BJ & Jamie - Checking in on Jamie White (Audio) 3/23

Wednesday, March 23rd

Jamie was worried she wouldn't get home cause of the bad weather, so she left early. We had her call us when she got home to make sure she is ok!


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Vijay and Jamie you know I'm just a bit bummed out. Sure I know you are you've got to be just moved it to them said yourself. Since your trip to Oklahoma now has been canceled to hang on picnic pop rock. It's Florida at one time lead and though Newark. Top topic came in Internet sensations the he. He was in Oklahoma and he cooked all these hamburgers for his kids no one showed up he became said pop op. And pop pop is having a big picnic comment on Saturday they're gonna make said top I have B get in Sean was going to attend. It's an oklahomans who drive over. You part of the picnic you know hopefully become you know Dequan honestly do we were just trying to peek back or are a big Internet sensation. To see we get some popularity of this thing you know publicity that's all we're looking for but it looks like with the snowstorms and everything happening at aryan world of trouble. It's not gonna happen no trips no trip to Oklahoma. It was a big chain and I we had grandma's mapped out some ideas go to Kansas there was like the biggest ball a lot of rain and and we were opened to run into that Debbie look hat hunt. But now it's nothing knows no tourist attractions. Pay us it's not your fault it's not your fox hole not it's not your thought no I mean the weather is the weather speed of the weather Jamie why. She just made it to our house I think Adam or is she and home where she stranded knows she's safe. Conduct Jamie. We were so worried. I had to walk in the door and how long is that like an hour and a half. I had a little over an hour for. Yet you're usually at twenty minute so let me say that it nearly creepy nobody I mean nobody is unlikely I'd out I would ala. It. I know right right but an account but the problem. That black I go and eat. Actually had that might not in quote I have because I couldn't get over the regular right all. And ideas you know it and I was like well I mean I couldn't I would not and I. I'm related to it I though you were concerned dates are gonna be closed the gates open. That didn't I don't think are already on the road it's the fault people do better this. The litany that didn't really carry them I'm not I'm not kidding you guys I'm worried about it because they're black they're so deep. You know I have branded tires and everything and I and I have a big truck yeah I got up and I'd 25 to get a little. Bit. Click it over the world drive to get over the Iraq I think our kids. I guess everybody at at the gas station. God. Then makes sense. So on the door and well liked to see what are you worried about me that you know what I really thought it was best this morning to drive it must scooter and I'm. I'm I am hoping you public she's on the scooter yes I should be side. He shouldn't people clear their sidewalks that's also good for the scooter you know. So we're I site. Mean everybody is eating food and drinking copy of the got agent and I got pulled over there there's no room in the parking lot just. I'm not hot food bear. Did you stop there is yummy. Did you get pizza or any of those up you know this not to rolled to a good well yeah yeah yeah. I think I said that hot dogs are almost and they just started roll it means that they'll look back yeah yeah. Lady love but doesn't have a think and I wonder what they do with the hot under the rolling. And that. And easy. Yeah unrolled. Each. Yeah he's just. Because you have a yeah he's either raw or hard don't wild conditions are really really horrible. So my girlfriend at the flight attendant with united yeah. And that she just got to the IEA it ticker reality some little and and see you here that sweet spot there because you guys you don't understand I can even get your inside I couldn't feed can turn into my car the black. I couldn't he did get in here. Just doesn't blinding snow the wind yeah. Yeah. Yeah Dixie this could come into anyway. They didn't let me go to what Carl. There are blaming anyone assist its Colorado which is where it happens don't. I'm just saying and then he might wanna collect water bottle and get some snacks at a vending machine you're not gonna make Al. No we're very broken glass in the vending machines. John and I have a full best he has a basket and I have a basket release. Yeah of people walking on current. I'll exit ramp but it rocket dramatized in the stock. While. This is Nancy Nancy our armed raiders safe. Yeah I'm I'm Tony I'm. Still macaroni seed and it then. Let's turn to gold that's good considering that children. You considering Shawn and are twenty miles from home stuck in bad weather and it worked didn't. And I'm just I'm just so glad that you works saves with your sleep number bed. You know. I'm gonna trick it's kind of stuck in this tilted up and my feet up you know let's go out and got. Them make my Mac great piece I wouldn't say it and select. I'd hate real out loud in the warm and let it eat macaroni and cheat at 8:30 in the morning and watch real. I was glad to Beverly hill. And unlike us I'm sure they're Europe palatial stayed dead your satellite dish is working you don't have snow on the Danish. What. I had a shot and I'm looking at a blue screen and I. And you know I have I have my dear yeah. The guy right there. Yeah about that there. Hanging out my bed already planning a series I see right now. How serious disease in the seats before you didn't make them nice and warm media makes it easy to Korea. So that's a little gross the line. That that would yeah. They don't want me she three Charlotte. And own part of their Butler now I don't know. Don't they bundle they don't get in your dad didn't and he can make a spot that's worn floor yeah I'll let you and why tell you guys you don't have butlers in your neighborhood they are now I've I've never been exposed to Butler has never been a little there the rise. And they needed a four year that the closest Johns ever come to Butler. The closest joins ever come dual butlers the pizza delivery. Racquet. On it means there CS skirts that are. I'd say thanks. You and we got really technique when you get an old guy named Al. Yes yes. Don't like you weren't that good I'm I'm gonna do this I'm digging I'm not due to do with heavy just worry elderly and I did not but it is eight athletes quit yeah. Exactly is exactly. Men beads enjoy your sleep number bed. You into each weekday mornings on Alex.