BJ & Jamie: CES Has Cool Gadgets 01/05

Thursday, January 5th

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV is on!!! BJ tells Sean all about the awesome new gadgets that are being featured this year.


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Yeah Vijay and Jamie I'm looking at some of these are you all familiar with the CES. CE asks the consumer girl oh. The Consumer. Electronics Show Las Vegas, Nevada I am aware that it takes place yeah. But I've never actually been to an idol dancing about it that's that big a Consumer Electronics Show that takes place every single year it is time. It's upstairs in that huge gigantic. It convention center. Center there in non being mostly finished. And remember Jamie mention and down in the basement there an amendment don't see me and I'm so going on this for the grownups because there's the AV and the adult. Video old noon news I think is what is it what it is Avian awards are some towards that and been held those displays no all you per men are down there you know walking from Booth to boost the judge there again you wouldn't go looking. No really no. The air I would not yet Hewitt. I would not about a I have and win no desire whatsoever. To go to a porn convention. Sound like fun non now Booth to Booth moved to move but. What do you think they're getaways are likely go to conventions there on the table like I mean we get Al capturing every rumor out like it got a I got the Alice and there you have communal Al cy tattoo right track maybe a chance to deceive ears and tickets are what are they given out there. I have had all of American territory it is. Up up but I didn't get it do it nursery to handles things. I picked the right box upstairs is what checked. I would run out and no wouldn't be tempted to slide down the escalator and head on down the movie world. I'd stay amnesty guest I am fascinated. By the upstairs though. I'm fascinated with the CES show that love to go to that one year because it has all the cool gadgets. That are on the horizon that we can all purchase. And I think that's very that's I love gadgets I really gets you are again I'd I'd just love him I don't know what it is but certain people have that knack forget to sit up I don't know how to operate most of them. But I know bounces it's it can't get by with a but I'm looking is some of these things did you see. And again these stories are being printed everywhere because that's where the and they yelled he's really super cool gadgets did you see the wallpaper TDs. No. Jones falls wallpaper with you you see this on this TV literally rolls up like a role wall paper. And you take it and you just put it on the law it hangs with the magnets. Really and his wife tell it like it is a flexible serious assault then it's paper thin. They're called wallpaper TV so he rolled this out like wallpaper on your wall. And there it is what it is like. I don't know HD six or something you know you're out of the fourteen now what that's like six K. On not believable. Well that's crazy I'm looking at a video right now but the says that's amazing to watch this is at the big Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas right now. That's it it looks to smear there's a mirror here ladies you're gonna love this it's called the high mirror plus. And you take some makeup beer right so you it's sitting there on your temperature in your looking into. Well it's got a little bit around the edges to be a really nice glow but. If you're looking at it and it takes your face. And it automatically. Applies to make it too eerie image and then showed you. What you have to do to acquire this look he gives you your best look at that Mir we knew that no make up bought. It applies to make up for you in the picture in in the reflection random looking at. And then step by step it tells you how to obtain this look. AZ is it cooler wise. It's like here grabbing clutch throw on a couple of swipes he now drool I ladder here now and I do this through a power aware year. No lipstick. And and then you did did that he can pick your look like it's like I want smoky eyes nightclub alone and then they'll show you what they'll look like. I don't know I don't know I don't follow what I'm talking about is this Mir looks crucial yeah let's let's do this right. You walk up to the mayor in the mirror basically without saying it is saying hey look schlep. I'll call Felix or being a collar Iranian absolutely heart their here let me give you an image of what you should look like. To be your at your feet actor says Arnold I can't calling you as you walk down the street Lori meal like this. You know roses are showing up every day you know how do we get them look let me show you I nearly mirror I'm your friend. Gives you that look back get you the reflection. And step by step tells you have try to tame and say if you now I don't think you put in their periods like smoky eyes he had like rhetoric to pay out right rack that it did have those programs where you can actually be announcing that pull it up on a computer Sydney what would have looked like like this this actually Smart enough. To tell you how you should million and suddenly you know best looked Kanye mirror mirror on the wall we're embarrassed look for me premiere on the law they're not life kits that. Not a smear plus what if it's another achievable look like it it shows you this image of a beautiful you. But you can get big bags and your guys and them Indians and honesty no doubt though it's not on achievable because it would it give you that look colonies gives you know best possible look there may be some things I can't do for you. It may it may look at you know who's who got a half a police cell in the a puff up all my goodness you know while I was only two and 45 dollar cut not a miracle. I I. Yeah that's that's why there are a couple of other things and so here in and does not compete. At a neat idea by idea what all. Fusillade did you see the elevating. Speakers have seen none of this this is all they are so you sit just Lowell. Staying in a corner let's say we want your speakers right. Your speaker. Literally elevates itself it's almost like can only take two magnitude you've. Football over and they don't go together now they'd they'd let it age gender gap to almost like that. The other speaker elevates it you can select the height that you want. Coming up from the floor and it just suspended in there. But it's a speaker it's just floating their own. Magic it's not like a telescope scoping. Voting Jones what's really emissary well no I'm quoting Motown soulless reasons it's almost too good to be through its jets stuff. Crazy hot. Exits within it to the floating speaker and not get you know. Look at speakers floating that speaker nothing no wires nothing. Just look in the air at the terrible follow you from my room to room. Well local courses that adds yeah and I think you could program is so that it just you know it just traction kinda liking a drone would. Only it's now. It is so cruel echo CES went on in days are here's another cool gadget and how long one of these aren't gonna get this is Susan comes up because I know some coffee shops have this. But it is I think is more of the high end stuff but if you see in the room chargers. The own room I like rush and those little things like we can say your phone on him on the table and don't charge and Ireland is not not not this is likely a device said. Goes on the wall and it looks kinda like KEL fire alarm or maybe even just surveillance camera or something of that nature and it puts out of the game. And when you're in that room. Charge your phone. So like any it'll just charge any device in the we're every device. I don't like there's a cough line. That seems unsafe for my body it's just beaming out on the kinds of energy you know not power you have to read it it's like a magnetic field this combined with something else that got them that in Lebanon that they say it's complete. Lately it's not a radio wave that's. Like ultraviolet. Sooner or one of those that that are harmful or not or could be harmful they don't. Really no ride but it's not that it's not controversial at all. In fact it's been deemed extremely safe. Yeah cigarettes where it's much. Up up up up up up up up up what they cut back Mika I. And did that compare art show. I thought they they say is certain coffee shops have a magnetic device Ayers card that does this but it takes a long time for you to be their test charge of stock or device. They're saying what's being presented to Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas, Nevada. Is way beyond. This is for homes this is not a bit if I guess business to use it. But you take this device and not only the room urea and but many rooms on a certain level I don't look at the whole house but no matter where you are when you walk in your house your phone. Or laptop whatever automatically starts recharging. That's creepy I think it's probably in you know me show on how many does provide enriched in my own yeah about my biggest thing with all these gadgets that I have. Is charging them yes I've got wireless to endless army and do. Yeah I hear. It's ultimately they are feared plugging your clocks. And watches some plugging in NASA got a garbage GPS more. I got my phone over here I got a court reading here and go to court we hear in the corner and another of computer. I always plugin but but I. And that's my biggest gripe is Eva I am back up battery sexy keep charged up forget. But I have to charge if I have this device in every room in the house. Or even here in the studio and I greatness or you. You come to work you leave here everything's charged that would be great adventure you'll got to figure eventually it's going to be standard and every build. I yeah I think it's a cool technology and I like the idea that but it does just make me a little leery of having beaten batteries charging through the air you know I mean it does seem a little suspicious to me and how it would not affect us physiologically you have it I'm not sure I'm buying I'm just sick and tired records at eight caddie I think my pacemaker it just you have to yes stuff like that I mean there are those certain little medical devices that could be affected by it. It was completely five but our here's the last one on your view it's again the consumer electronics shows in Vegas. The Japanese a Japanese company called Korean though is come up with a novel concept they're called big black a bulky. Gamers shoes. The thing. These shoes do you see these knuckle there are thousands at 14100 dollars per boot. Yeah. These are shoes that you put on when you're gaming. And they literally since the sensation in your feet and through your legs which vibrates throughout your entire body. Debt replicate what's happening on the street. So much like if you head on let's say one of those BR headsets opinion on how people are getting new you've seen those commercials people go crazy monarch alright yup and they have more. Higher taxes of the are coming out too when you put shoes on Sean and if your body. You don't really have to be running the they're creating their creating the feeling that you are running. It's not just in your mind shot into Europe feet into your legs my words if your NA. Let's say if you're in a battle in a game yeah. And let's say you get blown off your feet. The shoes will have the effect of like sliding out from under you and you fell backwards. That's all created within machine you re didn't fall right but what you send us an because yeah. Then 15100 dollars per blue. One pass on the style. I don't see that helping me and not Super Mario there to up up up up then we'd bullying because I know that's out let's go to our. I'm that. In. More on Alex.