a woman which she's always felt she says he feels holes by that. Look at her I would I would have similar. They're all third actor are. LT I'm here yeah Gary Beck can be real. Yeah it was Gary elder daughter. And I thought that was funny. You know a little boy's doctor Alter doctor Walters is David he's like he's one of the premier and transgender whatever people wanna go to am here. Because that this book that he'd ruled that he has on his coffee table this looks. A must read against it coming up yeah get up norms say you're sitting near you haven't a couple of cocktails and knows what good do you they did smoke the what should have gone and we your work time. How loud this season and images you just can't get that yeah yeah yeah one is stirred a Wiener and I'm out here again it's not like folding stocks that. Yeah that's the problem didn't yeah. I think that welfare but it's just what you mean people considerably different. Extort the problem though you and I and I hate this globe for her because. This is a big. Because the united flight guy. Just consumed the luge yesterday yeah she now takes a kind of a backseat of that news she should've saved your Wiener news. For later no wait I haven't seen in Hamilton was gonna happen with the united go. I can look at what's out there right now trying to hold air so that you could actually jump in there and engagement and big deadline not when you publicist. The I mean did he go through all this and if we have this huge winner news that you want to have to wrote a piece. Ed did you get upstaged by some guys are raising hell lot of flight out. Think she's going to be okay he thinks so and they are we okay yeah. I'm so nervous were apparently. In the importance on Alex.