BJ & Jamie: Chris Watts is now changing his story of how his family was murdered. 8/21

Tuesday, August 21st

The man who is accused of killing his wife and daughters is in court this week. Lots of details are coming out about this story and it turning out that this guy is a bad guy. He has changed his story again. Now he says he saw his wife killing his daughters on the baby monitor and he then killed her in a rage. More details of his life has come out, they had financial problems and he was having an affair with a co-worker.

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BJ and Jamie Rose 1059 BJ chi any morning show also heard on the radio dot com am everywhere you go download it today for your Smartphone. Radioed dot com at. So I. And I was just tell me BJ my girlfriends and I we're at and you know it's the biggest story in the news right now it says about the guy in Frederick. And I wasn't even think about this that what my friends at the table she's like. That guy that dad aired the husband the dad husband's last murder. Biggest social path there it's. Yeah I think his debut a defined social pass that every one of their words are like pulse. And and then they go back and forth to everything and they try to cover the behavior and then make big promises of big stories and then he did tell that on the news. And they have so much confidence in themselves. In how they can mislead people that they will tell the most outrageous stories. Thinking that everybody that they tell it to is gonna buy it well listen up because days that's all that's there at mentality. Is that they are that believable they couldn't. This seemed anyway bread and it's beyond a pathological liar and associate about which is just. It's scary you know. There I mean they really that is scary people and that's lays the gum I mean he was before but now it's like he's he's now gone and changed the story get. Yeah and again it's the number one story if you look at any website with a new site. In the state shall lead with a this morning this Frederick family the that the husband the father. Kill this family and your write the story has changed again. Here's the story the news story and who will discuss it. But 51059. If you got a text is that you wanted to you know say something to us but listen to his new story. On what exactly happened. Will these murders. I want her backs pat I want those kids back so that the next day he told the world his family was missing then a stunning confession to police. Why it's changing his story he said after talking to his wife about splitting up he saw her on their baby monitor. Actively strangling to the last their three year old. And their four year old dollar was already sprawled out on her bag and blues. Watson had he went into a rage in ultimately strangled (%expletive) man to death claiming his pregnant wife. Kill their children so he killed her. But the DA doesn't buy we endeavor to do a complete thorough. Investigation on labor case after the murders watched as he loaded the bodies into his truck and dumped them at this oil field where he worked. Later leading investigators there in the affidavit authorities say they also found. Watch was having an affair with a coworker which he denied Q following this story. Sure he says still life is so I didn't get it to the kids in a meeting Maggie he was outraged he would. Stairs but if I'm liked seeing them somebody strangle my daughter. I run up and yank them off of her. In that I call the cops I come 91 to get emergency help for her. And then I don't load everybody up in my truck. Midday that about work site and try to hide it. And then go on national television like The Today Show and claimed that he's got all of as the color of his house waiting on them to come home. Let's go back to lead the beginning and that he watched her. Strangle the baby in a baby monitor to appear in the house you are steps away from that to stop it yes so that's my first. Likes to run. You know and you know you because you and I I don't think it ever got on the air you and I were talking about a soft there the that. I I guess he requested last week. DNA samples from the next of these school kids right from her pitch to try to show his side of the story. And a judge since you ridiculous. That he or. Yet for you and a good day you need it and put as. White sands around them you know we don't know we don't know what he has he could have easily done another way and try to claim that she's the one that did and left the DNA there. But. This guy is like. This story. We're aiming to do it again and goes back to you don't know socio bass. Because those videos of him playing with the kids and being that father in all the I mean. My gadget like what a great dad what a great husband what a great everything. He's come. Who I compare it to anybody you you have no idea what he's capable of. He I had everybody full every everybody yeah everybody around him as you said when you watched the videos. It it would look like he was a loving father husband. But yet he was having an affair and he was is you know on the brink of leaving his family. But even the people would be interviewed with what's a couple of interviews this morning I mean people that are re close to the family. And they're saying it they had no idea eight did not see this coming in a million years. You know it's crazy is all you guys texting as a vibe out of my nine dollar and great detectives because somebody said. I have a baby monitor there's no way I did also see that a baby was blue in the monitor usually they're not color. Exactly and no you're exactly right could you tell the baby was dead a baby monitors are very grainy yeah yeah out in the picture is basically all you see some movement right. It would be to tell who's who could pick this up although I did second war must see their. He'd do well if she caught him cheating she wouldn't kill her own children she would go after him. Yeah I mean big every India. None of it makes since none of this story makes any sense at all and they should give discuss the death penalty they've really Sheila I mean for for what he's done here. And there's no doubt in my mind what happened. I also give a good time licensing between 5 AM when he got up at 530 went left Alice. That's none of time Rollins I mean Owens and use my words Chris lasting got no receipts. Home again no receipt that's right he remembered that Coleman word or Macy's and noted. Now ace. Number six if it's this it's ridiculous. Is this guy I mean might who. Know every day. How could he be a sociopath cycle killer. And none does that mean I don't known but none of them knew those videos didn't watch those videos and if even though it killer you'd like. That is the best data in the world it. Boy he had me fooled not not a very good getting that vote but looking at this picture in videos on the part. Looking at the videos or whatever but the very first state and discovers on The Today Show I mean it was less than 36 hours they were missing and he's on The Today Show. And I Jamie and and you sit the same things again I think you're right. And sure enough within hours after that the guy confessed and when he confessed to. Yeah maybe this story. This story just. He's in jail when I mention I miss my life I miss my kids yeah we're back right. I'm saying wait your wife to supposedly killed their kids you don't want her back they. Peter Powell none of a dire straits it but it is a story that no matter where you go people are talking about this in that's all over the country. Who gets on the today show's on everything went off well I'll be dice. And we see more on Alex I.