BJ & Jamie: Camper drug by head by bear. 7/10

Monday, July 10th

There is a story of a camp counselor in  Colorado that is camping and he is drug from his tent by a bear biting his head. He was drug over 10 feet. Jamie has a big bear in her neighborhood and she is worried the little gun she has wont stop a bear that big… and if we learned anything in song.. Bears Never Give Up!


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Vijay and Jamie are right this is the story out of work Colorado where it is teenage kids. At a church camp in the church retreat I think it was a lesson from the end bitten by there and this comes like two days after Jamie Walker senior I swear. She walked in here Thursday that he was or Friday. Your bare picture Thursday I think it was Thursday dean Digg is being AST is looking Bayer and they. This is big literally. In man neighborhood. So industry. As well as across the street no decision yet in the neighborhood and I don't think it's peaches I don't it doesn't look like peaches and hit it. And bears bays and Madison is this is a big bad as bear in a Tuesday night here's a news story of this piece you. Expects a breath taking views here glacier view ranch they have been so bad but steering into the mouth of a hundred black Ferrell. Was not have you nineteen year old Dylan never expected. About 4 in the morning I woke up countries found in my meeting Jirga doesn't change. He realized that crunching sound was the Bear's teeth into what school. Then pull my goodness into thick skull that kid is camping. And 4 o'clock in the morning. Are buried biting on his head and dragging him yeah that's not good to survive. I know but I saw the good did you see the blue ski. No did you did I don't think there's so I'll. Puncture wounds that I mean they're just like they are seats it looks like hey here's what I saw was just a puncture run above is here although I don't hear those. How do you survive that. Now they're coming into your campaign and we can you at 4 o'clock this mouth on your head crunching sound a bit. If you look. I know that's let's say hey I think I heard that big old bear outside my my window last night and like what I did yeah 'cause I don't think I Donald Kilmer I think they'll just make Amanda does this. Bears' big despair is a monster I guarantee that they're that they're just kids in that institution the barrel for example and. New York there is much bigger so I had again in one hand and I bear spray in the other hands. This is like at 2 AM this morning I don't know if either one of those. Or even a combination of both I. That they had that dares she knew I would like when there's. Granted 2 AM and laugh and in my name to Angelo needs it but it went again and mayor's race and put my don't give him I had now. Hang on against Mohammed. Yeah of the things that you know how and how are you don't let this thing you know the things that you Delaware can't slow news. And to see you know the front what time was that this is at 2 AM a gun in the right handed unit case bears in the last day I forget about it so. You're feeling your pain he's doing and how did I like because I. I think it is nice to keep this spring wind no forget about the Bay Area and fifty's do you hope to you. Walking around the house with the wind that's gotten at least she's dimension no continues houses still only had the Jean walked around in European colonialism but again. I assumed you forget about the gun ownership. Then yesterday Jamie post this song the greatest song mother. I've written here. It's beautiful pass away it's being held it right right. That's really hairs and never give up they never give up there it was the perfect fit she's got the big bear in her neighborhoods. You get this kid then you see this so there's never give up never ever ever give up. Listen to this new year 2000. A singer songwriter named Sergio. Reported song ever written. To give them. Then they go one. Such a good well. You what do you like this year than our mayors I mean I I just did this story and knows fastening on Friday how we have all these Mississippi because they re in a deuce then there's nothing to kill him. So now people are hidden Lucy right left just. On I seventy yeah. That was done last week we're talking I am saying now the bear stories develop over the weekend and then my girlfriend just sent me pictures she lives on the golf course. And there's a mama bear what they need our key here's what I'm surprised about no no surprises there seeing bears and bears are showing up everywhere but. It seems to me like we're heading more bear sightings now than normally when it happens during the thought you know wouldn't spring because usually they. The bulk not that he yeah right before winter were right then when they wake up the wake up hungry I. I can rightly assume in the spring when they wake up and really see him right before the Iowa winter. And when the Balkans. We're just overpopulated no you know what I think this is a global warming or trump all could be done I pronounced. Could be trumpeted that Benedict Arnold it's all news by the way you can get that song right there it's on our website they'll go to go to the beating Jamie application Al. Allison will come down dot com more to our FaceBook page. Two great song and it is okay so it against second your head because bears never give up each inch weekday mornings on Alex. I.