BJ & Jamie: Cash eating rat Ashley Madison worst cheating city list. 6/25

Monday, June 25th

There is a story today about a Rat that broke into an ATM machine and it ate $18,000 worth of cash. Jamie was reading her insurance policy and she is not covered for rat damage. The Cheater Website Ashley Madison has come out with their list of the most cheating cities in the nation. According to their website data and number of member accounts and Denver is 2nd, but over half of the accounts are Female. Seattle is #1.

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Vijay and Jamie all right there's sad news came out over the weekend. Ashley Madison. We all know that that's set to hold she eater website. Where you can go on Manny can go looking in on the blue with somebody else that's married you're marriage it's just sleazy. And remember they got act of couple years ago or so. But I guess it came out with a list of the cheating is cities in America up according to their dad. He Denver. You need to pay attention this big ball your number two. You are the second of all those cities. In this is like I'm moving 200 cities on this list. And Denver is numbered. Noon. And merging for the most. Members of the most members so they have 54 million member accounts. And Denver. Shame on you people she and she and she and by nearly half the members I know you think and it's a man that are slightly bastards Mindanao and half the members are women. You and you win and we know we're true to. None that actually managed you're looking for Ron to lose in the park we don't interrupt you might be happily married in your thing an analyst on my husband. Hasn't. Take a look at two wife okay yeah she if she might be there isn't crazy we're number two on the list Seattle's number one yeah. But we're number two on the list for members right here at the mile high. I'm ashamed and movements we do. We have to milk and there aren't you afraid that you're gonna get busted I mean this got once before ranked. Are you afraid that that those names are gonna get out there I guess you willing to take the chance. You straight to be on your search engine or some. Secret do you do that work I don't know I mean I don't know how we're. I have no clue either team but but give you put your picture. You don't knowing we don't know I don't know I don't know if I and are if you're brought Ashley Madison. Even you know what you did just college with a different name would denote yes. I would not want my picture out there you know where. And I'd like to note that works with the with the so called with a group. The real three what he'd do well is 3032225423. I did the math on something no. You mentioned fifty have any 51. Or billionth of form of that number. Bit before. I think if I'm correct on news that Ashley Madison is a monthly do. And I think that do is like 2995. I don't know that I've done it their okay but I think it's that much a month to stay on their for the fun of what many see your visa card. That's how some of the got bust if you remember praise but tell some people actually got caught with a six but you do the math thought now this is mind bodily. Ashley Madison is billing one point six billion a month. Yeah true now. If you've got 51. Million or 54 million. Aren't familiar you're getting thirty dollars a month gaining. That's what it comes out the Atlanta I think that's high for them monthly thing and I think half those of pride ghosts. The price not really counts or you know like a sign up today and we'll be like eight months free you know we might not know all the. Aren't let's go to a cheater. So what we're going to talk about Ashley Madison. This is bill bill calling from Colorado for a bill. You know if scare me. I would marry and. Barry says she'll talk yeah it's their fake names does that gauge on vague name breathtaking and hard and marry Mary. Millions of people getting gunshot angles V and web whereas the. This case she had did you here somewhere that they inflated their numbers again. Yet Smart us just say I just like FaceBook and Twitter and everybody okay let's just say though let's say that 54 bill. Let's say it's too familiar with all you just do the math on that. That's sixty million. That's how it's big bill just her up against 100 gold might have a website comments and it's kind of craziness so popular. Well look into your marriage it's. There's the ball on the parents' problem endeavors or what not with you people you start urged each inch we see more on Alex.