BJ & Jamie: California Could become 3 states. 6/31

Wednesday, June 13th

In November there will a place for people to vote in California to split the state into 3 states. If they did split the state the 3 states would still be in the top 10 most populous states in the USA.


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Vijay and Jamie dear as the story if this happens this is fascinating and Jamie why just ran something by me here in the studio. That I think is a brilliant idea I really I'd never thought about it until now. It was brilliant. First of all the story the story is this. In November on the ballot in California. There will be a place that people in California can vote to divide California into three different states. And it looks like there's a shot it's beyond it it's it now California. Northern net unit in California I didn't they shoot this rhyme and reason to this. Well I I feel like that it's a lot of I mean when you load down and say how do you feel different. When you're in LA it's a different San Francisco you feel way different. Bakersfield Sacramento I mean are all different vibes there really are. Not even close to being inside not even close it's like like being in line. I can't go save his Denver. You know our. Welcome back to welcome back with here's a news report on this this could be divided in the northern California. California being the West Coast that would be anywhere from a moderate they'd backed down to a Los Angeles or to Southern California beat over to the east side here we. This same man who push for a sixty proposal now has a three state proposal Tim Draper did not have enough signatures to get his six California's measure on the ballot and went sixteen. But this new proposal to bring California into three states he needs 366000. Signatures to put it on the ballot. Today he announced he's got more than 600000. Signatures in the proposal the Bay Area would be in nor cal along with counties north and said. Along the coast from moderator Los Angeles would be California and the counties east would be so cap. Aren't they dig out and that's color on the news by the way yet there they mean if you ever watch the news broadcasts not KT LA and whatever they say oh and so now they have reporters down and in Southern California and then I like. Let's go to our associate north in California yet you know because they are so it's such a big plays and it's all spread out. Crazy. And he knew it to me user like okay we'll California. Our Colorado feels the same way that there are certainly areas in Colorado that I don't feel like it's Denver Colorado. Well liked Mike I think life as a gateway to the east Eden I. Like lineman nick yeah I am the one that really gets me is I just don't feel any connection whatsoever to Grand Junction. We have you know what I'm a feed. For some reason they have the most beautiful house as they're for sale efforts. Yeah because nobody wants that lived there around practicing you know Denver ideal for college idea man you got Colorado Springs is beautiful down there lie and you know what it's got its problems. It's my little brother who it was still light linemen OK okay but somewhere around. Boom Vail or Aspen honestly could cut this state right now we defied with. I think green injunctions should be it's own little man Serena who isn't like wouldn't let the meth. We give it to you talk nice week give it to you talk and I think that would help our state I mean about what do you think about this plus. Should he didn't throw have you ever been over to Grand Junction I have not what is that little area before you get to Grand Junction what's it called through at a don't talk about who and physical through edit yeah well what does blue dog and it. Broke through it what are you guessed it he truly are what ever it's a dump. All of this it is trailer park after trailer park I think junction if I remember right didn't have like vineyards yet they do you know what can still lives like we have wine country you know would be importing the wide from out of state and that question. I'm just look at the math and bad places that just. Would. Where's Loma. And back but nobody. His Fuzzy bubbly text what do we do is level commerce city into a parking lot to wait a minute that's part of our city who is a city where the dog. And places you just. Now we no longer than Clinton's. That Purina plays but smaller dogs and a dog tracked down and dog trend of where the Purina. Yes run on I seventy hot place to sit. And other state got the current period of plant price and we shed when he got that could good business and I fear it may agrees Grand Junction. Really a nobody likes I am telling you right now Grand Junction does not feel like a part of Colorado to me it doesn't it all stops when you get to. And I don't know what that Glenwood springs we keep better do we let it go guys. The amusement area and the Hot Springs I feel like that's got what I see it would be just across state lines you could still enjoy it yeah. In the beaches were not responsible for it would say Indians still we have standards here. Yeah we need to look at the map guys. And earlier. Down here. And does every synagogue dignity of the world let's pick and choose you can do it led to extend all but little but not what we let go for gonna break up the state that is is are we I wiest and you know the snowboard snow skiing snowmobile. People are weak and Adams yes and that's bipolar arrest. That's confusing yeah no you're exactly right that. Like a hole and so we don't need that we give that the Utah I think Sam due to you to nice done yet we're good a good job he breaks as a don't right now if we were broken up. You know the wildfires would mean be in our state. These guys know nothing about Grand Junction. About red after it speeded up on edge and I am dad you better be good. The crew that it is true at a right through an and and some not peaches at. Also they said you are forgetting the biggest hell hole evolved time. Where. Yeah I think we gotta let it Pueblo are on we are Rico at this point it. The problem out for you know. Like you're exactly right and I apologize we should've thought of but well. Gotta go Pueblo. In the mornings on Alex I.