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Wednesday, January 3rd

News story of a man in Blackhawk who found a ticket with $.76 on it and he put it into a machine and the floor boss grabbed him and he was charged with stealing from the casino. The rule is any left money belongs to the casino and he was ordered to repay the $.76 and when he refused he was arrested, had to get a lawyer and was fined $500 and 8 hours of community service.   


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PGA and Allison of iodine and BJ and Jeannie I had no idea I ME thief. From a safe Sony does all came to play because I I forget that you know what I see somewhere in the the news that not everybody sees it so we're talking about powerball it's reached. What's 400 in forty million in the house. Sort of forty million to carbo. And Paribas Pete is his name is about eight because he gets are multi IE does he pooled the office pool for the powerball street collects the money takes track the names and elapsed. So I was tell them oh my gosh we sure I'll go to black cop love love love this stuff. But would every do I learned and staying and you cannot take an abandoned slipped so let's amply in the slot machines which I do. Right there and then it pops out for six or something right because. I can't put an Indian it I'm not gonna play forced into my next my next mission. Right now a pure of Lula educated. Down year like upset you would move onto a different machine this was not hitting or it's time to go to bed go get a drink ever what are you should be admitted holdout like got mad money and the next writing about an hour for pennies that person comes along hey good luck Brett in nineteen. Right beside me and I take off right where a guy this happened to a got. I guess cease all my bay in the little slips not mine but you know people in general and it was for 76 cents. The audio explained it better this is a black hawk this is right here in Colorado. Now it's criminal by any means and this is ridiculous 76 cents to 76 cents that's how much are Denver ran was convicted of stealing. From a Colorado casino after he innocently played that small credit abandoned. On a slot. Rushing so the money left. I knew little receipt for your little ticker tape. That money belongs to the casino yeah does not belong to the next person that comes to that slot machine so they're saying for a while before it there's such outrage about it they were watching a video cameras right in little mall cops inside the campus system in the and there are look at me like. Top. Of what it's. So they go down the floor and they travel and the like did you play in 20% or in this guys case MD six entity like. It just irresistible. And it at an. Not on the body. And so guess what they arrested when he arrived and they arrested you think any this is crazy. Because I would think that you know kind of like you know they'll drive through thing to pay for work they would be like OK you know there's 48 since lived here you know the next person comes along good luck to you and you could have. But no when you walk away from the machine it belongs to the casino and stealing. And so I guess on a technicality you can lead the money in the machine and to make complaints and intranet and and it's there's. But if it's a printed ticket is that. And it's I don't know I'm not gonna mess with the rules so if what are the machine has credit I would like you that I ordered it I think when you walk away from the machine belongs to the consider. It would be the same thing if it's got credits so why should print it out and just give it to or they'll come along printed up themselves they have you know the attendants that are on the floor yeah they combined they collect that stuff and it does it mean I gotta tell you. That's a little old but old cheap. And that's little stingy that's available now it's ridiculous you don't get guys went through. Over 76 and mean it can't happen any of this I'm brutality that's so if you go up there lure in Vegas or wherever don't play anybody's credit thing doesn't get Jack. He had to pay 500 dollars. As a sign on 76 cents 500 dollars and 24 hours of community service he had to go paint a community center. So he also lost his income for the twins for hours and his job any hired an attorney. So he's and thousands of dollars over 76 he's got to fight to say you don't have the money that casinos that I don't netbook. It's customer service not to do that you would do good judgment look at this to say. Down now now now now know how old I guess it's in the small print ticket. Yeah if that's the rules you gotta play by the rules staff. If I'm the casinos. Seeing this kinda changed that rule I say OK look the money. That's left on the machine or on a printed slip. It's found money. It's paying it forward it's giving to the next gamble what ever just to keep people cut no. Why you can fight of the 766. Black guy over the students what do I dropped a dollar. I don't know the rule you know I have. The way it sounds to me any money that is left loose inside the casino belongs to the casino that's the role. So if you see a slip of paper here's what I'm understanding for messed if you see a slip of paper you know some leg checked out on the net but it did not put it in the machine. Right now the fitness machine not subtle lashing out don't do anything. Because if you get caught you're gonna have to hold hire a lawyer or. Yes go to court on your route we have to go to court gonna fight to see in court and you're probably going to be convicted of steely you're theft. That's really watch him people on the floors and it. To just sit there and it's scrutinize that tape that alleged deceived them is gonna. A day in and slips of paper it sounds really cheap caddie Teddy yeah 'cause I don't think I don't know this. I don't think that's a rule of Vegas. Vegas is big died. I don't think Vegas has that kind of action team rule yeah I don't think so I don't know I wouldn't know all they can complete. We kicked it they can't tell me you wouldn't want did I'm never seen a story I've never seen the story like that I've ever witnessed a fourth died yesterday when you mention it. I simply said this much easier they did actually meet and black cop I had to pay back the money I play did. They however did not press charges on me but they can maybe pay back. Well that's why this guy those charges were pressed because he refused to pay cities accent decrease like this doesn't belong to you this is found muddy this is like be walking along on a sidewalk in a 550 bucks. You what my. Move your way press writers keep. I'm I didn't notice it but they did this to be really aware of so. That person you Texas. More than likely feud refused to pay it you wouldn't prosecute it's on. Know the rule at least. Right I agree but again I don't think most people realize the rule. Yeah I know it too because we had how many people from this area go out and people go up there you don't know that. I'm out. There watching what. Isn't she play. It's not a machine and. Here's the rule okay. If you don't put the money in the machine you don't played them she kinda like he had doubts and made five dollars to play the Mega Millions for you. And you haven't paid me back. So and then I would not like that at all. I've got no it's not a rule like that at all. In dig and you didn't this. Therefore this is job it. No hope the dollar met at all page out. It. Hey there. Years ago 78 years ago I was the editor they get a tablet and has stepped up and they all are I think I think it was. The circus circus. I guess in short you couldn't machine I want partnered nipping whatever bit advocate. Well let's. I was back in the day when you could actually put a cooling in the machine. Yeah he does now I kept it going machine gotta love circus circus is the fact that but if it. What are my favorite casinos you guys hit it big out there didn't bet it. That laser is the biggest that I. Gang of my god is my circus behind there that isn't scary play well like I. I can't air when he was like three and have done it if we did have a different color odds there yeah we're on the wrong team you know it's in its don't for that now yeah. If we needed a bandanna at the caller on its its like going to a ball into the could not the most of the hanging out for the for the team's yeah. It's the same way it was circus circus carrying upper like gangsters who know. Me thinks does RE and. Those we like give the red or blue out like. Our thanks for bragging job yet again that had nothing do their story and it great for you bastard hooked you. Wait nicer and kinder and oh yeah that's that huge that was agrees saying did you change. Anymore. And Alex I.