BJ & Jamie: Cam Newton rude to female reporter 10/5

Thursday, October 5th

Cam Newton is in a bit of trouble for a comment made to a female reporter. BJ thinks Jamie might be a feminist.


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Vijay and Jamie went to each yeah. I was reading how Irish side to deal with Equifax. The IR and so at what facts have to look in the that would. Actually what you're talking about. Is it's a headline says IRS. And they signed a deal at Equifax a contract. Why when I don't. Know now. I just well got to do my homework on that. The rest is just awarded Equifax a multimillion dollar contract to collect taxpayer data. I don't know. Isn't the and another headline Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers is accused of being a sexist. It was sort of press conference sun is pretty bummed as my friend Brit feed and pop. Like when I saw that he was just kidding that's because there is sexist I guess I guess I guess that's a problem mama don't looking at it yeah I'll give you that that cannot do and looking and so maybe I saw just a little bit differently. Didn't do in the way it was intended but I'm a feminist you know you're you're a feminist now all I got to him activist and a very quickly here before we play this it because this really doesn't fit. Again I'm in a big guy and I told this yesterday amid highrise downtown. And done I mean the elevator. Well I'd go to the elevator and there's a guy girl they get on the elevator first I you know last so immediately I go to the back of the elevator. We go down the first floor he the other guys the first person to get off which I thought was quite route. Ranked so I'm standing there I look at heard I said after you know she looked at me and said no who who know I always go last. I'm a feminist. Yeah and a them all close to. To suck so much. So yeah. I tried to do this and Vijay and I we're on the elevator together or we got the bottom and he did the same thing they did to the feminist unite the passion made toward. And I exit there are millions Gaza again. No I'm a feminist yet and it goes and Annie left. I'm not to work would discriminate now. That's a good all of them have. I did and I thank. You and I get what it did just like her you know. And eating it Jimmy. Hope I said see ya later my eye batting here aren't getting that is doing a press conference all what good news. Obviously a reporter. Asked him about some of the receivers and the routes they run. No I guess he thought that was a little Shockey. Hey take up a lot of pride in being your theaters playing well then I did this you really embrace the fatality. This wraps and we've been in this century art the second you earlier than. Enjoy the city and it's. Funny to hear females talk about. Where else I. So yeah. But funds come along men we know we. Who. How and why she. Eight and she asked about a cup. Owed no JB's while now. He's I watched a video is still probably. I yeah Elaine gals ask him out learning routes yeah. The what sticks you know 551059. Excellent. PH he was pumped this. Why at least. Why knowledge that she was a woman why knowledge that she might know rammed into a ball whatever English as well. You are fitness or I have offended a sudden censorship help. And the best fuel a UN really. So what is like what do I need that dragged by a certain mounted on them and actually what I need to and yet you have that that that didn't know John I. Yeah I have one of those political Uganda where I get to work and what else I need is Ifill is there enough with Lipton Google out what. OK let's send us. And embrace the brutality. Is grabs and it's. Shiite led him here. Earlier enjoyment this it and it's. Funny to hear Teemu talk about Ralph's right. If he's pumping of like boo he thought he is it well that's distances. And I really so far Texan in a time when a 59. He's a deuce nozzle. It was a joke relax. Cam Newton was definitely being an app tap for no reason he's an idiot regardless of such an. Situation. What ass hat Jamie's right he's soap operas and a neck and ass hat that these pompous he's pompous he's accomplished I don't let Manny was getting. And then another Wilmington I'm a woman I think he was just kind of turned on. G news flirt with our they've intensified what I'm not here to defend Cam Newton is here as you I know none and I. I'm not fuel and I saw the video unlike people chill out he didn't mean anything major buyer yet it was trying to test I am. Her and I was just say hey look it's kind of weird to hear about now don't have your opinion isn't ours too as what to do it in a public isn't it. It's the least bit. Who drive. They're bigger over the war how to get down and I'll like god tomorrow you'll be in here would lead paint have all got to the vagina. Okay. I'll buy any law. And we did more on Alex.