BJ & Jamie: Cancer coffee. 3/30

Friday, March 30th

Starbucks in California are upset about the new law stating if you serve coffee, you must post a sign saying Coffee may cause Cancer!

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Vijay and Jamie the coffee didn't California Starbucks is mad man old can't Starbucks is bad. So I guess what what's going I would think I did read all of it. All right in California. They pass a law. That all coffee places if you serve coffee that you have to post a sign saying coffee can cause cancer. Out than. Well I guess you always heard you know you know when you burn like popcorn or tow it. You know that bar part they say can cause cancer and yes what the word is and it's got a name and I don't remember what it is just like it's in an enemy name Ella. A synonym Eminem. And it's it's it's the it's a part of the roasted. Being that of the coffee. That it the roasted part to turn to brown is the chemical that causes cancer and it's called life and then move a little bit but it. That's actually kind of when your bid to ticket that I do my new. Now I'm listening to make of that until aren't so here's our still white now again I'm asking you again why now. I don't know. The coffee places are irate they're like okay California has really crossed the line. As you sit and listen what's gonna say there is saying you're gonna skier missed us. You know to make just post a sign saying that this could cause cancer it's gonna keep people out here but here's the argument. The word is in California new of their okay California. They are required that anything that's ever made the loose no matter there's proof or not it doesn't matter. If if the study is coming out research wise and said this causes cancer. What ever stout establishment serves that it doesn't matter if it's a hamburger but it doesn't matter they have to post cancer side. Well and I'll give it to prime examples of things that are in California than learning Conrad. One is flock freer and Christmas street was that flock though why this very gas. So slow the Sprague now. In California the flock has they. Scans are warning oh it's like you're gonna diabetes rate this like huge and it doesn't hear the other one is the parking garage just every park every. I noticed that. Every because of the Carmen monoxide it's inside there where when cars are hard at what it is our engineering I really need. That the gases and everything yet every parking garage in kept wall Jeannie since you'd left California from what I understand is every restaurant in California. Well 98%. Have a son this is their food could cause cancer. Yes that's crazy at did you sense there the death but there are signs are everywhere and now the city or the states. At a controlled bank. Well what he would do. What do you couldn't go out ET call Pete did get a hamburger you can't do this you don't park in parking garage it's like come on California you got to live life. If I remember being really alarmed rattled in to that targets but because I was like. What is in this theories parking place as a first I was there that so deadly yeah. Diplomatic and Tyler okay this is not a Starbucks yesterday they're mad they're like okay. You'd there is no proof on just have to be out every cop or just a sign in the was signed an established can. Actually divides that it's everybody this serves coffee if you do a Waffle House. Or. Well I don't have that wall wealth but I global hunter but but but but but I hop diligent who does this week. Every era era ours so let me say. That means every restaurant and bar must have a son who says this causes cancer. Tell and control don't you know I think really the judge ruled on that. But I guess it's their interacting in. I think if you drink three cups of copy it made it clear that are there and that's for you. Oh yeah that's awesome but nobody knows what the truth is I remember they only got BJ was you were over the dissident couple Gabi and I read just now. And it said three of the garbage day is like so good for you and I should start drinking coffee. But because. It. No and Starbucks being one of the biggest you know they don't so many cards I mean that gets to be stores all over the country. They're avid this is that this is their business. It's always good I don't think it scary that way dean now. Me being California. I mean when you see is story this morning about coffee causes cancer you don't think it's good skier some people. Think I I don't. It could do book it could. Italy arteries could be five your heart to be five and maybe even helps that situation but it also on the reverse side could cause cancer. An important. I.