Bj & Jamie: Christmas decorating making Jamie Grumpy. 11/13

Monday, November 13th

Jamie is frustrated with her New Christmas tree.. she used to have a 5 foot tree but now she has a 12 foot tree and she cannot get the ornaments on the top or the Angle on the top. She is grumpy about it and has to cancel all plans to get her tree done.    

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Vijay and Jamie and I know I know you have good grounds access a little company that they sound BJ Elvis Christmas active. And get three out everything in my house is literally you guys it's embarrassing how it's a disaster it. It looks like a tornado went through an impact at one point because of with a home goods which is a horrible Christmas strapped. I and I love it I mean I mean and a good way I had so much stuff in my track. That I looked at it and I thought. In England to eat guys out. Honeymoon start this process I would lead all of you all of your stuff in there I don't England take you out because laughed unwrapped and give. You know don't you realize that there when you're buying a fifty foot treat. There is gonna take a lot of you don't really think about it don't think you know I really just think oh this'll pretty active and then you just deal within NC I slab is that the country needs a lot of ornament the yeah I think so that's a lot of space cover ID gets Catholic. Beyond that took it to finish Shoppach. It's like certainly would see in nine years say that. You know Rockefeller. I've been up well this is making me grumpy and I feel bad because I was supposed to do this am voted to with green gables roofing and I actually said. I am to pitch today to duet she was you guys but man in the united acted out. I got it down the line and nice I trust and on your win every day I did today is not the and I like it. And they're really nice I love them as the Pentagon listed. Christmas crap everywhere but yeah disaster ready to go over that I did it and he's like your ground because you have to decorate collect. The strap seemed. The Isa don't get it now last year was nice treaty you have 55 footer Villa in the issue you went to a full I have 1212 footer this yeah. I'll make a prediction for again. You'll never use a twelve footer again. No you don't because I because it was. If you use yeah but it's become it's become such but she's just now but you're complaining about all the ornaments talented takes and getting back I have to say if you look at it from now on the and you say you know these and it's not worth it that I'm gonna go with a five footer I think you'll be back at the five footer but next year. I was looking at the tree last night and it literally has them in about mid. And I think this is like a chick thing because we want Christmas to be so perfectly fair and main until decorations everything to put a lot of pressure on this. Hold perfect Christmas thing ever since Martha Stewart came around in the eighties. Anyway Intel. And I remember mom having the same kind of pressure like now is going to be perfect and beautiful and then you may and you don't help. But you don't help you learning gap ladder like now I have to do a drug am I eight. And then near no help and then it's just a mix to grab because guys don't help at all. And then if you do help they need to all the ornaments someone brain inch. Which like how can you not see this how can you not see them like make the bridge is all even like why you don't ever put to warn it's a one brace. Like that's crazy the. No it's crazies who you're acting that's what's. Fence that's right after it. He's an awesome guy whose father of another great if this is crazy I feel alive yes and I know it's not the same for you and I get debt. But I feel lie more and more people each year. Are going Lance and Lance and Lance when he comes to the decorations in the national god. And many are going the opposite direction of what your ego and went the wrong way you're going to from a five foot tree to twelve for what are you gotta fill up every branch of an ornament and you're out shopping and buying in buying them by the until I actually I've had three or 4 people that I am no saint and I don't think human delusion here I don't have to I don't think another. Well that's true yes truth but I feel when it happened and I added I would. Mean moment net yeah but it was almost like several years ago that you were almost. You know. Just nonreligious. But even believe I I believe it is really believe that you were judged. And apple the you don't saying do pretty endless but I think it's gone. So there's two things that today number one is I elected to treat last night and know how much work is for the jet and I was thinking in Latin does not. I'm thinking about bubble wrapping it. Lehman all the ornaments on bubble wrapping it immediately taken at this tortures. But the storage unit. Has so much where. I Blake renting a U haul of America's zealot but. There's a better idea to sell and it's almost not a tournament and she passed away at my it's. Tailored ornament this show it's still went time I connect like and think about my mom and like how she'd decorator treats like a real thing with my mom and I know. I'm not talking about the ornaments and talk about. The size of the stupid train Jamie you're missing the point here I can go back to the five footer. Hey you can still put to ornaments on there is a relief for you would your kid you don't have to have a twelve footer but it's absolutely ridiculous to. To decorate victory this big mess shouldn't read pretty goes twelve feet LLC and a and a and to have your head. Head that you're gonna go is bubble wrap and usually rent a storage space which are gonna pay a hundred dollars a month. That's 12100 dollars just distort the stupid trade so you don't. Have to get back out next year every decorated yet it's so late read it yet. I OK okay let you know I know okay this is ridiculous I just want to show why does yeah. It's ridiculous. Into the importance. I.