BJ & Jamie: Caitlyn Jenner is Posing Nude and We're All Getting the Measles! 01/10

Tuesday, January 10th

Caitlyn Jenner is planning on posing nude for an upcoming issue of Sports Illustrated... of course, the guys have opinions! Also, we're all getting the measles! BJ, Jamie, and Sean have the details.

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Vijay and Jamie palace one of 59 though BJ JB morning should I am so tired I set up last night. What she did college football game between Clemson and Alabama London and a and a brand mock. That's so I am sol is Alabama it's bam Bob roll tirade in Alabama was when he when I went to bed and then they'd lost the game. And I guess it was a last second score and here and fell asleep. What. But these are the biggest football fan in the world OK in here I am watching this thing put I'm telling you would get to 10 o'clock. They reached this team helped to spotlight five hours. It was just what time was over. Probably quarter till eleven plea where there have been anyway because of the wind you know I went to bed finally there and act kind of watched you know my phone via. And it on your phone all you have was like a little football field. In the long ball moved back and forth off the field that's how I watched the last part of the game last night. Aren't your phone might follow what you miss football go back and forth on the screen definitely should yell we're not going to turn that damned thing off. But I would have. This they scored the second left in the game because it when it's not so what does that mean now. They're the national chain Powell as well it was a big game that was a bit with uncle and sole or but we didn't know the last game of the season down to the very final seconds. Think Clinton wins the least bam. Isn't it we're not down the Broncos plan. Yeah for the playoffs it is that's the NFL. This is college you know I nobody I mean you know feeling chairman has little boy is going on here will we ever spoke about that last week he didn't really hear or watch the games over the weekend because it's NFL playoffs and our NFL teams down in its don't screw them did you watch any games over the weekend in the playoffs all of them up up up up up up up. Okay let's that I figured he would never want to know everybody. Who is now in the bunch. Oh that's still a lot Ali the other is probably what eight teams still left here. I know you are so excited that lower myself we're excited about. You guys I walked in this room right in have a head wounds ranked he doesn't care about my hand doing nobody cares about what I hear. And beauty Keaton engender a BI guy. I'm sure that's what that story on top of the stack has yet California moves us Caitlin Jenner is going to oppose Newt isn't calendar do we get twelve months of her and no I. One time shot I think that's a calendar and really. Like. The fact that it right next to my marriage mega thicker but it not happen. Right way if I. I want to keep and she and her nude calendar that's going to be hot dog twelve months would linger it now why did she do this. She there rankings that. They say that she's worked very hard to get the body that she once and she wants to showed off. What about that the idea downstairs area her Weiner can't. Well that is is that going to be part of the picture they does not tell me if she hasn't Wiener stellar you know well authority she does okay. Yeah so if we see her nude. This decrease I don't think we're gonna easier fully news that it says she's landing in the nude photos just as seriously please read our liaison IE Caitlin generous landing and nude photo shoot this year and Ryan but new doesn't necessarily need shall seal off the the boost its. You know I mean if she could do she'll alike are fully nude body without showing them. Pulls you always have to think breakfast. Well Rick I mean. But how effective this gets very. Yeah this is not good likely know him so that's. He didn't show all of them in the Sox if she does what would it not as good food. And a man is hoping. That puts them. Flowers. No you don't not dot com I'm platinum up and the curious yeah. I don't learn as the CI want to sit I. I know you did and I think they like a lot of people I do and I'm curious I think like a lot of people but for some reason to me it didn't. I. I want to get up to get my Doritos milk at night and see their calendar on modern. Remember I want to save them yeah. How will that. Does not so hot corner narrowly staying on you know she just doesn't seem to be very feminine yet it seems to me like it should. Any employee. To get back in the news again because the Keeneland and things over on it it's done right it was that. Got canceled right now in this show is done yet is it just and her being in the news is debt. No longer is the paparazzi everywhere she goes. Now. We're talking again tip that you know yeah yes I've read the whole family does that every one of them sheets to note nude photos. So we can stay in the news. Yeah and erase has been realm that lately aren't no we haven't seen team and pictures of a long time there are now. Her husband or what happened to those beautiful pictures of hurry and her statue. Up on the tee box on these golf courses. She's got a great players there is her short skirt to heat it up. Remember the one good person at the tight shorts and yes. He can manly arms driving the ball 400 yards ten hot hot hot hot hot ladies days and there at redstone is in there. Does he fare I didn't you guys are literally a big days like kids. Greatest ever. Islands are split and you photo she and I just stared at lake. When it is too early late is it's so early I'm pretty excited diocese that yeah yeah and BBDO. Real big deal happen soon enough and my world well. But is she dating women. I'd enough I think she's they lost touch human ass yeah ruckus at the paparazzi you don't see anything and it was anymore that's been so I don't know what she's up to. Mean this is the first news of her on her for probably six this can lead that she was dating limit at that will consume just stayed at a and I. I delta is confusing yeah bid but I am curious are really and I hope itself. Old dude landed all. Why don't win yeah. And an outlook calendar Ottawa January February march so he will you to see a Wiener and boobs. That's fine weird. I. We're well and get it all in one should I mean it's weird it is it Wiener and boobs but it does seem like a 65 year old Wiener booby Zack and. I'm quick I have never seen together but a hot hot hot hot hot. I don't tell anybody. Personally I'm a flop I mean not everybody can say that yeah I've got instantly may be but I can say I've never seen. Yeah so I'm not yet seen that before and I'll. These are weathered beginners writing an idea whether Carolina Carolina the cultural and that's his release and a little bit. Greg alike treatment hi. All right we're on illegals. Figure that's not. Duffy cap exile that. Yet that person had the measles is all over town I guess they were super busy I'll literate and isn't so there was somebody right before Christmas you and they had measles and they were all over town and it's highly contagious here in Denver yeah. Up from boulder all the way to Centennial yup they went to the GAM in laundromat and ungodly I don't know and. The patient taller column the patient the patient is measles. It's it's a big deal aren't we seeing the person is now one. Patient. And out protected. I don't know what else. But what are we supposed to do I mean I don't know exactly where they were or does give. Exactly lists it's from the they do in the cities that I don't think they give exact list of the businesses I can try to find that but I know I just saw on the news that the map shows they would from boulder. There are long mom in the Westminster Denver while Orton dropped in Inglewood it's one in the Centennial. I can't sticker just. The inside out and easel tracking map yeah. There is really apparently they came down with a measles and this is the report of all the places they had been over the last couple weeks has 67 days to Inky has anyone else come down with a measles in the any of those locations that the media map shows. I know is my son said that his step mom is worried kidnapped. And I said why have a buddies like oh my god not there's a person had the measles and they were at the gym where I am my stepbrother group near the baby. And a half brother dismissed his half brother was at that in the east just you know two months old and I guess that person into that gym really yeah I know I read street get out of the gym. Person had the media doesn't want to GM. It at the oh well yeah as a whole list. Off and break outside OK well let's first the patient yet wiz at the western credit union down from eleven to 1 PM on the sweepers many heat seeking to preserve Buckley square. It's shop and from 11 AM till 3:30 PM because it could not decide what to have for dinner with nabbed there needs invited missiles slammed by the bottom and got his own. They are trying to deal Meghann so that like I did Truman because it down there for hours in the grocery store you start to feel bad and so then she went to bury heat with the vitamin cottage. The new anywhere from one to 5 PM on the 21 and then again on its wafers and Wal-Mart super senator Gerald. Hills at chambers in Aurora. And then on the next day they hit Al felt as market anywhere between two and 4 PM you know it's definitely on ovals but they went to the U breaks mix with. Or via the brakes were bats they had those that debt and then after that they would to a Rebecca is a profit Kerry picked up a little bit depths little smoke is smoke there are no I think Al. I'm pretty sure at the dispenser and yeah and in falafel king grab lunch and they were hungry if it. And then that is not let's go ball and clearly it's a flat aren't small specifically they went to the T-Mobile store and Brooks is because apple is awesome. Then they were hungry again so they got into pulp and there off of Evanston and her minutes long whether dollar jury angle it because they are heading south and then the super. Market Wal-Mart super center there in England also jobs just aren't. On you know. Then they hit sprouts they're on Colorado boulevard USC urging care because they were really easy. Oh AFC urgent care because they were feeling bad yeah now is on Colorado boulevard and and they slammed by another T-Mobile or how long they were terror urgent care. 10 AM shortly PLO. Must have been busy ones that stuff T-Mobile and then they went and worked out. That's a place that night my son's half brother was that at dia Lifetime Fitness area Centennial and then they've gotten and I am not feeling well so they went to the emergency department at Parker Adventist hospital. While and that's where they are currently act. Hospital that's where the lastly were spotted they would draw a lot of its. I'm not thinking this are really don't hate it when when a person who has the measles in a more active deny him a shots. And the president watched. Yeah. Each in Jeanine we see Morton. Now ice ice.